Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

I’m a little tardy on Friday Pin ups today! I seem to have forgotten what day of the week it is… how did Friday sneak up on me like that?!

Pin Ups: cardamom latte |

If you like cardamom, then this easy cardamom latte is perfect for you. I tried making it last weekend, and it was not only super easy, it tasted amazing. Also- no fancy equipment needed to get that wonderfully foamy top!

Pin Ups: East Egg Cookie Dough Truffles |

These Easter egg cookie dough truffles are sure to be a massive hit with just about anyone. I like the fun spring colours for the outer shell, but you could easily make them any colour you wanted.

Pin Ups: DIY Clay Coasters |

I’m in love with these beautiful clay coasters, and the instructions to make them look very straightforward. I bet these would be a lovely housewarming gift to make, and they could easily be customized to any colours that you like- although I do love the almost delft blue and white design that these have.

Pin Ups: Maple Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes |

This easy and super delicious dish of maple roasted chicken and sweet potatoes is a perfect weekend sort of meal- although the hands-on prep is very minimal (about 15 mins), it will need an hour in the oven to roast. But when you have a delicious fragrant meal like this at the end, it will have been totally worth that hour you spent lounging on the couch waiting for your dinner to be finished. ;)

Pin Ups: Quick & Easy Hair style |

And finally, a super cute way to wear your hair, that works for a variety of lengths.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope you get to do some relaxing, some crafting, and maybe try a recipe or two.

Outtakes: WATG Josie Gloves

Here are some of the outtake photos from when Guy and I tried to get shots of my new-favourite Josie Gloves. We originally thought it would be fun to do photos in a cafe, because I adore cafes- my great love of caffeinated hot beverages and sweet pastries make this pretty much my ideal environment.  And okay, I confess that I wanted to recreate the magic of my new-ish profile photo (over there on the right) that was taken in a quick snap by Guy at a cafe.

But the day we chose was apparently the day everyone in Toronto also wanted to go out for a stroll and grab a coffee, because they were all packed and it was hard to get any seats anywhere that had some natural light. We eventually found one, but it just wasn’t quite right- the colours were weird (hello yellow walls!), they only had seating left at the tall counters with the tall stools (not very toddler friendly), and it just wasn’t working out. but not for lack of trying:

Josie Glove Outtakes |

The thing with a busy toddler somewhere in the shot is that the camera is distracted by her movements and sometimes wants to focus on her instead. Which I totally understand, because I think she’s hilarious.  Oh, and here’s one where my manicure is super in focus, but the mitts are not:

Josie Glove Outtakes |

I’m pretty proud of doing my nails myself like that- a pinky nude with metallic tips.

So we went back home and did photos there:

Josie Glove Outtakes |

But in this shot I’m waaaay too into my cup of tea. “Go away, world- and leave me with my precious cup of tea!”

And here’s one with my cat Yarn licking her sweet little nose. I like the shot, but the mitts are a bit too difficult to see in it.

Josie Glove Outtakes |

Having said that, I think I need more cat photos on the blog, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed the outtakes!

Modification Monday: Honey Stitch Cowl

Modification Monday: Honet Stitch Cowl |

Original Pattern: Honey Stitch Cowl 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Michelle (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the gauge from Bulky to Worsted, and adjusted the length/circumference to make this a one skein project. More details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I suspect most knitters would look at the lovely original pattern and think, ‘oh, but I don’t have the right yarn for that’, and either make a mental note to look for that yardage of bulky in a colour they like, or move on. But Michelle looked at the original pattern and at a single worsted skein she knew would make a wonderful cowl, and figured she could make a smaller cowl that suited the yarn she wanted use. Cowls with this sort of construction are particularly good for a great mod like Michelle’s- it’s knit lengthwise, using a provisional cast on and is seamed/grafted together at the end to make a cowl. That means you can literally knit until you are almost out of yarn, and them seam or graft it into a cowl.  Just look how beautiful the result can be!

Modification Monday: Honet Stitch Cowl |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: Strawberry Cream Truffles |

These strawberry cream truffles look so easy, I’m dying to try them. Except Guy is away in Florida on a boy’s weekend, and I’m terrified if I’m left alone with the batch I’ll eat every single one.  Because I cannot be trusted around desserts.

Pin Ups: Yarn Tote |

This sweet yarn inspired embroidery on a tote bag is a great idea. Although it’s originally intended to cover up a less-than-awesome print job, you could freehand  draw a similar design, and stitch over it. And why stop there?  You could even write out  a word or a phrase you love, and chain stitch over it. The link has details on how to do chain stitch embroidery.

Pin Ups: Steak and Onion Sandwich |

Apologies to the vegetarians- really. But sometimes, for us omnivores, there’s nothing quite like a steak and onion sandwich. This one is   Jamie Oliver’s Next level take on it which not only looks perfect for picnics (soon!) but also an all-round great lunch idea.

Pin Ups: Irish Hot Chocolate |

For S.t Patrick’s Day, I love the idea of this Irish hot chocolate topped with Lucky Charms cereal! I haven’t had Lucky Charms since I was a kid, but I’m considering buying a box after seeing this. I bet that happens all the time- a sudden rush on Lucky Charms at the grocery store every March.

Pin Ups: Small Fabric Bird |

This DIY fabric bird is super cute, and I think would make an excellent cat toy if you add a little catnip before sewing it up! I bet you could modify them to be angry birds, too.

