I finished the Rushmore-insipired red beret for the Wes Anderson swap:
All things considered, it turned out really well. Except for one teeny, tiny, problem:
Caution: when that pattern (Winter 2006, Interweave Knits) says the hat is small, damn- is it ever SMALL! I noticed it seemed a bit on the small side, but I checked my gauge beforehand, and everything seemed fine. I thought it would stretch out a bit once finished, that it was just being bunched on the dpns. These were obviously silly lies I told myself so I could spend the day watching movies and knitting a red beret that is suitable only for small children and stuffed bears. I admit that I don’t know my swap pal well enough to hazard a guess at the circumference of her head, but if she is over 4 years of age, there’s no way it’s going to fit her.


  1. Phoe   •  

    Teddy bear hats are adorable, just not very wearable.

  2. Alpaca Christine   •  

    Oh snap! That beret looks awesome too bad it turned out teddy bear sized. It seems unnecessarily small…

  3. Team Knit !   •  

    he looks piiiiiiiimmmmp! Weird when sizes/guages do that eh? Just like your capecho… hmm.. have we stumbled onto a knitting vortex- one where Julie can miraculously get gauge then *somehow* it comes up miraculous small. hmm.. i bet there could be an episode of psi factor on it.


  4. Hilary   •  

    Oh, but it’s so cute on the bear! And it looks absolutely perfect. Hmm…will it stretch out? Gain an extra few inches (or ten) with blocking? Too bad we can’t average out your hat with my ginormous Gretel!

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