Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

A little quiet around here, as I was away for work (in Calgary!), and just got back super late last night. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t find a few moments here and there to explore some of the things I liked best on Pinterest this week!

Pin Ups: cucumber pasta |

This summery pasta dish replaces a  lot of the noodles with cucumbers, with lots of tomatoes and arugula; which makes for a lovely and summery pasta that doesn’t feel too heavy afterwards.

Pin Ups: baked fruit |

And while we’re eating our greens, how about some truly amazing baked fruit for dessert? If you haven’t had it before, it’s really amazing- the heat caramelizes the natural sugars in fruit, adding depth and a really rich flavour that has to be tried to be believed. I recommend!

Pin Ups: flower garnishes |

Has your garden or potted flowers gone a little crazy? maybe some of those blooms would look  just right floating in a lovely beverage? The link also comes with cocktail recipes to compliment the flowers.

Pin Ups: DIY organized Drawers |

If you are trying to tame your drawers (like I am), these covered upcycled cereal boxes would be a really pretty idea. I totally need to do this- even my cutlery drawer is starting to look more like a junk drawer in the spaces round the cutlery caddy.

Pin Ups: colourful bookcase |

I am crazy about this bookcase– I love the coloured, patterned papers covering each box, and that they are all different and bright- this would work for more than just a kid’s room, too!  I’m thinking kitchen, or a bright bedroom. Takes the standard Ikea bookcase to a whole new level.



  1. Wanda   •  

    I love all of these, too! The picture of those sweet drinks makes me want to invite some of my girlfriends over for a cocktail party and serve these to them. I’ve got a screened-in porch; these would be perfect!

  2. Rililie   •  

    Such great finds!
    And you totally made me hungry… and thirsty!!!

  3. Bekah   •  

    That covered cereal box idea is genius! Definitely need some of those in my house 😛

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