Modification Monday: Camino Bubbles Dress

bubble dress

Original Pattern: Camino Bubbles

Knitter Extraordinaire: Tatyana (Ravelry ID)

Mods:  Using the bubble stitch as a starting point, Tatyana incorporated it into this stunning knitted dress. She knit it in the round, both top up (the top) and bottom down (the skirt). Great details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome:  You should know that Tatyana is a genius at knitted dresses, this dress shows that. Using the bubbles as a starting point, she tweaked  the size of the bubbles to be more effective with the over all design. What’s great about her lace choice is that it is a forgiving stitch, providing great stretch and shaping where needed. She then improvised a top down skirt (starting from the waist), and then when that was completed, worked the top as a bottom up raglan. The result is this spectacular lace dress!

Modification Monday: Camino Bubbles Dress |

P.S: Tatyana’s been on Modification Monday before, check out another stunning lace dress here.

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: Easy Weekday coffee routine |

This is one of the easiest and smartest ways to make your morning coffee routine take up less time in the morning. I love this idea, and I’m not even a big coffee drinker (only weekends for me!).

Pin Ups: Maple Pecan Muffins|

Speaking of mornings, these maple pecan muffins are very low in sugar, and high in healthy ingredients. I’ve been really working my way through a few different low-sugar muffin recipes recently, and this is a good one. I add shredded carrots, though- I’m always trying to get more veg into myself and my toddler.

Pin Ups: One Pot Paprika Chicken Thighs |

Speaking of veg, I’m going to try this super simple one-pot chicken and veggies dish- so perfect for fall.

Pin Ups: Easy Braided Chignon|

And I’m wearing my hair like this today (Friday), it was so easy! Although I have slippy hair, so I’ve used loads of hair pins to keep it in place.

Pin Ups: Mochimochi land GIF|
And finally, this is the sweetest little GIF from Mochimochiland, which has the cutest (and some of the tiniest!) little knits ever.

Want to see more? A DIY gift idea, S’mores rice krispies, sewing a fox scarf, super creamy stove top mac and cheese, and a pretty geometric robin. 

A New Frontier: Advertising on Knitted Bliss

I’ve been thinking about this step for a while. It requires big-picture planning and thinking about what I want for Knitted Bliss, what it means to me, what it means to you- my truly awesome readers who deserve the best I can give. The more I thought about it,  the more clearly I knew the blog was ready, I was ready. But it’s not enough to just decide to have advertising on the blog- it’s got to be the right fit. It’s got to be relevant. To get an idea of where it will be, I’ve got the two samples over there to the right, so you can see how they will fit in on the page.

Here are the two levels I’m currently offering:

Level 1 – $25.00

300x250px Banner

Example 1

Starts: First of every month, runs for 30 Days / 1 month, 3 shown at a time.

This package includes a 300×250 sidebar ad located at the top of the rotation, social media promotion of 4 of your posts per month (depending on how frequently you blog, averaging about 1 per week), the opportunity to write a guest post (subject to be agreed upon by both parties), and inclusion in a group feature “Meet the sponsors” post. Sounds good? Want more details? Send me an email! The link is below my profile photo, top right of the screen.

Level 2- $15.00

300x100px Banner

Example 2

Starts: First of every month, runs for 30 Days / 1 month,  3 shown at a time.

This super affordable package includes a 300×100 sidebar ad, and inclusion in a group feature “Meet the sponsors” post.

That’s something I’m really looking forward to, the idea of a ‘meet the sponsors’ post- I have a vision of a wonderful visual roundup of awesome blogs/shops and asking everyone an interesting question or two about their creative process, or something they can’t live without. There are multi-month purchase discounts, too- I won’t go into all the nitty-gritty details here, but if you are interested please send me an email to discuss!

Since this is a new adventure for me, please note that the above isn’t set in stone and likely the process will grow and evolve. But always the focus will be on content that enriches the experience of being a Knitted Bliss reader. And if there is anything in particular you would like to see on Knitted Bliss, let me know!

WIP: Forest Fold & Turn

You know that feeling- you see a sweater, and you have to have it. That’s how I felt when I saw Fold & Turn, which looked so comfy and cozy and perfect for the chilly weather ahead that I bought it within 5 minutes of it popping up in my Ravelry feed. I spent ages trying to figure out what yarn (and not just brand, but should it be tweed? tonal? solid? marled?) and colour, and in the end settled for a colour I’m completely craving right now- a rich, dark forest green.
WIP: Fold & Turn |

All my WIP- inspired dark green things are bookish, it seems! And man, those Penguin book cover postcards (seen here and here on my instagram feed) sure came in handy when I was trying to find things that really had the shades I was looking for. 

The Yarn is Knit Picks Swish Worsted in ‘Jade’. It’s my first time using this yarn, so if anyone has used it and can report back on how it holds up over time, I’d love to hear it! I have been knitting and knitting and knitting for ages- this is a big knit, although it doesn’t look it, all squished up in the photos below. Even though it is taking a while,  I love how simple and zen the knitting is! Beginner knitters who know how to knit and purl and use dpns- this is totally within your grasp. Experienced knitters- this is a great project to chip away at while in a dark movie theatre or watching films with subtitles. As long as you have patience, and like stockinette!

Fortunately, I  really do like stockinette. So I’m happy plugging away at this:

WIP: Fold & Turn|

The construction is clever- it’s basically a gigantic rectangle that is then partially seamed and then the sleeves are knitted on in the round. I’m almost done the body, so I’m really looking forward to the seaming and then the sleeves! I can’t wait to wear this.

Modification Monday: Fireside Asymmetrical Sweater

Modification Monday: Asymmetrical Fireside|

Original Pattern:Fireside Sweater

Knitter Extraordinaire: Valerie (Ravelry ID)

Mods:  Changed the cardigan fronts to be asymmetrical, and also changed the gauge. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: When the weather turns cold, you’ve got to have a cozy, wonderfully warm sweater to snuggle up in, and this loos so perfect for that. I love how Valerie set about making this asymmetrical! She also faced a lot of challenges with getting gauge, and also needed a large bust size than the pattern had, but swatched, persevered, and smartly used a larger needle size and a slightly heavier weight yarn. And when you read the details on her project page, you’ll see that she also made mods that involved increasing and decreasing with cables. Oh yes, you read that right! But when you see this stunning sweater, doesn’t it look all so worth it? It turned out perfectly. I’d be so ready for winter in a sweater like this!

Modification Monday: Asymmetrical Fireside|