Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Films condensed into a single image- so hypnotizing. Dumbo is my favourite.

Loved this Marie TV video on the two words that help make changing a habit so much easier. I started trying it, and it does work!

I needed this so bad: How to make an unpleasant situation suck less.

If you are thinking of changing careers, you might find this interesting.

My Favourite Pins This Week

I made these cookies last weekend, and they were SO good! I know they don’t look like much, but they taste amazing. I personally find butterscotch to be a very underrated. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

I don’t know how Mexican this  chicken and rice salad is, but it’s delicious. The trick here is the ratio- don’t make too much rice! It’s so much better when there’s less rice, and leaves room for all the other tasty ingredients to shine. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

Lately I’ve been really loving little leather touches with knits. These lovely rustic potholders are so pretty,  with the hemp twine,  and the brass finishings. Pinterest link is here,  and the original post and pattern is here.

I have seen those little brown cardstock boxes in craft stores, but didn’t really know exactly what to do with them. This is a great craft project that is perfect even for those who feel like you can’t really paint anything. The finishing touch are those little knobs,  So pretty. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

I loved this little list of quotes for book lovers. All so true. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Another busy weekend here- Lila has her dance recital, my parents are coming into town, I’m doing a poetry walking tour as part of Doors Open Toronto, and then I think that is the last of the crazy schedule for a bit! My left hand still as the fingers taped up, I tried to knit but not quite there yet. Sigh. A couple more weeks of the splint. Have a great weekend, everyone! Knit a few stitches for me, if you can.


  1. Lisa   •  

    Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love the film photos, i wish I could see them in person.

  2. So much good stuff on the internet! Enjoy your family time. Lila will surely be adorable! Have fun with the folks. I hope that finger heals quickly so you can get back to knitting.

  3. Alina   •  

    Thank you for great links, Julie! I hope you can get back to knitting as soon as possible!

  4. Brenda   •  

    Those film pictures are so cool! I love the Le voyage dans la lune one.

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