Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

If you read only one of these links, make it this one! It clearly explains why, no matter what our political affiliations or beliefs may be, it is extremely difficult to change our minds even when presented with well-researched and objective facts. Plus, it’s written like a comic and there are plenty of funny bits.

How to make friends and keep them (as an adult). Especially handy if you have moved somewhere new, but all these are true no matter where you are.

The dangers of normalizing your debt. If you regularly buy things for yourself while saying you ‘deserve it’, you are probably digging yourself deeper into debt.

The unexpected habits making you anxious, moody, and depressed.

My Favourite Pins This Week

As much as I love banana bread, it can get a little same-y.  But that is definitely not the case with this raspberry chocolate chip banana bread! The raspberries add a fantastic burst of freshness to the loaf, and you can use fresh or frozen raspberries for this recipe. Want this to be a little healthier? Leave out the chocolate chips. Want it to be a little more indulgent? Add MORE chocolate chips! If you love banana bread, it isn’t going to get any better than this. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

These zucchini garlic bites are surprisingly versatile – they make a lovely side dish or appetizer, and can be put out for parties, too.  You could even make them in advance and keep them in the freezer for a super speedy dish! I especially love that the recipe doesn’t call for loads of ingredients. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

If you love all things-kitty related AND are trying to protect your floors, these whimsical cat paw chair feet covers are pretty darn adorable. It’s a free pattern after you sign up for the newsletter, and would be great for leftover bits of yarn! Pinterest link is here, and the original pattern link is here.

I don’t know how it happens- I bring reusable bags everywhere and yet I still end up with a cupboard full of plastic bags. How about crocheting a sturdy tote bag to use out of all those plastic bags you have tucked away?  Brilliant! Pinterest link is here, and the original post and pattern is here.

You love Ted Talks, right? No matter your interests, it feels like there is  a TED Talk for that. This is a great, short list of TED Talks that are perfect for just about everyone – don’t let the website (which gears itself toward 20somethings) put you off if you are no longer in your twenties. Those talks are ageless! Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Have a great weekend everyone! I gave my AGO talk last night and led the interactive activity until it was quite late (It was incredible -better than I could have ever imagined),  so I’m super exhausted and looking forward to a relaxing weekend! I hope you all get to unwind and relax this weekend,too.


  1. Val   •  

    That Oatmeal piece is so great. And banana bread is such a favourite, too bad Matt can’t stand even the smell of bananas 🙁 Maybe that’s why the banana bread served on Via Rail trains always tastes so heavenly to me, it’s from withdrawal!
    Wish I could have attended your AGO event! I’ve had to archive footage of the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit for work and it looks incredible, I’m sure your activity made it even better. Have a great, well deserved weekend!!

  2. Wanda   •  

    The bright color those raspberries add to banana bread too – never mind the fact that I loooooove raspberries and will eat them with pretty much anything! But that is absolutely pretty banana bread. 🙂 And, congrats on the great turnout on the AGO event, it sounds like it was wonderful – I hope you will get to relax some this weekend – and who knows, maybe even knit?!

    I head to Spain tomorrow for the next 9 days – is it crazy that the first thing I’m excited about is concentrated knitting time during the flight?

  3. Stefanie   •  

    Those zucchini bites look good. What an interesting way to prepare them. The kitty leg covers are so fun.

  4. Anna   •  

    I have been MIA recently, so just catching up on my blogs. Oh my, that banana bread, can’t wait to try it. Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

  5. miss agnes   •  

    It is a long week-end here in France, with Monday off. While most French people are fretting over the election, I am planning to relax and knit, and write and generally chill with my family. Enjoy your week-end, and congratulations on your event! Great links and pins too, thank you.

  6. Bronchitikat   •  

    Ah, the benefits of learning to listen, really listen. Come to think of it, that’s a major factor in making and keeping friends. Everyone likes a good listener.

    Kitty Chair Paws, I suppose they’re an alternative to the antique ‘claw and ball’ finishes to chair and table legs?

    As for the recipes, already bookmarked.

    BTW – see Lila wears her glasses voluntarily. Well done you!

  7. Sierra   •  

    Those kitty paws are so cute! Also, I’m always open to advice for making friends as an adult. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Tien   •  

    Oh my those cat paw chair feet covers are super cute and practical! Definitely going on my to-knit list. Happy to hear that the AGO talk went well!

  9. Nicole Booz   •  

    Glad you liked our post on TED Talks. Thanks for sharing with your readers!

    – Nicole @ GenTwenty

  10. rililie   •  

    I really love these posts that have so many interesting articles and links in them!
    You definitely are very talented in curating an exciting mix of subjects…
    …and by the way, those “cat paw chair feet covers” are definitely rocking it!!!!

  11. Snow   •  

    the crocheted bag from recycled bags makes an awesome beach or swim tote for wet things!

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