Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

The winner of the giveaway for Susan B. Anderson’s Kids Knitting Workshop is…. Kerry! Congrats, Kerry! I hope your niece loves learning how to knit. 

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Why procrastination can be good for you.

I love this series from New York Magazine with various people about their breakthrough moment– actors, musicians, UN Ambassadors, all sort of amazing stories. It’s a rabbit hole!

I love this article on 9 ways to practice mindfulness– totally doable for people who actually have jobs and families.

This seems counter intuitive, but apparently thinking about your own death increases your happiness. A very interesting read.

My Favourite Pins This Week

Pin Ups and Link Love: Healthy Baked Pesto Rigatoni |

There’s been a lot of talk of the rising price of meat lately, and I’ve been looking more and more and main that are healthy and don’t feel like something is missing. Full of spinach, kale, tomatoes and loads of cheese, this baked pasta dish is perfect for a cold winter’s night. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Chocolate Chip Tea Cake Cookies|

These super easy ( and hardly any ingredients!) chocolate chip tea cake cookies are like a cross between shortbread and a chocolate chip cookie. And yes, that is as delicious as that sounds! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Washi Tape DIY|

Washi tape is popping up everywhere, but you pay more for the really pretty, artisan ones. Or, you could make it yourself with this beautiful watercolour Washi Tape DIY! So much easier than I would have expected. Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Tips for Colourwork|

Knitter friends, are you reluctant to try colourwork? Stephanie has some great tips for getting your colourwork on like a pro. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Sewing Tutorial Cat Purse|

This amazing tutorial is for sewing an organization clutch for sewing materials, but when you take a look inside, it could be used for any craft- embroidery, knitting, crocheting…kids would love it for school supplies. I don’t sew but I would make this in a heartbeat. Pinterest link is here, and the original tutorial post is here.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Lila’s daycare bestie is having a birthday party, so you can bet we’ll be doing that this weekend.


  1. leslie   •  

    can’t wait to dive into some of those articles.

    those cookies!!!!

  2. miss agnes   •  

    Another great reading list for the week-end ! I could give training on procrastination, I’m an expert. First time I see it could be good for me, off to read this one first. Have a great week-end Julie.

  3. Amy   •  

    Did you ever read Thurber’s short story about the bird who hesitated? I think you might like it.

  4. Snow   •  

    How wonderful Lila gets to do something special! Birthday parties are the best fun at that age!
    I have vegan and vegetarian friends, most who became so due to health issues. Some of them aren’t cooks(?! I know!) so I invite them to dinner once a month, we all get involved in the prep and they get to takeaway leftovers, recipes and some new skills-check out The Happy Pear on YouTube. Great inexpensive meals with incredible nutrition.
    Great pin ups and links!
    Hope you’re getting rest and recovery.
    Lovin’ the blog-learn something new every time.

  5. Bronchitikat   •  

    Thanks, Julie.

    I’ve sent the procrastination link to my husband and son who both have jobs involving creativity. H too likes to put things off for as long as possible, maybe in the hope that they’ll go away!

    The mindfulness article was a good reminder, as was thinking about my demise, and I’ve bookmarked the colour work knitting tips.

    Enjoy the birthday party.

  6. Loulou   •  

    Wow, both those recipes sound delicious! I sure love a good baked pasta.

    I also love the sewing supplies clutch. So cute and quite ingenious.

  7. Tien   •  

    Yum! Will have to try the baked pasta and cookies. I have been planning one meatless dinner a week & it really is working out well.

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