Review: The Arbor Collection & New Yarn

There’s been so much amazing discussion on my previous post, thank you all for sharing your thoughts and comments! In contrast to that $10 cotton/acrylic shawl, today let me present the total opposite. Remember, I’m a Yarn Omnivore!

This is pretty exciting drop from Brooklyn Tweed– a brand new yarn and a new accessories collection, designed entirely by Jared Flood. Let’s talk about the yarn first.  Arbor is Brooklyn Tweed’s newly-released DK weight yarn from American purebred Targhee sheep, available in 30 different colourways. The crew at BT were very kind and sent me a skein of Arbor in the Vintner colourway to test it out:

Arbor Collection Review |

Right away, what you notice is how much denser it is than Loft or Shelter, their other two yarns. It’s a crisp, high-definition yarn that seems really well suited to cables.  You can read the full description of the yarn here, particularly impressive is that if you are very keen to have entirely American yarn, then this is as American as it gets – sourced in Montana and South Dakota, Spun and Dyed in Maine. I think that this might actually be the yarn produced closest to me, living in Toronto, Canada). I cast on for the Queensland Beach headband, which has lovely cables, just to get some experience with it:

Arbor Collection Review |

Arbor Collection Review |

I have to say, I’m impressed. I’m pulling pretty hard on this yarn, and it is tough. If you had previously tried Shelter or Loft and found that you were too rough and it would break, you won’t find that with this one. However, I do find that the colour is quite flat. The yarn is very matte, and with the single fibers combed so straight and spun so tightly, strength has traded off depth of colour. But man, those are some crisp cables. Like biting into an apple. An apple made of cables.

Let’s take a look at the pattern collection, shall we? There are 9 patterns: three hats, two scarves, two shawls, one wrap and one cowl. I should note that Laurel, Burnaby HatGuernsey Wrap, and Terra have been previously published in other collections and have been worked in different yarns, and if you previously owned those patterns you will be automatically gifted the updated versions with the launch. I’ll go in depth on three of my favourites here, but if you want to know more about any of the patterns in the collection, leave me a comment and I’ll give you more info!

Arbor Collection Review |

Foundry, by Jared Flood

A richly textured scarf with buttons to help keep it closed, Foundry is a lushly cabled scarf with geometric designs and lots of modern style. Even the ‘wrong side’ of this knit is beautiful. Design is charted only.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You can’t decide if you love scarves or cowls, or want the option to create either. And if you are crazy in love with cables.  Like you doodle ‘cables’ and then draw hearts and smiley faces around it on your school binder.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: You aren’t that great with charts. Because this is an intensive chart. Highlighter tape was made for charts like these.

Arbor Collection Review |

Hirombe, by Jared Flood

A reversible hat with loads of deep ribbing and twisted stitches and super stretchy! Also a great unisex design. Hat is charted only, although the stitches are fairly simple.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You love hats that can be for him or her, the reversible factor piques your interest, and you love quick knits.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: I suppose if you don’t like close fitting hats. Some people aren’t hat people, I hear.

Arbor Collection Review |

High Pines, by Jared Flood 

I love a good cowl, and this one looks lovely. It’s got an interesting half twisted rib at the top and bottom, and the branching stitches and combination of knits and purls are like the topography of some beautiful, faraway desert. Design is charted only.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You love trying new-to-you stitches and love cowls as much as I do (I would totally doodle cowls and then draw hearts and smiley faces around them if I was in class), and you love texture.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: This is a pretty intense chart. You are absolutely going to need highlighter tape, a ruler, maybe a marker or two. The chart is 59 rows and although the design is repetitive, it travels. There’s a lot of potentially new stitches here, as well. You’ll need to keep the pattern key close by.

So what do you think about the new yarn,  do you think you will try it? and the patterns, do you have a favourite?


  1. Elsa   •  

    Hi Julie,
    Could you please tell me about the Burnaby shawl, it looks awesome! How difficult is it?
    Love your cat in the photo 🙂
    Elsa Louise

    • Julie   •     Author

      The Burnaby Shawl is lovely, isn’t it? The most challenging part of this knit is going to be at the beginning. it’s knit from the widest part and then you are decreasing every right side row. he charts are straightforward, but there is a tricky part- the cable crossings from the left side or reversed on the right side, but the chart is showing that it’s the cable- and you need to keep track of which way you need to cross. I think this will be totally fine once you’ve worked through a bit of the chart and got the first cable crossed, it’s fairly intuitive after that. But you’ll want to set aside a whole evening to give yourself a solid start on the shawl so that it’s smooth sailing.

  2. Sierra   •  

    It’s great that Brooklyn Tweed came out with a yarn that has a touch more strength! The color look rich and lovely on the screen so I’ll need to see it in person to decide on the colors. Thanks for sharing! The accessories look gorgeous!

    • Julie   •     Author

      For sure, and the colour range they have is pretty big, I bet it would even be great for colourwork. It’s super strong, I really pull when I’m working cables so I don’t get that little hole sometimes where they cross. No breaks, and not even hinting at any breaks!

