Road Trip? Plan for Yarn Stops

Fellow knitters, do you know about the Ravelry Road Trip Planner?

You enter in your starting point and then destination, along with how far off the route you are willing to drive to get to a yarn shop:

It then churns out a list of every yarn shop in the Ravelry database between your Point A and Point B:

It includes yarn shops that are at either end of the trip, which can be a pro or a con. For myself, starting out from Toronto, I’m well aware of the yarn shops that are here. But as I scrolled down through the list, there were so many that were really quite close to the route from Toronto to Sudbury (Sudbury is my hometown, for those keeping track!) that I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of them before.  This can also be used for planning to visit yarn stores around vacation spots, and works for anywhere in the world. I entered in information for Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, just to see the results:


And it even works if you aren’t road tripping. I tried entering in the same location for the starting point and destination, and it worked just fine:


If you are looking for where this cool feature is, It’s sort of hidden under the ‘yarns’ tab, halfway down the left hand side of the page. You have to be looking for it, it’s not that easy to spot.

There you have it- A super easy new way to find yarn shops wherever you happen to going! Any one have any trips coming up? If so, give this a try!



  1. Karen   •  

    Thank you for posting this! I had no idea!!

    • Julie   •     Author

      So glad you found it helpful! 😀

  2. Ellen Higgins   •  

    Where on Ravelry is this found?

    • Julie   •     Author

      Ah, that would be helpful! It’s on the left hand side, halfway down the page, under the ‘yarns’ tab.

  3. Lisa   •  

    Always with the surprised Ravelry. Always.

    I’m actually Yarn Crawling today – but that’s a road trip pre-planned event, so I don’t need this map 🙂

  4. DWJ   •  

    I might have to use this soon. We’re planning a drive from Maryland to Tennessee with the dogs in tow and a few yarn shop stops wouldn’t be bad!

  5. Tanis   •  

    This is cool. Ravelry is so clever. Can you even imagine a world without it?

  6. Di   •  

    Wonderful! I need a Ravelry class:)

  7. Laura   •  

    What a cool feature, thanks for sharing! It turns out I have to roadtrip 7+ hours to get to another LYS… I’m obviously not living in an optimal yarn crawling location!

  8. Linsey   •  

    What?!? This is the best tip I’ve heard in quite some time. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  9. momocracra   •  

    I used it for my road trip in Maine last summer and this is how I realized Maine is also a yarn destination !

  10. Alina   •  

    Such an awesome feature!!! Thank you for sharing, Julie!

  11. Andrea   •  

    It’s not necessarily up to date – one of the stores in my town that is listed was in a building that was demolished two years ago!
    Best to phone ahead! 🙂

  12. Katharina   •  

    I’ve used this feature before – it’s so cool! But I always forget where it’s located on Ravelry! XD

  13. Nikki   •  

    That is brilliant! It looks like it would be fun to play with even without a road trip.

  14. miss agnes   •  

    I had seen it when I was exploring Ravelry, but had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding us of this neat little tool. By the way, I am travelling to London ( England, not Ontario) for a few days early November, which shop would you recommend? I won’t have time to explore too many, so was curious to know which one you prefer, as you travel to England regularly.

    • Anna   •  

      I used to live in London, I love Loop, I Knit London, Liberty and The Village Haberdashery 🙂

      • miss agnes   •  

        Thank you so much Anna! I will put these on my list.

  15. Kathleen   •  

    Awesome! Thank you for posting this.

  16. Tien   •  

    I never knew this existed on Ravelry! What a cool and helpful feature. Will definitely be using this on my next road trip.

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  18. Anna   •  

    Just catching up on my blog reading, I didn’t know about this great feature. I love that you used Sydney to Melbourne as amended example, it would be a very long road trip. We are thinking of driving from Sydney to South Australia at some point, I will be sure to check out any yarn shops on the way via this app.

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