Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Why we shouldn’t shield children from the dark side of the human experience.

5 words to help you relax: Just do what you’re doing.

How to stop self criticism.

18 habits that will improve your life in 2018. Oh man, If I could manage to do more than 3 of these, I would be so happy!

5 books billionaire CEOs think everyone should read before they die. Jeff Bezos was the surprise twist on this list, but I’m intrigued by all of them.

My Favourite Pins This Week

I know I was posting about avocado recipes last week, but I’m not over my avocado kick yet at all – these chicken and avocado burritos are a perfect quick dinner, quick lunch, quick anything. And sooooo satisfying. Pinterest link is here and the original recipe can be found here.

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up eating cookies, people! This recipe couldn’t be easier, because it starts with a box of cake mix. It’s still baking from scratch if you put it in the oven yourself, right? Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe can be found here.

Trying to eat breakfast, or a healthier breakfast? Or just want chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast? Yeah, I only put my hand up for the last one too. Fortunately this chocolate peanut butter breakfast shakes is healthy, easy, and tasty, so it checks ALL the breakfast boxes. Pinterest link is here, and the recipe is right here.

I suppose this is a great idea for kids’ dress up activities, but who doesn’t just want to have a cat or fox mask for themselves sometimes? Now you can whip one up in no time with this wonderful free crochet pattern. Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY is here.

If you are a bit sad that you’ve put away all your holiday decorations (sniff, sniff), why not take the opportunity to craft some new decor with pom pom flowers? Them look whimsical in mason jars, and would be fun to have in surprising little corners of your house where real flowers or plants won’t hack it. Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY can be found here.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Anyone getting up to anything crafty this weekend, or trying something new?


  1. Barbara   •  

    I’m also missing the extra colour and sparkle of holiday decorations. I wonder how those pom-poms would look with some little felt or knitted leaves added? Just a touch of green and texture would make them look amazing!

  2. Heather J   •  

    Thank you for sharing why we shouldn’t shield children. Its so thought provoking. As a parent of teens I wonder if I have done a good job preparing them for independence.
    A friend and I were lamenting that her dad couldn’t share her grief over the loss of her dog and I made the statement. Why aren’t we taught to deal with emotion? This just seconds that. I need to make sure my kids know how to support and listen to someones emotion good or bad. Thanks for the think.

  3. miss agnes   •  

    Great article about the children: yes, they need to know that life is not a bed of roses, little at a time. The information should be appropriate to their age, but when tragedy occurs, we should not lie to them. It is a delicate balance, but it’s better than to raise children in an emotional blanket and turn them into snowflakes: young adults who get offended or triggered by “micro-agressions” (rolling eyes as I type). “Just do what you’re doing” : oh yes. Or another version I learned a while ago: be here now (only 3 words). 😉
    And then I scroll down to your first pic to find what we just had for dinner, with a good dose of cheddar cheese that melts in the mouth. Yummy !
    Love the pompom bouquet, so lovely. And another great stashbusting idea for these bits of skeins and balls we never seem to finish.
    I hope I will have time to block a shawl this week-end, and work on a very short project that has been waiting for too long. And starting my second sock of the current pair on my needles. Have a great week-end Julie !

  4. Bronchitikat   •  

    On occasion our children would moan that something wasn’t fair, usually when someone else had something that they didn’t and would have quite liked.

    I used to tell them that ‘Life is unfair. That’s why we live here and not in *fill in name of latest disaster in the News, for now Mindanao or California.*

    They didn’t appreciate it then. They do now. I suppose it also comes under the heading of not shielding them from the darker things in life (within reason.)

    Meanwinle the 18 life-improving habits look good. Kinda like the things my Mum told me (and maybe I told our two.)

    And those crocheted masks are just cute!

  5. Loulou   •  

    Yup to the two yarny inclusions in this week’s picks post!

    I liked the list of books everyone should read. I randomly read Remains of the Day a few months ago. A very good read, indeed.

  6. Pam   •  

    Thank you for the article on dark emotions and children by Matt de la Peña. There’s a link now to Kate DiCamillo’s response which is amazing and wonderful. By the way, both these authors are also amazing and wonderful.

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