Product Review: Jordana Paige Cora Bag

Review: Jordana Paige Cora Bag |

This is the Jordana Paige Cora Handbag. Yes, that Jordana Paige. I first heard about her products when I got my Jordana Paige Tool Butler, which I use to corral all my circulate needles and dpns, and is still in great shape without a single problem- all the zippers work, nothing got loose or shabby, structurally as sound as the day I got it. When you have a product from a company that has already been serving you well, and then they tell you about their awesome new handbag… well, it didn’t take me long to jump at the chance to review the Cora Bag.

First, let me tell you a bit about what sort of purse person I am. I like a bigger purse, the kind that I can throw a lot of things into. I’ve tried tiny purses, but they just aren’t me.  I end up carrying an additional tote bag, which makes no sense. I also strive for an effortless sort of chic look (I don’t always nail it, but hey- I try), and I live in a big city and want to look like I’ve got it together, even if really I’m just carrying around toddler snacks, a wallet, more lip balm than anyone could possibly need, and some yarn. This is what I look like most of the time:

Review: Jordana Paige Cora Bag |

Except not always walking through pretty gardens, that’s just for the sake of the photos. Oh, and if you are wondering about the cowl, it’s this one!

I. Love. This. Purse. I didn’t even know how much I was going to love it until I started using it, and now it’s my every day purse. Every friend I’ve seen since I started using it has commented on it, and then I immediately show them how the front unzips into a clutch, and how all the cool pockets are fantastic, and look at how much yarn I can carry around with me, etc.

Review: Jordana Paige Cora Bag |

Look at how awesome the zip off clutch is! I carry crayons and a colouring book and assorted toddler things in the clutch part, but hey- that’s just what my life is about these days. Except in these photos- Guy’s parents were visiting and they looked after Lila while we popped out to get some photos.

Review: Jordana Paige Cora Bag |

This bag is ideal for someone who likes a chic purse that can totally hold it’s own in a crowd of Kate Spade or Coach bags, but has all the pockets and compartments for your knitting, wallet, and the hundreds of little things you would normally keep in your bag. It’s ideal for someone who likes classic lines and some style.  If you prefer small bags, are super casual, or are just a grab-your-wallet-and-go sort of person, this probably isn’t for you.

I had mixed feelings on the price at first- I’m frugal, so this is definitely at the high end of what I’d pay for a purse, but now that I have it, I think it’s worth even more. When I’m going to be spending a bit more (usually coats, boots, and purses- things I use and wear in heavy rotation) I think about it in terms of cost per wear- how much use I’ll get out of the item. The more I wear it, the more it’s worth spending a bit more for something well made that will actually last. I’ve had the bag for a few weeks, so I’ll report back on how it’s lasting at the end of the season. The bag is made of a vegan leather- it has a great crosshatching to it that holds up well to a close inspection. The internal fabric is sturdy, and not a single knitting needle has punctured it.

And  it’s excellent at hiding a baby bump:

Review: Jordana Paige Cora Bag |

I have a bunch of hilarious outtakes, and even though I normally just do those for knits, I’m thinking of sharing them. Feel like seeing some hilarious photos of me hamming it up with a purse?


  1. Monica   •  

    Oh, the bag looks amazing! I am also a big fan of large ones…I just may have to try it. And I love the colour as well. Outtakes are always great as well….share away!

  2. Susan   •  

    Don’t hide that baby bump; it’s beautiful!!
    As for the cost of the bag, I think it’s totally worth spending the money on something you use all the time if you know it will hold up. Cheap stuff doesn’t hold up and goes in the landfill sooner. I don’t skimp on winter coats because we live in Wisconsin and have to wear them many months of the year. (I’m sure you can relate to that, living in Toronto.) We wear our coats HARD, too, with sledding and snowball fights and walking to school in below zero temps and all that.
    I love your gorgeous photos AND outtakes. So share away 😉

  3. Alina   •  

    Oh, wow Julie! You look so stylish! Love the whole outfit and the bag is just perfect! Love the clutch!

  4. autumngeisha   •  

    Love the whole outfit (especially that lovely cowl)! You look amazing! My pursonality definitely runs towards this size and style. Lots of room to keep everything organized including the all important knitting essentials but still looking put together. I find that a nice looking bag can raise the style factor on my everyday tee and jeans uniform. That and a cute pair of shoes 🙂

  5. Duni   •  

    Love the color of the bag- so on point! Looks great with your outfit and seems totally handy. Would love to see the outages from every shoot, so no worries there!

  6. Katie Lynn   •  

    I have a Jordana that’s a few years old and I absolutely love it! It’s more of a bucket–style (it’s been discontinued), but the different compartments are fantastic. I’ve been considering the Cora but it’s too similar to another bag I own to warrant purchase, sadly.

    I love that you do cost-per-wear analysis. I definitely do this with major purchase items (coats, purses, boots) in order to justify their purchase. I told myself that I could only buy a Fossil bag if I didn’t buy any other purses for 3 years (this ended up backfiring on me as after that I NEVER went purse shopping and kind of dread it). But purchasing fewer, more expensive major accessories has actually saved me money, as I don’t just buy whatever’s on sale just because it’s on sale. I buy one expensive item instead of a dozen less expensive. It works well!

