Modification Monday: Axis Mundi Mitts


Modification Monday: Axis Mundi Mitts |

Original Pattern: Oak Grove

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jane (Ravelry ID

Mods:  Changed the top center cable to bobbles, and added a cable to the side seams, as well as changed up the way she knit them (two at a time!).  Details on her  modifications can be found on her project page, which can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: Even though I’ve actually knit this pattern myself, when I saw Jane’s mitts the changes look so much at home that I had to toggle between the original pattern and her project page to see all the differences (which is worth doing). I love the bobbles, they look perfect next to the oak leaf motif.  And the small faux cable along the sides are a nice touch, and help frame the oak leaf after removing the original cable.  The whole effect is so pretty!

Modification Monday: Axis Mundi Mitts |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: frozen banana pops|

These, my friends, are DIY banana split pudding pops. Doesn’t that just look like the epitome of summer on a stick?

Pin Ups: lemon celery parsley salad|

And after you’ve eaten so many amazing banana split pudding pops, maybe you need to have a super delicious salad like this amazing lemon, celery and Parmesan salad. try it, I think you’ll love it.

Pin Ups: DIY pet portraits|

I’m dying to try this very easy-looking  pop art pet portrait DIY. I can totally see my cats done up like this, and would be so fun to have bright colours on the wall.

Pin Ups: braided updo|

I want to try this gorgeous braided updo. Just so pretty.

Pin Ups: literary t shirts|

I love pretty much everything at the Out of Print shop, which specializes in original classic book cover art on tote bags, t shirts, and more. I’m dying to order a t-shirt, but I’m having a tough time deciding! Maybe this one, or this one, or this one? Hmmm.

WIP: Lady Bat Sweater

WIP:  Lady Bat |

From left to right: close up of a statue at Queen and University (Toronto), close up of rain on a picnic table, Toronto’s CN Tower, as seen from Toronto Island. 

I know I should be posting about FOs (because I have two, I swear- just no photos yet), but I have wanted to cast on for the gorgeous summer sweater, Lady Bat- and summer’s running out, so I wanted to get a move on.

Pattern: Lady Bat

Yarn: Adriafil Cheope

Needles: 3.75 mm ( US 5)

I love it so far and can already imagine wearing it, with great summer shorts, feeling all casual and carefree. Isn’t this one of the best stages of knitting something, when you are already imaging how great the knit will be, and how you will wear it all the time, if only you could knit faster! This is the first time I’ve used Adriafil Cheope yarn, and it’s working out great- I love the silvery light grey, and it’s got amazing stitch definition, which you need for the zigzag lace in this pattern:

WIP: Lady Bat Collage |

The lace is unblocked, but you can still see how crisp the definition is with this yarn- I’m excited to see how it plays out with the final FO!

I’m not as far along as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping to be done really soon. I want to already be wearing it!

Modification Monday: Sea Glass Sweater

Modification Monday: Seaglass Sweater |

Original Pattern: Sea Glass Cardi 

Knitter Extraordinaire:  Grace (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Made a long sleeved pullover version of the original cardigan, plus added a bit of positive ease for a more relaxed fit. Full details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome:  The original cardigan is pretty, but I find this breezy, casual take on it looks so spot-on for summer. The key detail on this is the longer sleeves, which help the balance the sweater against the large section of lace that is completely unbroken once you eliminate the original cardigan’s button band.  Everything on this mod looks just right!

Modification Monday: Seaglass Sweater |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

croissant  Pin Ups: strawberry and cream sandwich|

This, my wonderful friends, is a croissant stuffed with balsamic strawberries and whipped cream cheese. It is light, flavourful, and so freaking amazing you’ll want to eat it every single day. I highly recommend.

Pin Ups: Make your Cooler cooler|

Summer typically means busting out the cooler, but let’s face it coolers are ugly.  But did you know that with a few little hacks, you can make yours look as chic as this? I especially love the rope handle.

Pin Ups: BLT pizza |

I’m sort of crazy about this BLT pizza idea. it looks really fresh with the chopped raw lettuce on top for some added crunch, and I think I could talk myself into believing it’s healthier, too.

Pin Ups: Bunny Pillows|

I’ve known you can get photos printed on fabric, but I never quite realized you could then make animal pillows if you printed photos of your pets (or any animal at all, really). I love this, and totally want my couch to have animal pillows now.

Pin Ups: smores menu |

Did you know you can make different kinds of S’mores? Because I didn’t, and this pretty much blew my mind. Summer has totally leveled up for me!