Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: DIY Geometric Holder|

This is such an amazing looking DIY! it’s put together with the mat board, and is a fun hollow shape you can use for a pencil holder, vase, or even a lamp base. I love how professional this looks, and there is even a template included for the shape.

Pin Ups: lemon pavlovas |

I love these gorgeous lemon pavlovas– a light, citrusy dessert like this is perfect for summer. plus, the unstructured approach makes them super easy to assemble. You could even use store-bought meringue nests to make it even faster.

Pin Ups: zucchini Pizza Boats |

Trying to eat more veggies? Of course you are. How about trying  these zucchini pizza boats? Cutting out the bread, adding more veggies, and they look super fun to eat. I’m going to try these with my picky toddler.

Pin Ups: Bust out of Your Wardrobe Rut |

I loved this fun roundup on how to   bust out of a wardrobe rut- it’s a great way to look at your closet with fresh eyes.

PIn Ups: Easy Hairstyle|

I actually tried out wearing my hair like this last weekend, after seeing  this easy tutorial. it’s like a super simplified french braid, I loved the effect.


  1. Loulou   •  

    Oh my, those Pavlovas look and sound amazing! And what a nice looking hairdo … I’m going to give it a try myself. xo

  2. Bekah   •  

    That’s a great link about how to break out of a wardrobe rut – it is so easy to just keep reaching for the same things over and over again. I also love the hair tutorial, I find it really difficult to do french braids on myself, but this one looks easier!

  3. Andi   •  

    You always find the most wonderful pins. The Zucchini pizza boats…I am so on it!

  4. Tanis   •  

    So funny, my mom was just going on about zucchini boats last week! She has them at a party earlier in the week and was raving about them, said we will for sure make them for our next dinner together. They looks yummy.

  5. Jennifer in Ohio   •  

    Love the hairdo tutorial! Put my hair up like this yesterday before going in for color/cut, and my stylist exclaimed over how cute it was. It’s a keeper!

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