Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Financial tips I wish I knew in my 20s – still applicable now. Although I wish I had known all that stuff in my teens (am I the only one who thinks that financial planning and budgeting should be a mandatory high school course?)

How to stop procrastinating – the 20-10 rule is the only way I get anything done.

Treating yourself is not the answer. So many true things in this!

Five regrets of the dying. This was a lovely read and a good reminder about what is actually important.

My Favourite Pins This Week

Lo Mein is surprisingly easy to make, and you can totally use spaghetti noodles. If you love Chinese food like I do, this is a great weeknight supper idea. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

An unusual dessert idea- pan friend cinnamon banana slices. Very easy to do and delicious on their own, but a might fine addition to a bowl of oatmeal or some french toast. If you have the time this weekend, give it a try! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Finger crochet, what a great idea! I love this video for making a finger crocheted market tote. Looks so beginner friendly. Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY is here.

By the way, I did a shoe upcycle for Cut Out & Keep, and you can read all about how super easy it is to paint on your shoes! I did these very easy gold stripes on a cheap pair of flats, and I love how they look. You can make them as simple or complex as you like! Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY post is here.

Also, if you remember my pom pom loving post from last week, I’m really into om poms. I loved this very timely round up  of all the ways pom poms are popping up on things this spring! Pinterest link is here, and the original link is here.

Guy passed his citizenship test!! They then did the interview to verify his reasons for being here, the national equivalent of the ‘and what are your intentions towards my daughter’ line of questioning. Now we just wait for his ceremony notification! I’ve very excited for the ceremony.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Barbara   •  

    That yarn for the crocheted tote looks like that weird tape yarn we saw at Romni. I guess it has a use after all! Those bags look great though, and I wish I could crochet better. I need a big, strong bag for our trips to the library.

    I love pom poms too, although recently I saw a toddler sweater will pom poms sewn all over it. I instantly had a mental picture of a toddler picking them all off in the first half-hour of wearing it!

  2. Lisa   •  

    Thank you for the financial link – I am in my 20s and feel like I didn’t know many of those.
    As always, have a great week.

  3. 107   •  

    So proud! Can we have all those years back, please and we’ll be right there?-;

  4. kmkat   •  

    We used to use that 20-10 rule when our boys were younger. Husband and Younger Son had ADD, and husband was a psych nurse who worked mainly with children and adolescents, so he knew a LOT about how to deal with them effectively. 20-10 was perfect; we would set the oven time (super loud) for each time period. Elder Son eventually asked if he could just continue to work until he was done without that annoying 10-minute break. Different strokes, right?

  5. Kat   •  

    Oh, that treating yourself article is me. I’m such a binger, thanks for the reminder that I just need to work through things. I’m loving all the pom pom crafts so much-you can’t help but smile around pom poms!

  6. Danette Bartelmay   •  

    Those bananas are making me hungry!
    I love the shoe idea BIG TIME!!!
    And YAY FOR GUY!!!

  7. I vaguely recall taking personal finance when I was 14 years old in high school… Circling apartments to rent in a classified ads… And not even being able to grasp what it was all about. I just had no clue when I was younger.

  8. Anna   •  

    Well done Guy!

    I love that crochet bag, great idea!

  9. Sara A.   •  

    I taught my 4 year old how to chain with her fingers and some dishcloth cotton. She’s made a whole bunch of friendship bracelets for herself and her little friends and an ungodly snarl of rainbow yarn. She’s been wanting to knit since she was 3, but doesn’t have the fine motor skills or attention span yet.

  10. Jessica Lane   •  

    I can’t wait to check out that financial planning article, I agree it should be a mandatory high school course! I’m also so excited that you shared that crochet link, I think it would be a great project for my older daughter! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  11. Snow   •  

    Congratulations to Guy! That’s some serious studying and memorization. And a good study partner-congrats to you too, Julie!
    Pan fried bananas…so yum. One of the Thai restaurant here serves deep fried bananas drizzled with warm honey. I told them they need to serve it with coconut ice cream or gelato. It’s now on the menu!….and my hips 🙂

  12. miss agnes   •  

    Congratulations to Guy! You’re going to love the ceremony, I’m sure.
    A lot of insightful links. Finger crochet ! I might have to start this way as I can no longer find my set of crochet hooks. Yeah, pom poms, anytime !
    I’m slowly catching up, it took me only two days to read this post. Enjoy your Sunday!

  13. Andi   •  

    Congratulations to Guy!!!

    Wonderful link. I really enjoyed the one about Treating Yourself as so many things resonated with me. I often do the “do I need this” dance when faced with buying “treats”.
    I think I need that Lo Mein recipe in my life. 🙂

  14. Tien   •  

    Congratulations to Guy!

    Can’t wait to try the lo mein and bananas recipes. Yum! Absolutely love the shoe upcycle and will be trying it out on some old TOMS.

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