Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

15 ways to instantly improve your mood this holiday season.

No more guilty pleasures! “When you find things you genuinely enjoy, don’t let anyone else make you feel bad about it. Don’t feel guilty about the pleasure you take in the things you enjoy. Celebrate them.”

Did you lose someone this year? Perhaps this might be helpful- how to hold grief through the holiday season.

I love Susannah Conway’s Unraveling the Year workbooks, and she just launched the one for 2018. It’s a free download, and I highly recommend.

Speaking of free downloads, you all saw the free cowl pattern I designed for Eucalan, right?

My Favourite Pins This Week

This mozzarella chicken in tomato sauce hits all the right spots for me this season- hearty, delicious, and weeknight fast (because I’m never going to be the person who loves spending an hour cooking dinner). Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Fudge is one of those things that seems to really be a big deal around the holidays, and I can never resist it when I see some on a dessert tray! This chocolate peanut butter fudge is super easy and comes together with just 4 ingredients. How can you miss? Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post can be found here.

Love DIY gifts and projects, but think you aren’t artistic enough to pull them off? Then feast your eyes on this super simple and super adorable bunny mug DIY! Trust me, even if you can barely draw a circle, you can make this cute-as-pie mug. Pinterest link is here, and the full DIY can be found here.

I am crazy in love with this pom pom wreath and pine garland (you could use fresh pine or fake, your choice). Now, the original DIY is using a hula hoop for the circle, but I think you could probably trot on over to your local craft store and get a smaller wooden hoop, if you need something that would fit on a door. Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY is here.

I love the idea of gift baskets, but the commercial ones you buy in stores are 80% filled with packaging/stuff you instantly throw away. It’s easier than you think to put together your own little baskets, and you can customize exactly what goes in them for the right person, or the right theme! Great details on 6 different basket ideas can be found here, and the Pinterest link is here.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! We have two different holiday parties this weekend, so I’ll definitely be doing some of these hostess gift ideas to bring to the parties. I hope you are all staying healthy and cozy!


  1. Mabel   •  

    Thank you for these great ideas!

    • Julie   •     Author

      So glad you like them, Mabel! 🙂

  2. Stefanie   •  

    Ah, a gift basket. That may be the way to go for my Oahu aunty and uncle this Christmas. Mahalo for the idea. I like the pom pom wreath too. I’ve always wanted to put one on our door.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I have a wreath on our door that is tore bought, but I’m not in love with it. I think this pom pom version is awesome, I hope to make it for next year!

  3. Loulou   •  

    You always manage to find the most interesting things to read and best things to pin.

    Really liked the gift basket article. Loved that they included a bottle of wine in the bath set, because, a bath in candlelight, with a nice glass of wine is one of my favourite NOT-guilty pleasures!

    And who knew that eating Parmesan would change your mood. Bring on the pasta and cheese.

    Hope you enjoy your parties, and the weekend in general. xo

    • Julie   •     Author

      thanks my darling! I totally agree, wine in the tub is the best way t enjoy a long bath! xo

  4. Lisa   •  

    Oh so many great holiday pins, thank you! I am especially excited about the recipe – I always love anything italian. Have a great week !

    • Julie   •     Author

      So glad you enjoyed the pins this week! I normally don’t love cheese and meat together, but this chicken and mozzarella recipe is definitely tasty!

  5. Kessa   •  

    Great links as always, thanks so much for sharing! Pasta is definitely on my mind right now, a gift basket is a wonderful idea and I have decided I need a pompom wreath on my door. Love your new pattern… All that colour-combi possibilities!!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Kessa,

      Is there anything better than hearty food for the winter, like cheese and chicken and pasta all together?! I’m so glad you like the new pattern!



  6. miss agnes   •  

    Thanks for the link to the Workbook, I am eager to try it this coming year. After so many changes in my life these past two years, I am craving some balance and insight, and I’m sure this tool will help me. Take care, sweet Julie.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I’ve done the workbook before and I find it really interesting and helpful, especially reflecting back on the the year that just passed. It’s a fair bit of work, I can’t do it in one day, but it’s worth it!

  7. Cheryl   •  

    Mmmm…I think that fudge needs to become part of my life!

  8. Brenda   •  

    Yes to not having guilty pleasures! I have for years refused to call anything a guilty pleasure because why the hell should I feel guilty about enjoying whatever it is? I’m fully prepared to admit that some of the things I enjoy are objectively kind of terrible (I’m on a major bad-holiday-romance-movie kick right now), but I see no reason to feel guilty about them.

    • Julie   •     Author

      So true, why feel guilty about things that we enjoy?! If they make us feel good, and we can separate between something is good or bad and whether we like it or not (Because I like lots of things that are objectively ‘bad’ and don’t like some things that are generally thought of as ‘good’). Enjoy your holiday movie binge!!

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