Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

I love these photoshopped images of renaissance painting subjects into modern surroundings.

“I dressed like my skinny best friend for a week to prove that style has no size.”

Why the dishwasher in the restaurant is the most important job in the whole place. 

“Why I love my paper dictionary”. I so feel the same way.

I love rosé wine, so I have some conflicting feelings on this essay: Rosé is exhausting.

My Favourite Pins This Week

If you have never tried baking fresh fruit into a cookie before, you are in for a treat (ha! so literal!). These raspberry chocolate chip cookies are easy to make, and taste so fresh and amazing. Definitely worth trying. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

These sheet pan cauliflower fajitas are so easy, and make pulling together a full meal that much faster- you have the veggies roasting in the oven while you make the rice or wrangle kids/read a magazine. Plus, it feels so good to have a hearty veggie dinner, doesn’t it? Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

if you were looking for a great end of summer cocktail, it doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s basically a few extra grocery store finds chucked into a glass of rose – serve it and then talk about the interesting article you read about Rose (link in the top section), and your summer get together will be a brilliant hit. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

I love this Sally Webb painting, the texture of the thick paint just completely makes this. Pinterest link is here, and the original link can be found here.

And just in case no one has told you today:

Pinterest link is here, and the original link is here.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Susan   •  

    I liked the post about the best friends who dressed alike for a week. I admit I get tired of people dumping on women who are small, as if we are somehow bitchy and smug and not part of the “real world” just because it’s supposedly easier for us to go shopping. That was a much nicer take on the challenge of finding clothes that fit and look good, and I thought they BOTH look beautiful.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Susan,

      I hear you, I’m small as well and it’s not like anyone has a body that is super easy to dress, no matter weight or shape. I feel like this probably wasn’t as much of an issue when everything was custom tailored, but now with everything we wear being off the rack and so seldom tailored to fit, it’s hard to achieve a perfect fit.



  2. Barbara   •  

    That last photo nearly made me cry. Nobody says things like that to me in the morning, especially that last bit! It’s been hard fitting into my warmer clothes, after a summer of not exercising (anytime I tried, my younger kid would look at me like I no longer liked to spend time with him). Ugh, and my cats kept me up half the night! Thank goodness I have some time to myself today, and cute knitting projects to make me smile.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Oh Barbara,

      You need to save that photo and make it your phone or computer wallpaper! Or print it out and put it by the door. Because you deserve to hear those things every day. Hugs, my friend.


  3. Loulou   •  

    So much to love in this post! Enjoyed the story about the friends dressing alike for a week, and the whole blog it was part of.

    The funny rose article reminded me that I’ve not had a glass of it all summer, which is odd, because it usually is my summer drink of choice.

    And, yes please to chocolate raspberry cookies and compliments about my butt, lol 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      What, not a glass of rose?! We must fix this problem immediately! xo

  4. Wanda   •  

    While I mostly dress in goth colors, I have an unashamed love of pink. the article on rose, the drink recipe, that painting with pink tones and cookies with raspberries – I love all of this. Thanks for some great pins!

    • Julie   •     Author

      I love pink too- and Rose! But I thought it had an interesting viewpoint, even if I didn’t totally agree with it.

  5. Bronchitikat   •  

    Welcome back to blogging. Hope you had a good summer.

    I too use a paper dictionary. The Little Oxford Dictionary I was given as an Infant School Leaving present (age 11.) I still use it fifty years on and keep it handy for the computer.

    Also a French/English dictionary and a thesaurus – for the days when the LOD is just too old to have words I’m looking for, or for when I want to check I’ve got the gender right!

    Spellcheckers are all very well but even when set to English (UK) (& don’t get me started on that definition!) they still don’t always get the spellings correct & they definitely won’t tell you if it’s entirely the wrong word. Just because it isn’t red or green lined doesn’t automatically mean it’s right!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Sharon,

      I so hear you about how spellcheck doesn’t work as well as I think it should, it needs to get smarter in order to figure out what we are trying to say in context! And so glad that you share my love of paper dictionaries. I hope you had a great summer too!



  6. Patty   •  

    I missed you!! But I’m glad you had some time off. I loved the photoshopped Renaissance paintings and shared it on FB. Gonna make those raspberry choc. chip cookies this week. Thanks!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Aw, thanks Patty! The time off as worth it, it was a busy summer and I like that I can come back fresh with lots of good stuff ready to post. And hooray for the raspberry chocolate chip cookies!

  7. miss agnes   •  

    Yeah, my weekly reading list is back ! Don’t forget the accent on rosé, otherwise it reads like the colour or the flower. 😉 it used to have a bad rep in France because it was often made from lower grade vines. But the past few years, as it became trendy, French winemakers started to produce much higher quality wines. The French rosés are often drier and more subtle than the very fruity versions from California or Australia. I had plenty of rosé this summer, I love it.
    Loved the two friends who dressed the same, and this painting from Sally Webb. Love to discover new things thanks to your smart selection. Take care.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks for telling me about the accent in rosé, I had forgotten it! It’s funny how something can be seen as being a bit lame or gauche and then get revamped into something wildly popular. Like excellence comes around for everything eventually.

  8. Cindy   •  

    I loved the blog post on dressing alike. As a “plus” sized person who is also petite, I have an even harder time finding clothes. While some of them weren’t for me, I admire larger women who wear what they want and don’t follow the rules. While I missed your blog over the summer, I’m glad you took the break you needed.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Cindy,

      Thanks so much for understanding about the blogging break, and I’m so glad you enjoyed that link- I loved it the second I saw it, we need more body positive articles like that. I hate the whole ‘dressing for your body type’ stuff that is out there, it’s so limiting.



  9. Kelly J. R.   •  

    I’m so happy these weekly roundups are back! I missed them.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks Kelly! 😀

  10. Tien   •  

    I enjoyed the post on “style has no size” very much and am sending the link to my nieces (one is a junior in high school and the other is a college freshman). They both love fashion/clothes/makeup and I think that it is important for them to see how style has no limits as long as you are true to yourself.
    Veggie fajitas sound so delish…..we are starting to incorporate more vegetarian dishes in the dinner rotation.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Tien,

      So glad you shared that post about the dressing has no size- I get so annoyed with the idea that only certain body types can wear certain things. Like we don’t already self-limit sin a million different ways already! And I love fajitas. We actually eat vegetarian most dinners, much to Guy’s chagrin. He would eat meat at every single meal if he could.



  11. Kessa   •  

    Love the photoshopped Renaissance paintings… Somehow makes the paintings more relatable.. And funny. XD Have to try the raspberry chocolate chip cookie… We’ve had a rather dreary Summer but at least it was a good raspberry year. 🙂

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