Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

Pin Ups: Zucchinis Pizzas |

Super easy mini zucchini pizzas. How amazing are these? I feel like these would be equally awesome as a little appetizer at a party as it would be a kid friendly snack. Or an adult friendly snack. Basically, if you like pizza and need to eat more veggies, this is for you.

Pin Ups: Valentines Day Truffles |

These truffles look delicious and easy, and the sanding sugar could be tinted any colour you like (using food colouring). Because tasty truffles should be for all occasions, not just Valentines Day. But if you wanted an easy Valentine’s treat, the this would be pretty perfect!

Pin Ups: Chocolate Berry Smoothie |

A super healthy chocolate raspberry smoothie, that has lots of protein and flavour? Sign me up.  I find this is a really easy snack to whip up, and helps me in the evening when I’m craving something sweet, but still want to be healthy.  But if you are a morning smoothie person, it would be equally tasty!

Pin Ups: DIY Cat doll toy |

I am utterly charmed by this DIY cat doll made from a pair of socks. It’s worth clicking through to see not only a really comprehensive instructions for the cat toy, but also to see photos of an adorable toddler playing with it, and the clothes made to go with it. It’s pretty cute!

Pin Ups: Getting Things Done Daily Printable |

I’m a total sucker for amazing daily lists that help me manage all aspects of my life, and this great free printable is fantastic- I love that you can help track your water intake, and even a space for doodling. My only beef with it is that the the to do section seems small- or maybe I just have big handwriting? Still, I love the concept and layout.

WIP: Marigold Socks, and a New Yarn

I’ve been a fan of Liesl’s blog, Buckaloo View, for a while (back when it was called Liesl Made). She sews, she knits, she raises chickens. It’s a lovely little view into a rural life that I find interesting, especially her forays into natural dyeing, using plants from her garden. So I was pretty excited to get my hands on this sportweight yarn:

Buckaloo View Yarn |

It’s dyed with marigolds from her garden. Isn’t that awesome?  Swoon.

Buckaloo View Yarn |

It’s not quite available for sale just yet- I think Liesl is testing out some bases and working out the details, but I’m so interested to see where she goes with it.  As you guys all know, I’ve been thinking about  my quest for a better sock toe,  so I decided to knit another pair of socks. I’m loving this sock so far. The pattern is an easy two-round repeat, and since I just came off a pair of simple stockinette socks, I wanted something with a little more visual interest this time around.  When I get to the toe area, I’ll be trying some of the suggestions that you guys left in the comments on the striped sock post and on twitter, in my quest for the toe pocket that suits my wide toes.

WIP: Marigold Socks |

Boy, can you ever see the lighting differences from the outdoor, winter-grey-sky shots of the yarn in skeins, to the bright indoor shot of the knit-in-progress! 

Also, it is practically medicinal to be knitting with such a sunshiney, bright, happy colour like this in January; when the depths of winter have really sunk in and it feels like we might be wearing scarves and long underwear forever. I thumb my nose at you winter! I am knitting bright yellow socks.

Modification Monday: Galaxy Cat Sweater

Modification Monday: Cat Sweater |

Original Pattern: Galaxy Cowl 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Natasha (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Knit mostly flat, and customized shaping to fit her cat.  Project page with great details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: This is the very first cat sweater ever featured on Mod Monday, and I’m a little excited. Natasha modified the original cowl pattern to make a cozy sweater for her blue-eyed kitty, and the result is great- pet owners rejoice!  Kitty (that’s the cat’s name) is a Sphynx, a breed that is often hairless. And do you know what hairless cats need? Sweaters! Natasha has actually knit several sweaters for Kitty, it’s worth checking out.  Don’t let the disgruntled  kitty facial expression fool you, this kitty needs sweaters. If you have a pet that you think might need a sweater (all you short hair dog owners out there, and possibly some other cat owners!) consider looking at modifying a cowl pattern. There are a lot more cowl patterns out there than pet sweater patterns, so there are a lot of great opportunities.

Modification Monday: Cat Sweater |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

Pin Ups: Pork CHops with Roasted Grapes|

This was easily the most popular dinner I’ve cooked in a long time- Seared pork chops with roasted grapes. Sounds strange, I know, but it’s so amazingly delicious that Guy declared (between mouthfuls) that marrying me was the best decision he ever made.  it was also super easy to pull together in about 20 minutes.

Pin Ups : Fox Cupcakes |

Two words, people- fox cupcakes. My day got infinitely better when I saw these, and I’m pretty sure it’s how I want to celebrate my next birthday.

Pin Up: MOrse Code Bracelets DIY | knittedbliss.copm

I love these pretty seed bead morse code bracelets, this DIY looks so easy and fun. I need to expand my seed bead collection, I think. I want to try these!

Pin Ups: 7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles |

Here are 7 easy hairstyle ideas that can have you looking well groomed in no time. I particularly like this half-up mini bun, and the barely there braid (through the link). They all look like they will work for shoulder length hair and longer.

Pin Ups: Yarn Substitution Generator |

If you haven’t heard of before today, get ready for something awesome. is website where you put in the name of a yarn, and it tells you all of the other yarns that are similar- and not just the names, but how they are similar, gauge, and deails about the construction and fibers. So if your pattern calls for an expensive yarn, or a discontinued yarn, or maybe you just want to know what your options are- this site is about to blow your mind.

New Patterns- at 50% Off!

As it is now 2015 (anyone else still getting the hang of writing 2015 on their paperwork/cheques/etc.?), it means that the two exclusive patterns I designed for the 2014 Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour Club are now available for purchase!  I’m a fan of easy to wear accessories, and both patterns fit this bill. They are designed for single skeins of fingering weight yarn, so if you have been looking for some great one-skein projects, maybe these are just for you.


A dramatic and deep lace edging on a stockinette body that also features delicate ‘stripes’, created by holding the yarn in front for some rows.  Requires approximately 420 yards of fingering weight.

(Side note: look how dark my hair was last February/March! I forgot I had dyed it darker then.)

Laramidia Collage|

This  crescent shape shawl has a beautifully raw, rolled edge at the neckline that I love. The weight of the lace will prevent it from rolling much, but if you really dislike rolled edges, then you could work a 2 stitch garter edge from the beginning to prevent rolling and increase an extra 2 stitches into the body of the shawl to compensate.

Causerie Hat and Mitts 

Lots of fun cables, and the decreases at the hat’s crown remind me of fountain pen nibs. The set of both takes one skein of fingering weight, so if you are knititng just the hat or the mitts, it will only take half a skein (approximately 200 yards).

Causerie Hat and Mitts |

This pattern includes directions for both the hat and the fingerless mitts, and I also created a video to show how to do the knitted-on cuff, should that be a new technique. It’s not difficult, I promise! But if you don’t want to do the knitted-on cuff, a simple ribbed cuff would look great, too.

 Both patterns are for sale for $6 each, but because we’re all friends, let’s have a new-release discount! For 2 days only (starting today, ends midnight EST on January 22nd)) both Laramidia and Causerie are on sale for 50% with the coupon code: knittedbliss.  That’s only $3!  Total bargain, right? That’s what friends are for.

Get Laramidia here- don’t forget your coupon code! 

Laramidia |

Get Causerie here- don’t forget your coupon code! 

Causerie Hat and Mitts |