Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week


how cute are these socks? I totally want them. I love the soft colours, especially.


I love easy rice and veg dinners- they are hearty, satisfying, and a tasty way to get more veggie  into your life. This dish is delicious! And kale is so darn good for you!


Roasted pears are heavenly, and this recipe is super simple. the honey and cinnamon syrup is perfection. 


This is a cute idea for colour coding your keys. Plus, a fun way to use up small amounts of leftover laceweight or light fingering yarn, don’t you think?


I love this idea of dying just a small section at the nape of the neck a bright, fun colour. I’d love to try something like this! But I can’t decide which colour I’d choose….


  1. Michelle Nussey   •  

    AH! I’ve always wanted to colour my hair just a little bit, but I think I would have to bleach it first. From your display picture, my hair is probably about the same colour. I had a friend who dyed a streak in the front, but alternated blue and purple when she would refresh it.
    Yarn wrapped keys is a great idea, I usually paint mine with nail polish, but it comes off and starts to chip after a while. You could even do different textures to tell the keys apart in the dark!

  2. Christina   •  

    I LOVE those socks and have been wanting to knit them for a while, once I get my list of WIPs under control those will be cast on.

  3. Evelyn   •  

    Just yesterday, I was thinking that I should do something fun with my hair to welcome spring. AND I thought to dye just a streak in my hair but I love this idea as I often wear my hair up. OH, and I love the DIY key coding!

  4. loulou   •  

    Great picks! I want those socks too. And the rice dish sounds really delicious, as do the roasted pears.

  5. kessanlin   •  

    Love the pins! Its a pain to dye dark coloured hair like mine, but I love that streak! I think maybe extensions will work well here?

  6. miss agnes   •  

    Love the idea of wrapping yarn around the keys. It is fun and pretty, and one additional bonus is to have warmer keys when you trying to find your lock in a cold Canadian night (boy, did we have more than enough this winter…).

  7. Tiffany   •  

    I totally have those socks on my Pinterest too! They’re SO adorable, I must make myself a pair. And hello why have I never thought about the key thing – genius!

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