Modification Monday: Cotton Candy

Modification Monday: Cotton Candy |

Original Pattern: High Plains 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Becky (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Resized the gauge, and also adjusted the overall size to be smaller, suitable for a tween. Great details on the modifications can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: It can be really hard to find good patterns for tweens, so I love Becky’s approach on resizing this beautiful pattern to suit her daughter. She adjusted the gauge, and reduced the number of stitches overall to get this streamlined shape that fits her daughter perfectly (bonus photo points for including an adorable kitten!) Her pattern notes are great for the details you need to consider when you are downsizing, and the final result looks fantastic. So fantastic, it’s kitten-approved!

Modification Monday: Cotton Candy |


Looking for a previous Mod Monday poncho? Check out this one. Or another Mod that would be great for a tween- Nerdy Neiman.

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: Slow Cooker Pumpkin Oatmeal |

I’m a little obsessed with oatmeal lately, especially something super easy like this slow cooker pumpkin oatmeal. There’s even apples in it, and the spices make it smell like pie! Put it all together before your go to bed, wake up to an amazing oatmeal in the morning. This recipe makes a lot, too. If you make this tonight, your family could have this for breakfast all weekend.

Pin Ups: How to Layer a Latte|

Ever wonder how fancy cafes get that layered latte look? Me too. Now, you can do it at home, and totally make your own layered latte. But you’ll need to pour it into a clear mug or glass, of course.

Pin Ups: Decorating with Plants |

Now that the weather is getting cold, I’m trying to move as many of my plants from the outside patio inside, and this guide has been really inspiring me. I love the idea of unified planters, and layering them on tables.

Pin Ups: DIY Leaf Garland |

Or alternatively, if you aren’t big on live plants, this super easy autumn leaf garland would be so pretty for any autumn event (I’m looking at you, Thanksgiving!). Fun fact: it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. Turkey time!

Pin Ups: Article Clubl |

This idea is brilliant- getting together and having an articles club. So low pressure, you could read the articles over breakfast or at lunch or on your way to the gathering. I would love hearing everyone’s different opinions on the articles, and discussing them over snacks and drinks. Now that it’s getting colder, I’d love to do this every couple of weeks.

Modification Monday: Morphology

Modification Monday: Morphology|

Original Patterns: Custom Fit and Apis Dorsata

Knitter Extraordinaire: Kim (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Using the custom fit as a basis for the sweater, Kim added the honeycomb design from the Apis Dorsata scarf across the body (front and back) and sleeves.  For details, see her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: While a sweater that is engineered to fit you perfectly is always a good idea,  and I love the textured honey comb pattern that Kim chose, especially the way she applied it! Having it as a visual interest detail  asymmetrically on certain parts of the front, back and sleeves makes it even more interesting than if the stitch had been used all over the whole fabric. The result is a truly one of a kind sweater that looks amazing!


Modification Monday: Morphology|


Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: Salted Caramel Almond Butter |
I’m pretty sure that this salted caramel almond butter is the best hostess gift ever- made with no sugar, and all natural ingredients.  It might even be too good to part with- better make an extra jar for yourself.

Pin Ups: Sour Cream Cheddar and Chives Drop Biscuits |

These sour cream, cheddar and chive drop biscuits are perfect for a brunch, or as a side to dinner. Come to think of it, they would be perfect for Canadian Thanksgiving, which is next week… yum!

Pin Ups: DIY dry erase|

This is a fun idea for a DIY dry erase board, and you could have a lot of fun wit the type of photo- pets or a group family photon come to mind.

Pin Ups: Upcycling Knitting garments|

This is a great, simple tutorial on converting a commercially made thrift store sweater into a cowl, and the tips on sewing with knitted fabrics are invaluable.

Pin Ups: Kindness |

I love this print. I love the gentle reminder that the days are always better when we throw kindness around like confetti.

Meet the Amazing KB Sponsors!

Guys, I’m so jazzed to introduce you to October’s sponsors! Some of these are new friends, and  some  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, but it’s so fun to share what I love best about their work here. I hope you will check them all out, they are all carefully selected because I genuinely believe they are awesome. The items I’m showing below are some of my favourites that they have on offer, and  were chosen by me.

  Knitted Bliss Sponsor: Tanis Fiber Arts

Name:  Tanis Fiber Arts

What She is All About: Tanis  has an extraordinary selection of stunning hand dyed yarns, kits, and patterns. If you’ve been reading Knitted BLiss for a while, you know that Tanis and I go way back!

A Few of my Favourite Things, from left to right: You’ve probably seen the Vector scarf pattern in Wool People, but Tanis has kits in different colourways, all ready to go. Tartan is one of her newer colourways, and is so perfect for fall. And I love the timeless appeal of this modern cabled cardigan, I Heart Cardigans.

Knitted Bliss Sponsor: Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe

Name:  Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe

What She is All About: Alicia hand crafts deliciously scented lotion bars and lip balms with all natural ingredients, including lanolin!

A Few of my Favourite Things, from left to right: The scent range is amazing, but at this time of year I love her Apple Butter Lotion Bar, Chocolate Cupcake Lip Balm, and Cinnamon Chai Lotion Bar.  I love how lotion bars moisturize without your hands getting slippery. If you haven’t tried them before, they are so amazing for dry hands.

Knitted Bliss Sponsors: Never Not Knitting

Name:  Never Not Knitting

What She is All About: Alana designs beautiful knitting patterns that often have a very natural vibe- especially when you think of her collections, such as Coastal Knits, Botanical Knits, and Botanical Knits 2. Also, you’ve probably noticed that she sometimes uses a very familiar looking model… as evidenced in the sidebar!

A Few of my Favourite Things, from left to right: Seedling, a simple but beautiful hat with a trio of leaves;  Twigs and Willows  Cardigan which has a lovely leafy branch detail, and Verdure, fingerless mitts with a sprouting plant motif.

Knitted Bliss Sponsor: Zenitude Hand Dyed Yarns

Name:  Zenitude 

What She is All About: Lise focuses on scrumptious hand dyed yarns, roving, and rolags. And she has her own alpacas!

A Few of my Favourite Things, from left to right: a beautiful thrummed slipper sock kit, a lovely self striping  superwash merino sock yarn with generous yardage, and mauve to blond to gold hand dyed roving.

Knitted Bliss Sponsor: Andrea Sanchez Knits

Name:  Andrea

What She is All About: Andrea focuses on timeless garment designs for women and babies and kids (seriously, the size range for her baby/kid sweaters is awesome!)

A Few of my Favourite Things, from left to right: Tide Pools pullover (shown in the adult size), Midwinter cardigan (love those cables!), and Mustill (size range from 6 months to 12 years).

Knitted Bliss Sponsor: Erica Knits

Name:  Erica Knits

What She is All About: Erica focuses on classic, chic designs with great little details.

A Few of my Favourite Things, from left to right: Diode,  a hat I loved so much I’ve actually knit it myself; the Anstruther hat and mitts are going to be released later this week (so check back in her shop on Friday or Saturday!) but I couldn’t help but post a photo of them- so perfect for winter and I love colourwork; and Broadcast, a classically simple seed stitch sweater with cable details.