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I’m back from my UK trip, recovered from the jet lag (well, Lila has recovered from the jet lag- because when you have a have a wee one, you only sleep as well as your kid does!), and ready to get back into the swing of things!  Here’s a round up of some photos from our trip:

England Collage| knittedbliss.com

Top row, from left to right: Guy and Lila outside our favourite English pub, Lila checking out the local cows, giraffes at the zoo (I adore giraffes), Raglan Castle, Wales. Second row: Paddington Station- London, Bristol’s Watershed, Lila in a big bin of cider at the Weston distillery, and a fun fun WIP with English Roses in the background. Third row: Bristol Cathedral and people enjoying a bit of good weather, the colourful row houses of Clifton, a close up of a beautiful mosaic wall in Bristol, and a Banksy- ‘Mobile Lovers’. Fourth row: a fun colour shadow photo of myself from the Bristol science museum, some amazing scone sandwiches with strawberry jam and clotted cream; one of the buildings at Bristol University, and a very cool art installation at the Bristol Museum, English Magic. And then these gorgeous roses:

English Roses| knittedbliss.com

If you missed my re view of Beshley Wool in Bristol UK, definitely go check it out.

I read a fair number of blogs (or try to!), and I really enjoyed the Taking Stock post over on Knit Happens, and decided to join in, but with fewer prompts.

Making: a Featherweight Cardigan, finally!

Cooking: The super easy burrito bowls from this post

Drinking: So much tea.  David’s Tea is near my office and I love buying all the delicious new combos they come up with. I often do the Earl Grey Creme, Milk Oolong, and Rooibos Birthday Cake (yum!).

Reading: A Death in the Family, by Karl Ove Knausgaard. Knausgaard is pretty much a modern, Norwegian Proust.

Wanting: to get my butt into the gym more regularly. so that I feel less guilty about paying for the membership.

Wishing: I didn’t need to sleep so much. I’d love to stay up late and get more done, but by 10 p.m., I’m crazy tired. 

Feeling:  Not that great, actually. I’m fighting off something, maybe a cold, definitely throat/sinus related. 

Wondering: how to get more done in the day. Seriously, I need more hours in the day.

Watching:Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It’s about a glamourous lady detective in Australia in the 1920s (with so many fabulous costumes!) If you like the jazz age and enjoy Downton Abbey, then you’ll like this too, I promise.

Smelling: Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. A friend gave me a sample (it’s crazy expensive in real life), and this is a heady orange blossom affair. a bit rich for me, but still- it’s fun to try new fragrances.

Wearing: My awesome vintage camera blouse, as seen on this Instagram.

Buying: gifts for Guy. Not only is father’s day around the corner, but it’s his birthday, too! And he’s so hard to shop for. He does that thing where if he wants something, he just goes out and buys it. But if it’s Christmas, or our anniversary, or father’s day, or his birthday, he says “I don’t know….” and then ends up with whatever the heck I can drum up while shopping on my lunch break. 

Disliking:  floral crowns. I just don’t get it. (suddenly remembering my parents have a picture of me wearing a floral crown I made from wildflowers in Ireland when I was 22….) Hmm. I guess I do like floral crowns after all, on twentysomethings. So I’ll revise my answer to be… baby corn. I dislike baby corn.

Giggling: This is cracking me up.  I don’t even know why.

Coveting: a whole new underwear drawer.  I don’t think I’ve been shopping for underthings in a very long time. 

Listening: I’m on the hunt for new music, listening to a lot of Songza playlists (any recommendations?). But I think I’m really liking Foxes.  I love that song I linked to in particular.


  1. Bekah   •  

    I love the picture mosaic – looks like a great trip!
    And that picture for giggling is so funny!

  2. Barbara   •  

    I love the ‘Sunshine Indie Pop’ playlist on Songza. About half the time, I’ll decide to try something else, but I always go back to it. So many great songs to sing along to, and just upbeat and fun all the time.

  3. Jennifer   •  

    Loved seeing your trip through photos – looks like a blast! And I feel you on not having enough hours in the day… it seems by the time I’ve made it home from work, exercised, made dinner & tidied up, it’s bedtime!

  4. Rosie   •  

    Beautiful pictures. I keep meaning to listen to Foxes but haven’t got round it it yet, so thank you I’ll take a listen to that song.

  5. loulou   •  

    Your photos are beautiful. I especially love the first one of the green green countryside. I also enjoyed reading your prompt responses and now must find Miss Fishers’ Murder Mysteries. It sounds very good.

    Your WIP is neat … I’ve seen braided knitted pieces and wouldn’t have thought that the braid was knit right in as you go along! xo

  6. Christina   •  

    I’m going to have to try that tea combo, love me a good excuse to stop in at Davids … and I just happen to be close to on this weekend. Surely if the husband is playing baseball I can treat myself to some tea.

  7. eliza   •  

    i want to know what your favorite pub is for my next england trip!

    i’ve been wanting to watch miss fisher! there’s so much to watch, honestly… working throught the first season of brooklyn 99 right now.

    ok, music : try mirah’s new album, it’s great! the band the loamlands is quite good, too, i’m not sure where they are available online, i’ll get back to you on that. have you ever listened to architecture in helsinki? start with the song ‘heart it races’ if you haven’t. also murder by death’s album ‘bitter drink, bitter moon’.

  8. Brandy   •  

    Looks like you had a spectacular trip! I am jealous. I think I’ll head to the pub tonight to soothe my soul. 😉

    And I love Miss Fisher. It almost made me cut my hair into that classic flapper bob. Almost. And the beautiful costumes… so fun to watch.

  9. Sabrina   •  

    My husband is the same way! He rarely mentions the things he wants. When he does, it’s either a crazy expensive something that we both know we will never be able to afford OR he just runs out and buys it 10 minutes later! Exasperating! Hope you can find your husband a gift that he will enjoy. 🙂

  10. Becca   •  

    Loved reading what you’re up to. Your England trip looked fab – I’m in Bath (UK) and have still yet to get to Beshley Wool – must do it! Miss Fisher sounds ace. Have you ever watched House of Elliot? Two sisters set up a fashion house in the 20s – fab. Thanks for the link – hope that cold is on it’s way out! 🙂 x

  11. melody   •  

    This is wonderful Julie! I bet you had a wonderful time in UK.
    I love love love England. I got so many beautiful memories of my severals trips there.

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