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Selfies kill more people than sharks. 

I think we all know this to be true, but then science and psychology go and back it up: What you eat affects your whole day’s productivity.

Something we all need to remember, I think: My choices are not a commentary on your choices.

I’m so in love with these architectural short poems.

I’ve been feeling under the weather all week (a very wretched cold has got me in it’s clutches), so if you are also feeling the same sort of thing, you might be interested in some of these natural cold remedies.

Feel like you aren’t entirely sure what started the Syrian refugee crisis, or why it is affecting so many countries? Then here is a handy video by those clever people over at In a Nutshell, with a quick overview that explains why it started, what happened, and why people have mixed feelings about accepting refugees in certain countries, and whether or not those fears are founded. I know it’s an uncomfortable issue depending on where you live and what your presets might be, but it’s worth being informed.

And the winner of the SweetGeorgia Fall Pattern is…. sockmonky! We’ll be in touch about sending you your pattern!

Pin Ups and Link Love: Cold Fighting Chicken Soup |

 I’ve been under the weather this past week, and I am all about the homemade chicken soup, full of veggies and garlic and good stuff. This cold fighting chicken soup is easy, and has garlic and ginger to help you feel better. And I am starting to feel better! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Whole Wheat Apple Muffins |

I’m all about the easy baking, and this wonderful apple muffin recipe has a basis of whole wheat pancake mix, making it a snap to whip up. And with all those delicious fall apples in season, how much easier can it get to have delicious apple muffins? Pinterest link is here, the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Green Tea and Coconut Oil Moisturizer |

Cooler weather often means dry skin (at least, it does for me!) and I love this simple, two-ingredient recipe for whipped coconut and green tea body moisturizer, which really is made from only green tea and coconut oil. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Small Dog Sweater|

Got a dog? Want to knit him a sweater? Then here is as great step by step tutorial on knitting a simple and stylish dog sweater. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Crocheted Unicorn|

Look how cute this little crochet amigurumi unicorn is! Pattern and directions are free, and it’s pretty awesome. Pinterest link is here, and the original post with full directions and lots of photos, is here. And at the small size, imagine whipping up a whole bunch in different colours!

and if you missed yesterday’s super cute round up of my top picks for quick and fun knitted Halloween decorations, check it out!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, full of your favourite things. My big plans involve napping.

Top Ten Halloween Knitting: Decorations!

Top Ten Halloween Knitting Decorations |

Happy October 1st, everyone! It’s hard to believe that in 30 days it will be Halloween (or maybe you are totally in the midst of fall weather and it’s very believable!). With Halloween being 30 days away, I thought it would be great to put together my top ten halloween knitting pattern decoration suggestions.  Some are free, some are very reasonably priced patterns, all are super fun and easily whipped up this month in time to add some knitted halloween charm to your decor this year. Because you needed another excuse to cast on a new knitting project, right? 😉

Top Ten Halloween Knitting Decorations |

Top row, Left: Eyeballs! (free pattern). Think how spooky these would be suspended from tree branches as  trick or treaters approach your door. Also, as you can probably tell, they make excellent cat toys.  Top Row, Right: Ghosts (Free pattern)…. originally designed for glow in the dark yarn (and if you can find glow in the dark yarn, how fun would those be?!), these would also look fun and a bit spooky hanging from bushes or trees, or dangling in a doorway.

Middle Row, Left: These pretty autumnal pumpkins (free pattern) can be worked up in a variety of weights , and are perfect for adding a seasonal touch to your home decor. If you aren’t a big fan of Halloween, these pumpkins are just right for you. Middle Row, Right: Adorable mini candy corn! It’s a free pattern, and they knit up very quickly. just don’t eat them!

Bottom Row, Left: These Waldorf Halloween Witches (pattern is $4 US) come in two sizes, and are so adorable.  Bottom Row, Right: And if you love candy corn but the mini ones were a bit too mini for you, here are some big candy corn! Also a free pattern.

The following four patterns are  a fun hybrid between decor item and toy.  If you have little ones, these might be just the thing for your halloween knitting!

Top Ten Halloween Knitted Toys|

Top Row, Left: The friendliest little bat is perfect for some non-scary halloween fun (pattern is $2.99 US), and included in the pattern are the directions for the mini pumpkins. Top Row, Right: Halloween hamsters (pattern is $3.78 US) come with directions for basic hamster and 5 different fun costume ideas. You could knit one, or the set!

Bottom Row, Left:  Halloween Delights has the pattern for a jack o lantern and your choice of a ghost or a kitty that pops out (pattern  is $4.50 US) it’s worth clicking through to see the animated gift of the ghost that pops out of this jack o’lantern, it’s quite adorable! Bottom Row, Right: Zombie Kitty is coming to get you (pattern is $6 US)… possibly for brains, possibly for cuddles. Think of all the fun colour combos!

What about you guys, are you really into halloween, and halloween knitting? Do you think you’ll knit anything new for Halloween this year?


