Review: Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2017

You know it’s fall when the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2017 Collection launches! It’s officially knitting season, everyone.  The Fall 2017 Collection contains 12 new patterns, focusing on cables with a side order of colourwork.  There are four pullovers, three cardigans,  two hats, one shawl, one scarf, and one vest. If you are looking for cozy knits with boatloads of cables and texture, and maybe some colourwork that falls on the easier side of the spectrum, then you will want to take a closer look at these patterns.

Out of the 12 patterns, this pattern review will focus on my favourite five. If there is a different one you’d like more info on, let me know in the comments and I can respond to your questions there. And if you’d like to look at the patterns on Ravelry, the link is here.

Fieldstone, by Norah Gaughan

Fieldstone is a DK weight crew neck pullover worked flat from the bottom up. With waist shaping and beautifully travelling cables, this sweater has a lot of visual interest and definitely keeps the eye moving.  Cables are fully charted.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You are a cable addict and look great in crew necks. Modifying the neckline with these cables could get rather tricky.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: You are considering knitting this in the round instead of seaming. With these sort of cables, you will definitely want the seams to help give it structure and stability.

Voe, by Gudrun Johnston

Voe is a fingering weight pullover knit in the round from the bottom up, with colourwork details at the hem and cuffs, and a colourwork yoke. Colourwork is fully charted.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You love knitting in the round, classic sweaters that can become wardrobe staples, and prefer your colourwork to be on the more understated side of things.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: You find stockinette boring. Because whoa is there a lot of stockinette in your future if you knit this.

Galloway, by Jared Flood

Galloway is a worsted weight colourwork cardigan, worn open or belted with overlapping fronts. It is knit in the round and steeked, with the colourwork full charted.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You have been jonesing for a big, adventurous colourwork sweater that you can really sink your teeth into, and think that steeking is the way colourwork should be.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: You were already thinking ‘nope’ the second I mentioned steeking. Although the more adventurous knitters out there could convert this to a pullover design.

Paddock Shawl, Gudrun Johnston

Pattern includes both a laceweight and fingering weight version of this garter stitch Pi shawl. Beginning with garter tab construction and increasing as you go, it starts small and gets bigger as you knit. Surprisingly, there are only three charts, and each has a 10 stitch repeat with the lace worked only on the right side, so you might find that you can memorize the flow of the lace.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You love lace, you love shawls, and a pattern that can work for fingering or laceweight means that you might be able to stash dive.

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: You don’t wear shawls, or if lace just isn’t your thing (and it isn’t everyone’s jam, so no shame in that).

Charley, by Veronik Avery

A DK weight Aran-style cardigan with loads of dense cables and a drapey open front, perfect for cold days and ‘boyfriend’ style layering. There are also panels of moss stitch, and it is worked from the bottom up and seamed. Only 4 cable charts, so not too complex for an experienced cable knitter.

You Should Totally Knit This If: You have been craving a modern Aran style cardigan, and you have a thing for cables and moss stitch. Because if you do, then crack on and get knitting!

You Should Definitely Not Knit This If: The idea of 2 or 3 THOUSAND yards of knitting means that you might need to take out a loan to get that much yarn. Or if you are a beginner with cabling- this is not a gateway cable project.

Those are my top picks for fall 2017! Do you have a favourite? Are there any others that you want to hear a little more about?


  1. Di   •  

    I am sure it is just me,but none of the patterns was a WOW! I feel like I’ve seen something similar before and most would be tedious in amounts of yarn or detail for me. Not to say they aren’t pretty, just would not jump to do one.

    • Christine   •  

      I had the same reaction. Not much else to say, really.

  2. Denise   •  

    Love the fieldstone- it’s stunning!

  3. Eliza   •  

    Oooh that Galloway is delicious. It reminds me heavily of my stash busting fair isle sweater from a few years ago. The only thing I’m questioning is how I feel about the shape…

  4. florapie   •  

    I loved Galloway in profile! But I hate the fronts. And I’m not adventurous enough to try to convert it to a “normal” cardi. I also love Charley, but need to accept the fact that I don’t enjoy knitting cables.

    That said, I appreciate the beautiful job Jared does with the photography and styling of these collections every single time!

  5. Cindy   •  

    My favourite is Voe. I’ve never been that fond of cables, perhaps because they feel bulky on my short frame and large bust!

  6. Wanda   •  

    Galloway and Paddock Shawl look beautiful- I used to love lace knitting but haven’t done much of it the last couple years, but that shawl jumped out to me.

  7. Karen   •  

    The BT lineup is always classy and classic!

  8. miss agnes   •  

    It seems we have the same favorites this time, my top one being Fieldstone, except for the unflatterring neckline. The shawl looks great too. But I guess that, as usual, I will not buy a BT pattern, because I have too many to work from already. That being said, the collection, styling and book are beautiful, as always.

  9. Cynthia   •  

    I love your reviews!!

  10. Meredith MC   •  

    I love Fieldstone but also don’t care for the neckline. I don’t think it would be that hard to modify though. In fact, I would love to turn it into a cardigan. I would make a second center cable to attach a button band to, and make it a v- neck with a shawl collar. I have a thing for shawl collars. I would also like to widen the cable as it comes to the shoulder, probably by not decreasing so dramatically.
    Wow, it sounds like I just need the charts, and then I can design the sweater I really want from them.

  11. Alina   •  

    Charley is just breathtaking!! Always enjoy reading your comments!

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