Bonus Read:

Also, I found this essay on Design Sponge about the rise of negativity online to be a very eloquent and thoughtful consideration about how we judge what we see online. If you read it, please let me know what you think- I find it really interesting that while it seems that we crave beautiful images to look at, there is a very human tendency to judge or scoff at something that seem too unrealistic. But in the context of other countries, other cultures, or even just other ideas about how to make a home in our own cities and neighborhoods, I wonder if we are judging because otherwise we feel bad or ashamed about not living or doing the same? Thought provoking stuff.

Meet the Sponsors: March Edition

Meet  the Sponsors: Zenitude Fiber Arts |

Name: Zenitude

What She is All About: Lise weaves, felts, dyes her own yarn and roving, and specializes in bright and happy thrummed kits and self striping sock yarns. And she has an alpaca farm with some of the cutest alpacas around, and the shop often has natural skeins from these happy alpacas (I’ve met them, they are definitely happy alpacas!).

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right:  I love the colours in this hand dyed Bulky weight skein in the ‘Girl’s Weekend’ colourway- it would be perfect for a quick hat or cowl.   This merino tencel top roving has been dyed with long gradients in pretty, bright citrus shades;and last but not least undyed Fawn coloured alpaca DK (blended with a bit of bamboo for strength).The alpaca fibers come from one of Lise’s alpacas, Fernando- it’s worth clicking through the photos to see a picture of him!

Meet the Sponsors: Tanis Fiber Arts |

Name: Tanis Fiber Arts

What She is All About: Tanis has an inspiring range of hand dyed yarns in tonal and variegated colourways, all available in a variety of bases from sturdy merino/nylon blends to luxurious cashmere and silk blends. She also has lots of great patterns, and beautiful notebooks and totebags.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: Tanis does beautiful palettes, and actually has a variety of pre-made colour combinations that are perfect for a variety of projects- this is the Sky Palette, in a beautiful range of blues.  Newly released is her Lifesavers Cardigan pattern, which features a great rainbow of small stripes. Or you could do ombre stripes, too!  Then there is Sprout, a beautifully fresh and bright leaf green that is perfect for Spring. Like most TFA yarns, this colourway is available in 10 different bases, from laceweight to Aran, and in a variety of fiber options.

Meet the Sponsors: Sweet Sheep Shoppe |

Name: Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe

What She is All About: Alicia makes luxurious all-natural lotion bars and lip balms using skin-loving ingredients like lanolin, cocoa butter, almond oil, and vitamin E and mango butter. If you haven’t tried a lotion bar before you are missing out! it’s non greasy, and great for air travel (none of this liquid limit problem on planes, where the air is super drying).

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right:  a bright citrus lotion bar is the perfect pick-me-up for tired hands- I love the kumquat lotion bar.  Alicia just launched a new lip balm, French Macaron- I am dying to try it, it sounds delicious! Maybe it will be just like having a macaron, but without the calories?  And then there is Sea Moss lotion bar, a scent that is clean, light, and peaceful.

Meet the Sponsors: Andrea Sanchez |

Name: Andrea Sanchez Knits

What She is All about: Andrea specializes in beautiful, flattering-on-everyone patterns for the whole family; with great size ranges and perfect details.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: The Towpath Henley is a versatile and unisex baby sweater that ranges in size from 3 months to 12 years (lots of adorable FOs with this pattern that are very inspiring!). This Mariposa Tee with lovely flutter sleeves and clever back shaping would be perfect for summer, and I love the bright pop of colour at the neck and shoulders of this Whale Watcher sweater (size range is 6 months to 12 years).

Meet the Sponsors: Fuzzy Mitten |

Name: Fuzzy Mitten 

What She is All About: Barbara designs some of the cutest stuffed toy patterns around, and has patterns for all sorts of clothing for them, too! They are great value, as every pattern comes with instructions for more than just the animal- there’s always something for them to wear, or an accessory or two.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: I love this bunny puppet pattern, it would be a perfect baby shower gift or baby gift to knit up. This super cute polar bear pattern includes directions for his very stylish cardigan, and did you know that Barbara also has lots of patterns for different clothes for her stuffed animal patterns? This is the bedtime clothing bundle, which includes the pattern for a nightgown  pajama top and bottoms, two types of slippers, and a cuddly bunny toy. Perfect for kids who like their toys to have wardrobe options!

Meet the Sponsors: Knit Circus |

Name: Knit Circus

What She is All About: Jaala specializes in extra special  long gradient colours, which  can be customized for whatever pattern you are thinking of (perfect for sweaters, shawls, or cowls). She also has genius striping gradient sock kits, and  some gorgeous cowl and shawl kits in her Etsy shop. 

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right:  These lovely  gradient striped socks look amazing in the  Vampire Boyfriend colourway, full of rich berry tones. I’m so in love with the  Rainbow Chromatic Cowl kit that I recent bought my own! I love the rainbow tones paired with the white (and the pattern is free). And did you know Knit Circus has sweater kits that include a gradient skein? This is the Hummingbird variation, and would make a stunning gradient yoke with the deep plum tones for the sweater body.

I loved checking out the new offerings from the sponsors, it’s always so inspiring (And I’m excited to try that rainbow cowl!). I hope you have enjoyed clicking through to see the lovely things  in bigger detail, and maybe even got yourself a treat or two!