Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

DIY wall hanging|

Woven and yarn based wall hangings are all the rage right now, but I love  the simplicity of this beautiful DIY.

cat doughnut DIY: Pin Ups,

These cat doughnut instructions are pretty much blowing my mind. I have to make these!

2 ingredient sandwiches: Pin Ups,

I’m so inspired by these 2 ingredient sandwich recipes; they are perfect for picnics or easy work lunches.

striped ice cubes: Pin Ups,

I think these striped ice cubes are so perfect for summer- and you could do all sorts of themed colour combos, too!

Southside Fizz: Pin Ups,

You’ll need a clear drink to show off those amazing striped ice cubes. Might I recommend the very tasty Southside Fizz? it’s a light cocktail made with gin, club soda, fresh mint, sugar, and lemon juice. And if you don’t like gin, you can easily substitute vodka.


  1. RedSetter   •  

    The cat doughnut and stripy cubes look fabulous. The sandwich is lovely and fresh looking too but no way would it win against the kitty doughnut!

  2. loulou   •  

    Love the fun cat donut! And those ice cubes are so neat.

  3. Artfulscribe   •  

    For some reason, the wall hanging takes me back to the days of macrame. Not exactly the same, but I’m getting a retro vibe. Someone really needs to bring macrame back, only with beautiful hand painted fibers/linen instead of jute. (I’m on it.)

    Donuts. Adorbs!

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