Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Ever since I saw these amazing raspberry bars on Pinterest, I’ve been craving them- and they are easy to make, as they use raspberry jam! No need to wait for seasonally fresh berries for these beauties.  If you like cereal bars (nutrigrain, etc.) you’ll love these.

paper flowers

Maybe it’s because spring is take so darn long to get here, I’ve been loving seeing paper flower tutorials popping up- these paper chrysanthemums are jaw-dropping gorgeous. The original post is in Spanish, but if you view the link on Google Chrome, it will translate the page into English for you.


I love delicious, warm bread-y pretzels. This recipe is ticking all the right boxes for me, and includes a cheddar and rosemary dipping sauce recipe!


I’m totally in love with this bright purple eye make up that Rachel McAdams is sporting. I’m thinking of trying to be more adventurous in make up colours, and this bright purple looks so pretty to me.


An adorable hedgehog, wearing a hat. The cuteness!


  1. loulou   •  

    Great Pinterest Picks! I love that purple eye make-up too. And the hedgehog wearing a hat is exceptionally cute.

  2. kessanlin   •  

    Oh, that hedgehog in a hat had me squealing! The raspberry bars look yummy, as do the pretzel. I’ve never tried making pretzel but maybe its time!

  3. Eve   •  

    omg… this hedgehog! 🙂
    added the raspberry bars also on my pinboard… one time… they look so good!

    love, Eve

  4. Carmen   •  

    That hedgehog is tooo cute! It’s such a coincidence that you pinned pretzels, I just made some yesterday with a baking mix I bought, and I was looking for an actual recipe so I can make them again 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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