Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

PIn Ups: Paper Magnolias |

I love the idea of making these beautiful paper magnolias on found branches. Such a gorgeous DIY.

Pin Ups: brigadeiros|

These easy  Brazilian brigadeiros are a fun  and tasty way to get into the World Cup spirit!

Pin Ups: Garlic & Mushroom Quinoa|

Garlic mushroom quinoa is a fast and easy veggie meal, or an excellent side dish to a meaty main. And so, so delicious.

Pin Ups: Julia O'Neil|

I’m crazy in love with these orange paintings by artist Karen O’Neil. I want one.

Pin Ups: How to energize without caffeine|

Trying to cut down on your caffeine intake? Yeah, me too. I hate that I need so much of it to get me through the day, but with these tips, I’m beginning to cut down.


  1. miss agnes   •  

    Love the coffee print. Wonder where this madness for larger and larger coffees came from. For me it is small or medium max, and never in the afternoon. I don’t care how many people say it has no impact on sleep, I cannot believe them. Did you know that too much tea can also prevent sleep? If you are sensitive to cafeine, refrain from too much tea late in the day or switch to herbal.

  2. CeltChick   •  

    MMM, mushrooms & quinoa — I would love it, but no one else at home would eat it. Dad’s allergic, and DD’s convinced she must be too, since he is. But she loves grits, and I don’t; her grasp of genetics is a bit foggy. I may just see if our neighbors like & will eat ‘shrooms, and carry a dish of this over. He’s a Vietnam vet, used to fly the copters carrying troops into & out of harm’s way; and she’s just a hardworking nice gal.

  3. Loulou   •  

    Those paper flowers are so pretty. And all the food pins sound delicious especially that mushroom quinoa one!

  4. kessanlin   •  

    Those flowers look so real and pretty! Totally checking that out. The mushroom dish looks really delish as well. I haven’t tried quinoa before but I think this is going on our table, maybe sometime this week!

  5. Pia @Noget Uldent   •  

    Oh those flowers are beautiful. Caffein really does a number on me so I mainly drink white or green tea (with almost no caffein in it.) We have some quinoa and I’ll keep the dish in mind when mushrooms come in season here. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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