Review: Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1

When I first heard about Sweet Georgia‘s first pattern collection, I was pretty excited to see it- I knew there would be some beautiful shawls, and interesting details, and the collection did not disappoint-  Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1, is the first Fall/Winter 2015 pattern collection which included three cardigans, two cowls, two shawls, two scarves, 1 pullover tee, a hat and mitten pattern, and and a fingerless mitt pattern. Out of the twelve patterns, I’ll take a closer look at the four that I found most interesting. I decided to show both a general photo as well as a close up, because I think that what really makes the patterns in this collection shine are the thoughtful details. It’s worth clicking through the photos to see them all.  And the look book is beautiful!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.


A single-skein project that is just right for a special and luxurious skein of fingering weight (shown in SweetGeorgia Yarns CashLuxe Fine in Mink). Lots of texture, and an easy-to-remember pattern repeat. Designer: Emily Wood.

You Should Totally Knit This If: you love single skein projects, drape-y scarves, and something that you can easily knit on the go.

You Should Totally Not Knit This If: you get bored of repeats that you can memorize, or if increasing and decreasing is not your idea of exciting knitting.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.


Lots of texture and wrapped stitches partner with a stockinette body for a drapey cardigan that has loads of texture and small cables (and faux cables) that can be easily knit without a cable needle. Designer: Kirsten Singer.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You are addicted to texture, love wrapped stitches (or are interested in trying them), and want something a little bit different than the typical cardigan, this is for you.

You Should Totally Not Knit This If: The idea of all those different stitches makes you wince a bit, or if you are not crazy about the faux cables. Having said that, it wouldn’t be too difficult to swap out this rich texture design for something else on the fronts.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.


A super quick one-skein cowl with lots of texture and a cowboy sort of feel with the triangular point. Casual and lots of fun to wear! designer: Shireen Nadir.

You Should Totally Knit This If: you always wear your triangular shawls tied so that they sit just like this, you love texture and one-skein projects.

You Should Totally Not Knit This If: the same stitch all over would bore you to tears (although you could use a more variegated skein, and that would up the interest), or if the ideal of a triangular cowl is not your thing.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.


A chic and simple two-colour knitted tee, with a key hole detail at the back. Think about all the fun colour combos you could do! I personally think this would look even more amazing with a darker colour at the bottom and a lighter colour on top. Plus I love the turned hem. Designer: Jill Wright.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You love stockinette for days, and knits geared for warmer weather, and would love a design that is simple but a bit outside of the box.

You Should Totally Not Knit This If: If stockinette bores you to tears, or if two-colour tops are not your sort thing, or if you hate provisional cast ons (that’s how you get that turned hem).

Those are my favourite 4 from the collection! Now it’s your turn- (pattern giveaway alert!)

Take a look at the all twelve, and let me know which one that you love the most. Then leave me a comment AND your Ravelry ID telling me which one you are totally obsessed with, and you could win your favourite pattern! Comments will close on Thursday night (that’s tomorrow)at midnight (Toronto time), and me and the random number generator will pick a winner. Sounds awesome, right? Heck yeah!

Be sure to check out Hands Occupied on Thursday for another chance to win a free pattern!

Modification Monday: Kitchen Sink

Modification Monday: Kitchen Sink |

Original Pattern: Caramel

Knitter Extraordinaire: Greta (Ravelry ID, blog )

Mods:  Adjusted the gauge from DK to sportweight, and instead of the stripes, made up a beautiful fair isle stripe design instead. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: This is some pretty spectacular colourwork, I’m so blown away that Greta made it up as she went along- it looks so balanced and well structured. The original pattern is a great one to play around with, as the structure is almost universally flattering, and provides a great canvas for experimentation, so it’s great to see Greta really play around with some great fair isle inspired stripes.  I love the beautiful, playful colour choices , and how well she balanced the larger motifs with smaller ones. A complete home run!

Modification Monday: Kitchen Sink |


Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

12 questions to ask yourself when you are trying to simplify and prioritize your life.

While I love seeing the glamourous dresses and everyone all prettied up for the red carpet, I love this more:  #smartgirlsask for better red carpet questions than, ‘who are you wearing?

30 good karma things to do when you have small pockets of free time.

Feeling stuck in the same-old lately? Here’s a list of 21 things to try to bust that rut.

The #CraftBlissChallenge has been all kinds of awesome so far! Even if you aren’t on instagram, you can see the photos here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Homemade Apple Turnovers |

Apple turnovers! This recipe has you making them from scratch, including the pastry, but you could skip a step and buy some frozen puff pastry instead. These look SO good, and perfect for all those juicy fall apples. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Mediterranean Stew |

I love the beautifully bright colours of this healthy, veggie-packed fall stew. The nice thing about stews is that they are so much more substantial than soup alone, and also you can swap veggies in or out, depending on your preferences and what you have in your kitchen.  Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: DIY Macrame Garland |

A fun new way to use up some bright leftover yarn (that isn’t a pom pom garland, although I love those, too!) is this macrame party garland, which looks so fun and festive- you could customize the colours for any sort of party or season. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte|

If you are into pumpkin spice lattes but hate how expensive they are at Starbucks, why not make it at home? This recipe is delicious and has actual pumpkin puree in it- top that, Starbucks! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: How to Knit Toe Up Socks |

If you have always wanted to try knitting socks from the toe up but weren’t sure how to do it, this is a great guide (with a video!) that takes you through the mechanics of it all. Give it a try! Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.