  3. Melissa   •  

    I <3 texture and this yarn looks like it would be just right for some lovely stitch patterns I have my eye on. Thanks for sharing your review, as always!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Definitely, this yarn has stitch definition on lock!

  4. Kat   •  

    Oh, that yarn looks so crisp and delightful! I love that stitch definition. It’s not quite what I expected from Brooklyn Tweed, but it looks like a great yarn for really textured projects! 😀

    • Julie   •     Author

      They are definitely diversifying their yarn offerings, for sure! I can only imagine how long it took them to get the production line down to such a small area, that’s quite the feat.

  5. Stefanie   •  

    That stitch definition is amazing for a DK. Wowza.

    • Julie   •     Author

      True, right? it’s really got cable definition down to a science.

  6. Susan   •  

    HOW COULD ANYONE NOT BE A HAT PERSON??!! (Oh, right. I live in the northern Midwest, where you need a hat more often than not. And not everyone is like me, whaaaaat?)

    I have to admit I’m a little envious of all the who’s who of knitting getting the sneak peak at the new BT yarn. Like maybe I need a more perfect IG feed or precious podcast to get that first look. Oh well. I actually have a LYS that stocks Brooklyn Tweed yarns, so I can get some if I really want to badly enough.

    Still, I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for – a solid, sturdy yarn that won’t break if you pull it a little bit. Honestly, this is why I haven’t tried any of the previous yarn lines yet, because they look so fragile! If this yarn is really so sturdy, I just want to jump in whole hog and make a sweater out of it 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Haha, some people don’t wear hats! I’ve seen them, not ever wearing hats. Crazy. And you will love this yarn for a sweater, it’s sturdy stuff, would be great for something with a lot of texture or cables, and you know it would fall apart easily or wear thin at the elbows quickly. As for the people promoing it, I actually don’t often like to accept yarn for review- I find it really time consuming to figure out what to knit with it, unless there is a project I’m dying to cast on for and the suggested yarn would be perfect (you’d be surprised how infrequently that happens).

      • Julie   •     Author

        ** wouldn’t fall apart or wear think at the elbows. Wouldn’t was what I meant to say!!

  7. Jes   •  

    So beautiful and the perfect Fall color, and it would be lovely for the holidays as well!

    • Julie   •     Author

      You are so right, this Vintner colourway is a lovely deep red, a very sophisticated Christmas red it would be!

  8. miss agnes   •  

    Thanks for the review. I have yet to try any BT yarn, and in France, I’m really not sure where to find them. I read their yarn announcement, but couldn’t figure out the weight. From your picture, it seems to be light worsted or heavy DK.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I checked the stockist for you- there is only one shop in France that carries BT! Laine et Tricot, in La Chapelle Sur Erdre. I don’t think it’s anywhere near you, but perhaps they ships for a reasonable price. The Arbor yarn is a DK weight. I mentioned it at the beginning, but I rambled quite a bit about the yarn, it was easy to miss. It’s a pretty true DK, not too skinny like some.

  9. Rebekah Evelyn   •  

    “Some people aren’t hat people, I hear.”

    I’ve heard this too… Can you believe it?!?!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Crazy, right?! Although I do have a lot of affection for ear muffs.

  10. AngelaH   •  

    I faved Foundry the moment I saw it. I love the idea of a big squishy scarf edged with buttons.

    I was so surprised by the colours of Arbor, and I’m so glad you touched on that here. It reminds me of Quince & Co. or Swan’s Island yarn (at least to look at), and I was surprised to see BT do something so different. That being said, I do love that it’s a bit stronger than Shelter and Loft. It’ll be so interesting to see how Arbor is integrated into their next few collections!

    (Queensland Beach is such a great headband pattern. I knit one up this summer and it is just the right size.)

    • Julie   •     Author

      Arbor seems like a real departure from what we have come to expect from BT, isn’t it! I respect that they can keep us guessing. I’m interested to see if this will yield some colourwork collections int he future, there were quite a lot of interesting colours available!

  11. Kessa   •  

    I was surprised how flat the colour of these yarn looked on screen too… I’ve always associated Jared Flood with gorgeous tweeds and rich colours.Your headband looks amazing though. Love that cable! Foundry looks really pretty but its a pity I do not enjoy knitting cables…

    • Julie   •     Author

      You don’t like cables! I didn’t realize that, but that’s okay- I know some knitters that don’t love lace, that only love lace, that hate cables, that love cables… I love the infinite variety of knitting out there, it just helps appeal to that much wider of variety of knitters!

  12. Monica   •  

    what a wonderful review! I really like the colours that Arbour comes on, and I would love to be able to try it out one day. I’ve been hooked ever since I saw it pop up all over Instagram! It’s the kind of project one needs to save for. But perhaps I will start with a hat first. Hirombe is very nice. I love all 3 of your choices, I;d say they are my favourites too.

  13. Tien   •  

    Great review! I can’t wait to try out cables with Arbor. The ones on your headband look crazy beautiful. Will also have to check out this new accessories collection for it. I just bought the Woolens collection by Jared Flood and it is gorgeous.

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