Meet the Sponsors: May Edition

I’ve got two new sponsors to share with you all today, and all sorts of new goodies for everyone- I hope you enjoy!

Fuzzy Mitten Collage |

Name:  Fuzzy Mitten 

What She is All About: Barbara designs some of the cutest stuffed toy patterns around, and has patterns for all sorts of clothing for them, too! They are great value, as every pattern comes with instructions for more than just the animal- there’s always something for them to wear, or an accessory or two. All are exceptionally priced, too- I doubt you’ll find anything cuter or as good a deal for knitted toy patterns.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: The adorable Pocket Mouse pattern comes complete with a great little great little pullover and sale alert!! He’s currently 25% off right now (discount automatically applied at checkout); I love this Dragon (doesn’t he look great in the chromatic stripes?!) and the pattern includes the mini figurines for the knight and princess; and then we have the Rainy Day Turtle, which is brand new and was the mystery toy KAL that I’ve been working on! I’m almost done, I’ve got one more piece of the shell to finish. It’s been a great knit!

Knit Circus Collage |

Name: Knit Circus

What She is All About: Dyed-to-order gradients are her specialty, there is a whole range of colours, weights, and yarn bases to choose from. If you’ve been eyeing some lovely knits featuring gradients, you should check this out.

A Few of my Favourite Things, from Left to Right: 80s Dance Party is a speckled gradient- oh yes! For those that love speckled yarns and gradient yarns, here is the best of both world combined. For a spring-y gradient socks set, try out this lovely Watermelon gradient stripes set! Knit Circus does a great job of creating the yarn to match up so both socks looks the same.  And finally,   The Shire is a stunning gradient colourway that reminds me of seashells, I love the beautiful blue to cream to pink.

Zenitude Collage|

Name: Zenitude

What She is All About: Lise  weaves, felts, dyes her own yarn and roving, and specializes in bright and happy thrummed kits and self striping sock yarns. And she has an alpaca farm!

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: I love the subtle striping sock yarn in this great colourway, Be Here Now! Perfect for having a more subtle stripe, while still having lots of visual interest.  This beautiful variegated blue is call Day by the Sea, and is a  bulky weight- it’s hard to find great variegated yarns in bulky weight!  And then there is Tropical Punch, perfect for the warm weather with it’s citrusy pinks and oranges, a lovely variegated sock yarn.

Madbird Collage |

Name: Madbird Knitting Bags & Accessories 

What They are all about: Alecia and Rob Miller make fun and functional Project bags, project clutches, totes, spindle bags, needle and hook rolls, and zip pouches- with a wide variety of fabrics, you’re sure to find the right size you need in a fabric you love.  Project bags come with interior yarn guides that have a snap on them, so your yarn feeds through cleanly, but you can change out the yarn or project any time you like. And they are all sturdily built, with fleece interfacing and solid bottoms that ensure the bags stand up well on their own, once a project is inside.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: Large Knitting/Crochet Project bag, in ‘Vignette’, I think the poppy print is so pretty for spring, and the bag is sturdy enough to stand up on it’s own when there is something inside of it, and there are two yarn guides inside, so perfect for stripes or alternating skeins!. This wonderful grey tote with the busy bee pattern is fantasticly modern, and perfect for holding bigger project like sweater comfortably and easily, and the Rabbit Moon clutch is great for small knits, and the wrist strap is ideal for those of you who are knitting while commuting or walking, or just keeping all your stitch markers, measuring tapes, needle gauges, and tools organized.

Bijou Basin Ranch Collage|

Name: Bijou Basin Ranch 

What They Are All About: Carl and Eileen have a family-run Yak ranch in Colorado. The sell amazing yak fiber and yarns that are both 100% yak and blended with other fibers (like bamboo or merino) to give the yarn strength and variety. And if you haven’t tried yak fiber before, you are missing out- it’s very soft, and very good for those that have wool allergies.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: This is the Bijou Bliss Sportweight, which is a blend of 50% Tibetan Yak and 50% Cormo Sheep, and I love the undyed version- clean bright, and great stitch definition.  As Bijou Basin Ranch also imports some yak fiber from Tibet and Nepal, they were extremely saddened by the devastating earthquake, and wanted to do something to help the people– they have marked all of their Lhasa Wilderness yarn (70% Yak/ 25% Bamboo) for all proceeds from the yarn to go directly to support Americares, which has on-the-ground workers helping to provide medical aid and supplies to those in need after the earthquake. The yarn comes in 28 colours, including the lovely ‘Culloden’ pictured in the center. TBBR also has lots of great kits, including this lovely Lily of the Incas Shawlette kit, which includes a 12-pattern collection.

Andrea Sanchez Collage |

Name: Andrea Sanchez Knits

What She is All about: Andrea specializes in a wide range of  beautiful, flattering-on-everyone patterns for the whole family, and all patterns have a great size range.