  7. Val   •  

    Oh how I envy your put-togetherness! I’m usually the dork wearing orthopedic sneakers with dress pants, a messy ponytail and huge laptop backpack. I like style-type posts like these because they encourage me to take a few extra minutes in the morning to get ready. I think I often *feel* more put-together when I look it, you know? The purse is gorgeous, the colour totally looks like it was made for you! Very chic!

  8. Tamera L   •  

    Preggo chic: NAILED IT!

    (Yes, I am totally jealous of your fall ensemble. No words for how adorable it is.)

  9. Lynne   •  

    Love it! You look so modern/city chic/pretty pregnant lady!
    Mixed feelings/high end has me a little nervous to ask…just how much will it test my frugality too? :-]

  10. Stefanie   •  

    You are glowing, Mama! That handbag is fabulous. I love the color. If she made a good-sized crossbody, I’d be all over it.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Hi Stefanie,

      I wear it as a cross body, actually! I took the longer strap off for some of the photos. I prefer cross body bags as well, and if you look a the photo at the top when I’m walking, you’ll see that’s how I wear it. I like having my hands free, and I actually had a small lump removed from my shoulder a couple of years ago, and basically stopped wearing purses on that shoulder. Cross body all the way!

      – Julie

  11. Jessica [Havok]   •  

    Hilarious photos, yes please!
    This bag is gorgeous – the color is fantastic, the shape is spot on, and the size looks to be just right for regular purse things plus a project. Plus, it’s got handles *and* can do cross body. What more could you want out of a purse?! 😀

  12. Eliza   •  

    Oh my gosh! I totally want one. That zip off clutch is great! I’ve recently been thinking how nice it would be to have a clutch within my bag…

  13. Sonje   •  

    This is a really nice purse; I love the colour! Although, I am interested in seeing how the “vegan leather” holds up… I bought a Namaste bag at my LYS a few years ago and was actually kind of disappointed when the store owner said it was vegan leather – I thought it wouldn’t be as durable as real leather. I used the bag fairly regularly for about 4 years before the vegan leather started peeling in a very ugly way all over the handles, bottom and front pocket. Maybe that’s pretty good for a $100 handbag, but I feel like real leather would have been better (and more easily repaired).

  14. Brenda   •  

    Beautiful! This is the bag I need for everyday and everything. I am already thinking that it will fit my project bag, make up pouch, wallet, plus room for any little toy my kids want throw in. Loved it!!!!

  15. Renee Anne   •  

    We need the outtakes. Also, quit trying to hide the baby bump because it’s adorable!

  16. Katharina   •  

    I’ve been thinking aboiut buying a Jordana Paige bag for months…I just don’t want to pay these crazy shipping costs to Germany. But now I’m tempted again…!

  17. I am fairly certain my husband will promptly divorce me if I come home with another bag. Drats.

    Great photos…Outtakes always a hoot.

  18. miss agnes   •  

    Beautiful bag, and the color is gorgeous. Reminds me of your beautiful dark green cardigan, I can see why you chose this color, it is perfect for you. Spruce and caramel, a great color combination.

  19. Christine   •  

    You look great Julie and so does the purse. What a great find. Love it!

  20. Kat   •  

    Fantastic! I’m really tempted to get a Cora-I have one of her old Cezannes, and I’d love another big cross-body bag. Glad to hear you love yours so much! And yes, I really think you ought to share the outtakes 🙂

  21. Jo   •  

    Multi-purpose, stylish, sturdy, great color. It’s a winner! Yes to the outtakes and not hiding the Bump!

  22. Loulou   •  

    Hello pretty lady. I love these pictures …. where is that beautiful park?

    I’m a small bag person but appreciate how this would be the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a larger purse. It’s such a nice colour too.

  23. Cassy   •  

    I love that the front unzips to be a clutch. You definitely have to think about a cost per use factor for more expensive things. I am also pretty frugal but think it’s very important to have good knitting tools, good shoes, and be happy with the electronic equipment and other items I use on a daily basis. Your baby bump is so cute!

  24. Bekah   •  

    That purse looks awesome! 🙂 Would totally like to see what outtakes there are!

  25. Ginette   •  

    You look wonderful… What a lovely purse!

  26. MelD   •  

    Thanks for featuring this, as I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise – it ticks so many boxes!
    I was looking for something in green, tick, and actually prefer a small bag, tick the detachable clutch, and yet I often need more space, especially if I want to take my knitting anywhere, tick the big bag, and it’s a smart bag, too… Fortunately, I have a birthday coming up and a dad who spends time in the US and is happy to bring me one of these, as postage for delivery would have been prohibitive lol!!
    (and I have been using a small Fossil bag daily for a couple of years and it’s holding up very well, just the stitching on the joined strap needs repair soonish…)

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  29. Kessa   •  

    I love how stylish it looks, not too crazy, not too boring. And that zip-off clutch is genius!

  30. Imjenny   •  

    Amazing bag and I love the color.

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