Shoulda Been an FO……

Thermal is complete. So complete, I’m wearing it right now, and have had compliments heaped on me all day by my co-workers, and a woman that I did not know who is also a knitter (we had a great discussion about arm cap shaping). I feel great. Maybe a little too warm in my newly completed sweater, but great nonetheless.

Except… I don’t have any photos yet. I am truly envious of my partner-in-yarn, Jen. Not only does she have a boyfriend who loves taking ultra-flattering photos of his beloved, but he’s a professional photgrapher. I’ll see what I can rustle up later. If I can’t find anyone to play photographer (and I’m feeling a little anti-social at the moment- so I think it would be rude to call up someone to come over, take pictures of me, and then tell them to get the hell out), I’ll explore the timer function on my camera! Stay tuned.

In the endless joy that is Ravelry, a new knit has just come to light: Gallery Jacket. Modelled and designed by Cirilia.

Now, this project came along at the perfect time for me. I’ve been wondering why I don’t have any green yarn, despite the fact that green is my favourite colour. Why have I no green knits?! I was so enamoured with the pattern, that I immediately went to to buy yarn for it. I decided to go for a full-blown merino, since I’m not one for angora.That isn’t the yarn exactly, (knitpicks doesn’t allow you to enlarge it’s colour swatches online) but it gives a good idea of the colour. Now, I’m playing the waiting game, and as soon as that yarn arrives, I’ll be swatching!

*Note to self: consider green when considering a future project. It is, after all, your favourite colour. It avoids that pesky problem of looking at your purple heather yarn that you got for Forecast and wondering what the hell you were thinking that day….*


  1. An Abundance of Lisa   •  

    i think that i’m in love with that gallery jacket. i’m adding it to my ravelry queue right now (as if it isn’t long enough). i’ll be watching yours progress with interest!

  2. Team Knit !   •  

    LOL how purple is purple? As fuschia as my fuschia? I’ll play photographer for thermal-today even if you’d like. TeamKnit Brunch v.02 ? I’m dying to see it, and perhaps if Toby is up to it he was sick this morning) some great shots of it at Nuit Blanche? Who knows what kind of amazing backdrop these artists will dream up.

    ps. marley likes the galley jacket too


  3. elizabeth marley   •  

    I’m in love with the gallery jacket. IN LOVE. Too bad I’m on a major yarn diet right now…

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