A Few of My Favourite Things, from Left to Right: How sweet is that Navajo pullover for babies and kids? It’s a free pattern, too! Crocheters, I’m looking at you- this Diana’s Blossom Scarf has such gorgeous texture, even without the pretty spring blossoms.  And then there is this super cute garter stitch Neighbor Hoodie, which has a stockinette yoke and a fun little pocket, too!

Those are the special things I’ve picked

Modification Monday: Ze Tiny Baby Pants

Modification Mondays: Ze Tiny baby Pants |

Original Pattern: Ze Tiny Pants

Knitter Extraordinaire: Cassy (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: changed the pattern to be top down, adjusted the gauge, and added short rows to the bottom to add extra room for cute little diapered baby bums. project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: Babies! in knits!! That’s what makes this awesome.  And of course, changing this knit to be top-down instead of bottom-up was a great idea, so that they could even be tried on a wiggly little one as needed. I very much enjoy the bright, contrasting waistband, and the short rows are a brilliant idea for the baby pants- diapers (as you may know from your own baby experiences/watching cable TV that shows occasional diaper commercial) add padding to a baby’s backside, so short rows are a great idea for giving a little room where it’s most needed. The pants look very comfy and cozy!

Modification Mondays: Ze Tiny baby Pants |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things From Pinterest This Week

Pin Ups: Spaghetti Stuffed Bell Peppers |

I saw these amazing spaghetti stuffed bell peppers on A Cup of Jo and was blown away. Of course we should be putting pasta into bell peppers! Why didn’t I think of that? Pinterest link is here, Original post is here.

Pin Ups: Free Pattern for a Plush Fox |

Speaking of awesome orange things, how cute is this plush fox? This is an adorable free sewing pattern (with templates) to make your very own cozy little fox. Pinterest link is here, original post is here.

Pin Ups: butter pecan cookies |

Butter Pecan is one of my favourite ice cream flavours, so I was pretty excited to see if in cookie form! the recipe looks really easy, too. Pinterest link is here, original post is here.

Pin Ups: Watercolour on Fabric DIY |

I’m a little obsessed with this tutorial on how to paint on any fabric using watercolour paints and a fabric medium, and now I’m off to stock up on supplies and maybe try it out on some napkins or something! Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups: Bulky Knit Throw Rug |

I love this bulky knit throw rug, which is machine washable and no doubt knits up really quickly. Perfect for knitters with pets! Pinterest link is here, original post is here.

This weekend we are going to be having Lila’s 3rd birthday party (her birthday was 2 weeks ago, but this was the only time that worked to have a big family party),  and it will be Hello Kitty themed – she chose it. Photos to follow!  Anyone else have plans this weekend?

Knitscene Summer 2015

Knitscene Summer 2015

I was so, so happy to be the featured blogger in ‘Blogspotting’, the last page feature in Knitscene’s Summer 2015 issue (out now!). It’s all the fun of being in one of the best knitting magazines, without the hard work of designing a pattern. 😉

Knitscene Summer 2015 |

I know, there is a sneaky WIP in this photo that I haven’t talked about yet- but I will next week! 

I’m especially pleased to be in such sensational issue- there are loads of designs in here that I would knit. My top faves are:

Knitscene Summer 2015 |

Top row, left to right: Green Apple Tank, Couru Cowl, Lake Ontario hat.  Bottom row: left to right: Lake Michigan Tee, Battement Tee, and Tisbury Pullover.

In particular, there’s a very cool and on-trend section of southwestern-style patterns with some featuring fringe, and they are all modern and relevant designs with a great fringe-to-knit proportion (translation- no crazy dramatic fringe here, just little hits of sort, modern fringe).  Just check out the Couru cowl above- it’s my favourite fringe-y knit in the bunch, and looks like it would be completely trans-seasonal. The featured designer for this issue is Allyson Dykhuizen, with four perfect for summer designs (two of which made my top picks of the issue, above!) you can check out all the patterns and information about each here.

Modification Monday: Cathedral Tee

Modification Monday: Cathedral Tee |

Original Patterns: Cathedral and Chinese Checkers 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Erin (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Improvised a top down raglan t-shirt with the eyelet design being a combination of the lace from the Cathedral shawl and Chinese checkers, from Barbara Walker. Her project page can be found here, and has great details on how she worked the t shirt exactly.

What Makes This Awesome: A shawl into a t-shirt! how cool is that? I love that Erin kept the design on both the front and the back of tee, making it perfect for a summer knitting project. A top down construction makes for a great way to try it on as you go, so if you are improvising, you’ll know how things are working out before making a huge time investment.  Those of you who don’t knit much in the summer, doesn’t this make you rethink that idea? Because a breezy summer tee like this would be so perfect to wear all summer long.

Modification Monday: Cathedral Tee |