Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

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Pin Ups: S'mores Rick Krispies|

Don’t you love it when two favourites are combined into one awesome dessert? yeah, me too. S’mores Rice Krispies!!!

Pin Ups: Tomato Basil Soup|

This lovely recipe for tomato basil soup with cheese tortellini is delicious! You have to do a lot of scrolling through many photos to get to the recipe (like pretty much every recipe these days), but it’s well worth it.

Pin Ups: DIY Instagram Frame|

I love this DIY instagram photo frame–  who doesn’t want to spend a little more time looking at their favourite instagram shots without string at their phone? This one repurposes a generic larger frame, and the outer rim is brightened up with washi tape. Speaking of washi tape….

Pin Ups: Washi tape office supplies|

This awesome post has me wanting to cover pretty much every office thing on my desk in pretty washi tape. I’m going to bring my washi tapes into the office next week and get cracking on prettifying all my things.

Pin Ups: Daily fruit and Veggies|

I love this visual guide for getting your daily amount of fruit and veggies– there is something about actually seeing a photo of how much that really is that has helped me focus on getting more of my daily quota.


  1. Loulou   •  

    Washi tape is one crafting supply that I have never tried. But I keep thinking that I should! And after seeing this, I’m convinced. Your office is going to look very nice and cheerful!

    And I love the image showing what your daily intake of fruits and vegetables should look like. I guess taking them in via peaches and cherries only, as I’ve been doing this week, doesn’t quite cut it.

  2. kingshearte   •  

    That soup looks delicious. I’ve added it to my recipe app, and will definitely make use of it when it gets cold enough for soup.

  3. Pia   •  

    oh that fruit and veggie thing had me wondering. Apparently, Americans don’t need as much fruit and veggies as Danes from our governments’ point of view… not a huge difference though, but still…

  4. kessanlin   •  

    Such yummy pins! Love the washi one… And that reminds me, I should stop hoarding them and just use them! 😛

  5. Bekah   •  

    That’s it – I’m washi taping everything! Office supplies, beware! 😛

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