Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week


What a cool embroidery idea for fun customized pillows– plus it’s always fun to use yarn in a new, crafty way.

hot chocolate

I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I’m all about hot chocolate this time of year. Winter has been going on for ages, and this is pretty much how I’m getting through it. I love this vanilla cherry flavour combo, perfect for a cozy night in!


This super simple tomato sauce from scratch look so delicious, and so much more appealing than the jar/can stuff at the grocery store.

rice krispies

Salted honey rice krispies. It’s like rice krispies with a salted caramel flavour, but so much easier and faster.

coffee valentine

I’m not big on valentines day, but I adore these free coffee sleeve printables. And for those with a bit of tech savvy, you could change the writing on the heart to express tokens of friendship (or write something sassy, I don’t judge!)

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  1. Liesl   •  

    All the recipes you linked up to look delicious! A hot cup of cocoa sounds perfect for the blizzardy weather we are having here now!

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