Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

You will be happier if you let yourself feel bad.

Is craftivism self-indulgent? An interesting read.

On sexual harassment.

If you need some cheering up after the first three reads, here are some photos of a hedgehog on a camping trip.

There was a great mini interview on my writing process – check it out!

My Favourite Pins This Week

If you are trying to do a few more meals without meat (and really, we should all be trying to do that), you should try these spicy cauliflower burgers. Easier that you would think, and you can skip the spice if you prefer your burgers on the non-spicy side. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post can be found here.

How adorable is this Halloween cake?! I’m a big fan of Halloween things that are not-so-scary, and this chocolate cake is just right. Colourful frosting and candy eyes are all you need to pull this off, so even those amoung us who feel our cake decorating skills are less than great, you can achieve this. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe can be found here.

Have lots of single skeins in a variety of yarn weights? I loved this recent post on Zen Yarn Garden for all sorts of free knitting patterns that take only one skein. Pinterest link is here, and the original blog post can be found here.

This simple embroidered cacti purse is so pretty, and would make a great gift, don’t you think? Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY post is here.

I’m a big fan of the Yes and Yes blog, and this post about making yourself 25% more uncomfortable has been staying in my mind- it’s definitely true that discomfort leads to growth, and there are often wonderful things to be found on the other side of that discomfort. Pinterest link is here, and the original blog post can be found here.

Sorry for the delay in the post today, folks. I am on a train to Windsor for Bookfest, and I thought that I could do all kinds of work with the onboard wifi… turns out the wifi is terrible! Live and learn, right folks?



  1. Love the cake. Reed would die for that. I would likely have a stroke if I ever tried to make it (a different kind of death, sadly).

    I don’t think yarn is self-indulgent in the way the article suggested, but I do often wonder if I over prioritize it in my life. Am I knitting my life away? Will I someday look back on my younger years and wonder why I wasted all that time knitting, and writing about knitting?

    Only future me will ever know.

  2. Stephanie   •  

    Belated congratulations on your interview and Bookfest, Julie! I am so glad you keep us up to date on the places your book is taking you! It’s so wonderful to see! Thanks for the hedgehog pics to lighten the mood, but I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to dive deep and be thoughtful, as the other articles challenge us. I’ve always been comfortable feeling what I’m feeling, knowing that I had resources (friends, family, exercise in fresh air, sound nutrition, good mental health coverage) to help me if I needed it. It’s part of life. I read the article on craftivism with great interest. After Hurricane Katrina, I realized that me going there to help or sending knitted goods that required special laundering was insane, and that enough people in my hometown needed help, so why spend money on travel when that could be put to better use. Now my rule of thumb is to donate where my heart leads, making sure organizations are trustworthy; volunteer in my hometown with organizations that have causes that I care about (for me, that’s hungry people and refugees); and I knit for people I love who are willing to put up with the laundering stipulations, but with one exception: We have a statue of Thurgood Marshall (first African-American US Supreme Court Justice) in my hometown across from my office. I take any extra hats and scarves that I make and leave them at the statue and within minutes, people–usually homeless folks–will grab them up. So they are getting used by people who need them and who I hope feel the love that goes into the making. So some soul searching is good for all of us. Have a great week, Julie!

  3. Alina   •  

    I LOVED reading your interview, Julie! Especially your philosophy of getting things down – just do it, even if doesn’t work out at the end, you still learn something! This really speaks to me!

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