5 Small Goals for Spring: Completed!

5 goals for spring: knittedbliss.com

In May, I established 5 Small Goals I set out to accomplish in Spring, even though I was getting a late start. I’m pleased to have accomplished all of them before the end of June! Although getting photos of them was trickier.

I did indeed try 3 new hairstyles (I actually tried 4, but only got photos of 2), although I’ve discovered getting photos of hairstyles is surprisingly difficult. Neither Guy nor I really know how to go about photographing the back of a head particularly well. Especially because if you are going to take photos of your hair, you have to do it as soon as you finish styling, otherwise it looks super disheveled and messy within about 45 minutes (maybe that’s just me?). One of the unphotographed ones was this cute and very easy braid  from a previous Pin Ups Friday post, which I will definitely be doing again.

Hair Collage| knittedbliss.com

The faux french braid was on this Pin Ups Friday post, as well. The bun with the red bobby pins was something I just sort of made up- I painted the bobby pins with nail polish, and I’ve seen several photos around the internet of people configuring them in interesting ways in their hair. So I thought I’d try it out! I do think it’s a fun detail, I would do it again.  Side note: painting bobby pins with nail polish is very addictive.

Cake Waffles| knittedbliss.com

I made waffle iron cakes! They were amazing! I highly recommend. It was a fun way to make little cakes, and everything seems more magical when you add rainbow sprinkles.

Experimenting with Purple Eye Makeup| knittedbliss.com

I have now not only tried purple eye make up, I love it! Again, this was hard to photograph, without looking very bizarre. I have a whole new respect for beauty bloggers who get such great shots of their make up all the time- it is not easy. I probably do this purple eye make up look about once a week now, and it feels really nice to use something other than my standard neutral browns for eyeshadow.

coffee cozy| knittedbliss.com

Coffee cozy- I made one! And I love the colours. This is the sneak peek, I’ll do a blog post talking about it in more detail very soon.

macrame plant holder| knittedbliss.com

As for the macrame, I made a simple macrame planter I had posted about on a previous Friday Pin Ups post, and I love how it turned out. It looks simple and modern.  I used the instructions that I featured on this previous Friday Pin Ups post.

And there you have it! I find these seasonal challenges to be a fun way to explore new things, and actually try out my favourite ideas from the Friday Pin Up posts. I know it’s the middle of July, but I wonder if it’s too late to start a 5 Small Things for Summer?

Modification Monday: Vale Cardigan

Modification Monday: Vale Cardigan | knittedbliss.com

Original Pattern: Vale

Knitter Extraordinaire: Beata (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods:  Made a steeked cardigan version of the cape, with twisted rub cuffs and button plackets, and stockinette sleeves. Her project page can be found here and more details on her blog post, here.

What Makes This Awesome:  You may recognize Beata as the brains behind the insanely gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres yarns, based out of Ireland; so it’s no surprise that she’s not only clever with colour, but also with modifying knits.  This cardigan is beyond stunning- I love how she took the beautiful cables of the original cape design and saw in it a perfect cardigan.  With such complex cables, the stockinette sleeves are a nice balance, and the twisted rib for the cuffs and button band echo the rich texture of the cables.  I wish I had this cardigan in my closet (and I doubt I’m alone on that).  Slam dunk, Beata!

Modification Monday: Vale Cardigan | knittedbliss.com

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: Watercolour Napkins|www.knittedbliss.com
I adore these watercolour napkins, it’s such an easy DIY, and now I’m dying to get the kit to try them.

Pin Ups: Baked Peaches|www.knittedbliss.com

Have you seen these baked peaches with almond and ginger butter? I am in heaven. And they would be amazing on the grill, too.

Pin Ups: DIY sushi|www.knittedbliss.com

Have you ever tried making sushi at home? It’s way easier than you think, as demonstrated in this California Rolls tutorial.

Pin Ups: Braided Updo|www.knittedbliss.com

This braided updo looks so pretty and easy. I’m going to a wedding in a couple weeks (Lila is going to be the flower girl!), and I’m thinking of wearing my hair just like this.

Pin Ups: easy pancake mix|www.knittedbliss.com

I love this instant pancake and waffle mix- it’s easy to make and have on hand, for lazy, easy mornings.

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet


This is a knit I’ve wanted to make for, oh, about five years. And now that I finally knit it, I’m probably going to frog it.

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet| knittedbliss.com

Pattern: Lace Capelet

 Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere Sock in ‘Autumn Sun’

Needles: 5mm (US 8)

Mods: I deliberately went down  a couple needle sizes, cast n more stitches, and added a 2-round ribbing at the bottom hem (which actually didn’t help much with the curling). My mods were heavily inspired by this knit. The project page for this knit can be found here.

The problem isn’t the pattern- I think the pattern is wonderfully simple, lovely, and produces a great FO. And I love knits like this, that are big slouchy cowls that can double as caplets* you can pull over your shoulders for a bit of extra warmth.  It’s definitely not the pattern.

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet| knittedbliss.com

It’s just that this yarn wants to be something else, I can tell. It wants to be something with more complex lace, but I’m not quite sure yet which pattern that would be. Or maybe the pattern doesn’t exist yet, and I’ll need to make a whole new one just for this precious skein. It’s hard to tell what to do with those precious skeins sometimes, isn’t it?  Do you have any suggestions for this skein, in the lacy, 450 yards sort of range? If so, let me know- it’s impossible to know about every knitting pattern out there, and you might point me in just the right direction!

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet| knittedbliss.com

*I prefer to use the term caplet, not capelet. This is because I think the resulting knit looks like the cap of a mushroom, and not at all like an abbreviated cape. 

WIP: Starry Starry Sunset

WIP: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl| knittedbliss.com

It was tricky to get photos of things that were similar in colour to my work in progress, but embroidery threads, a striped cushion, and one of Lila’s toys helped with the colours. 

When I was in England, I heard about a great yarn shop in the north (not that far from Manchester) called Black Sheep Wools. I would have loved to have gone up there, but there wasn’t time during my visit to get up to that part of the country. Next time! However, they do offer some great shipping and I got a kit to make Starry Starry Night  (kit was first previewed on my instagram),  which I’m totally loving:

WIP: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl| knittedbliss.com

The yarns are Rowan Fine Lace in Cobweb, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe in California Sunset. It probably seems a little counter-intuitive to be knitting with mohair in the summer, but laceweight projects are so perfect for this time of year (and also easy to take on the go, since it weighs practically nothing!). I have a finicky, love/hate relationship with shawls- they are fun to knit, but tricky to actually wear. So if I’m going to knit a shawl it has to tick the right boxes for me, namely:

1. I’ve got to love the colours. If I don’t love the yarn, then nothing else matters. This grey plus bright pinky-orange is a fun combo that somehow really works for me.

2. The pattern has to be something my brain can handle right now. Sometimes I like them intricate and requiring lots of focus, sometimes I want something super easy and relaxing. This is in the ‘easy and relaxing’ category, which is how summer knitting should be, am I right?

3. I have to envision how I will actually wear the shawl. You know- in real life, with clothes that I already own. I feel like this is going to look great with a grey tank top/t-shirt and jeans.

How about you? Do you have certain criteria when you decide on a knit?