Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

This was fascinating- how an agoraphobic artist sees the world without leaving home.

This was not that surprising, but still very interesting- transgender men commenting on workplace sexism, having lived on both sides of the coin.

I loved this very short story from Leonard Woolf’s memoir. It reminds me of the importance of consuming less media (which makes me feel so helpless anyway) and figuring out what my irises are, and to get on with planting them.

Loved this short film from 1955 about helping knitters choose yarns from Lavenda yarns, a now-defunct knitting company. It’s short, and so fun to watch! It has all the hallmark clichés of a short film from the 1950s. (via Woolful)

My Favourite Pins This Week

I love a good stir fry – it’s fast, it’s easy, and substitutes work so well. No chicken? Use pork or tofu. No mushrooms? Use zucchini or bell peppers or spinach or kale. This garlic chicken stir fry recipe is brilliant on rice or wrapped up in a flat bread! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

Okay, this cake is a little out there, but isn’t it adorable?! I’m so considering making it for Easter, even though Lila and James are the only ones that would be thrilled. I would also go easy on the food colouring, too. The ‘recipe’ is very easy – nothing is from scratch, so if you like something that is going to be lots of fun and pretty impressive, give it a try! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

This is touted as a cat bed, but what an awesome basket for knitting!! So cute, and easy to make. It calls for sewing the rope together, but I’ve never sewed with rope, can anyone attest to how easy or difficult it might be to make this? Because I want one for myself (sorry kitties). Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY post can be found here.

I’m in love with these beautiful needle felted and embroidered art pieces! Such a beautiful idea for wall art. This isn’t a tutorial, but if you were handy with embroidery and needle felting, the shapes are simple and it would be a fun project. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

We could all use a little more happiness in our lives, right? Maybe today you need a reminder of what drags you down and brings you up. Pinterest link is here, and the original list is here.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I don’t usually care for April Fool’s Day, but are any of you planning a bit of mischief tomorrow?



  1. Meredith MC   •  

    I tried the rope basket thing and made a bunch of them- they make good gifts too. It’s fairly straightforward, but you should practice first. Also, that is a huge bag! My experience is that there’s a medium size that is easy to achieve- bigger and smaller take practice. You’ll go through a lot of thread, so be prepared with back up bobbins. I made mine with white cord and many colors of thread, and I like the way they look. The bobbin thread shows on the outside. Have fun- I had a tiny obsession for a couple of weeks.

  2. Laura   •  

    Love those little needlefelted llamas! I usually do something small for April’s Fools day… last year I put kleenex balled up in the toes of everyone’s shoes. When they put them on to go to school in the morning their shoes were too small and they couldn’t get them on. They were pretty confused, then they thought it was hilarious. 😉 Have a good weekend!

  3. Kathy   •  

    For the basket/bag I have seen one very similar that was done using crochet to put it together. Franklin Habit had a tutorial on how to do it.

  4. Stefanie   •  

    Oh I wish I had a craft room to fill it with cute decor like those llama hoops. The stir fry looks yummy; I made a Kung Pao Chicken recipe two days ago so the husband would have a daily lunch. I added a zucchini and mushrooms to it. It made our house smell so good. I do need to find better chile or break them up more beforehand to get the spiciness out into the dish.

  5. Val   •  

    I’m going to share Planting Iris with some friends and coworkers, what a great little gem.

  6. I forgot all about April Fools! Thanks for the heads up! I don’t think Reed know about that one yet. He will want to know if there is April Fools candy. Kinda sad.

  7. miss agnes   •  

    I love this Lavenda film, and I totally fell in love with the slipover pattern, have been searching archives to find something that looks similar, but no success yet ( my first target was Susan Crawford’s patterns, of course, but if anyone reading this has other ideas, let me know). This cat bed is indeed gorgeous. Enjoy your first April week-end.
    We just had a summer week here in Brittany, temperatures up to 24, amazing. Now it’s back to April cool wind, which I don’t mind, more time to wear the woolies.

  8. Neulisti   •  

    I can’t get over those amazingly beautiful llamas! Must. Have. Wall. Art.

  9. Swissrose   •  

    Amazing film – I looooved that!! 😉 Thankyou!!

  10. Lisa   •  

    This week has been full of happiness for me – many great things all coming together to make me a better person. Thank you for sharing that image at the end, it sums it all up nicely.

    I am in love with the cat basket – too bad I’m not much for sewing. I also cannot wait to read and watch the links you shared. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  11. Wanda   •  

    The Lavenda film is so many things I love, it just made my day. I couldn’t bear any more Monday-ing and I took a short break from work to watch it. The opening scene, with women in an office, all knitting – I was instantly in love! And of course, being a Knitting Advisor is my dream job. 🙂 And the 1950s filming, so appealingly dated and corny – it just made my Monday so much happier to have watched this! Thank you for finding it and sharing!!

  12. Loulou   •  

    Loved the vintage film on yarn and knitting. So many gorgeous sweaters!

    Also really enjoyed the story about the artist with agoraphobia. I’m with her in being a big fan of Google Street View and explore places using it all the time. It’s so cool. Recently I looked up a house in The Annex that I lived in one summer when home from university. When I found it, I saw that the day they were taking the images for Google, all the windows were covered over and they were apparently doing a film shoot inside and a crowd of people were gathered out on the porch having lunch!

  13. Jessica   •  

    That tota is adorable and I do love embroidered items! I’m also all about easy dinners – the garlic chicken stir fry looks yummy!

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