SOS for Snickers

This is Snickers. Her sad little story is here and here.
So, Laura and Jen created a scarf pattern called A Hug for Snickers: This pattern is being used as a fundraiser, and every single cent of the sales goes dircectly to pay for Snickers surgery. I think that $5.50 is easily affordable for a cute pattern and to help a creature in need.

So, how to help:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: log in to your account.
Step 3: at the tabs, there is one called ‘Send Money’. Click that.
Step 4: it asks for the email address you are sending it to:
Step 5: Enter the amount ($5.50)
Step 6: Where it asks ‘for’, I entered ‘service/other’

And that’s it. Sit back, wait for your pattern to arrive, and feel good for helping a poor kitty in need.


  1. La   •  

    Thank you so much Julie! Every little bit helps, believe me.

    And thanks for spreading the word.

  2. Robyn Red Bird   •  

    Hi there. I have no problem with you copying the pictures from my website to show the Miski (which by the way I think is VERRY soft) but please copy and save to your own server rather than using a link to mine. This is called stealing bandwidth and I am sure you didn’t mean to. Thank you. Robyn Gallimore, Red Bird Knits

  3. Team Knit !   •  

    Hi Robyn Red Bird- Sorry, but I think there’s been a misunderstanding. I didn’t get those pictures from your site (I googled your site after you posted- I’m sorry to say that until five seconds ago, I’ve never been on your site), I got them from Jen’s site. Also, I copied and saved the photo as a jpg to my own hard drive, and loaded the photo from there. I don’t know a lot about bandwidth, but surely a photo on my hard drive isn’t stealing bandwitdh?

  4. Team Knit !   •  

    Nope, Robyn is right about this one Jules. She’s refering a previous post of mine. I thought I’d uploaded them to the flickr with a link back to your site from there but I never finished switching it over from the draft post- and then just posted the entry because my internets were sporradic.

    I’ll just take them down.


  5. i forgot…may i link to this post on my blog? I don’t get rush hour traffic there, but it can’t hurt.

  6. Team Knit !   •  

    Ah, so one of us was stealing bandwidth! Well, then I must apologize for my snarky tone. I was disgruntled that someone cared about bandwith in relation to a poor kitty in need- that, and I’m all high and mighty about not stealing bandwidth. But I’m in the wrong, since it’s some previous post from my beloved friend. oops.

  7. Hilary   •  

    Aww, poor little guy! 🙁 Having a cat myself, I know how they can become like a member of the family. I’m so glad to have seen this — I’ll happily buy a scarf!


    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment about my Norwegian Stockings!

  8. Gina   •  

    Julie — Thank you so much for giving Snickers the public service announcement. I really appreciate it.

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