TeamKnit Brunch V.02
French toast, fresh fruit, momma’s strawberry jam, sweet potato fries, assorted bagel bites mmmm.

After working a whole week, there is nothing better than a huge saturday brunch with crew. I was supposed to bring the white potatoes, but I left them on the train by accident! So… we had to ration out the remaining sweet potatoes. We also listened to a lot of new music so I’m going to leave you a playlist at the end. This is probably going to be a joint post, because I know Julie has one or two of the whole spread.

assorted freds bagels
Freds bagels are the bomb sh!t

giant blackberry, golden asian pear and blood nectarines
Giant blackberries, golden asian pear and blood necarines

Julie Darling

Julie Darling, making her amazing sweet potato frittes.. mmmm….

Teamknit Brunch v.02

Radiohead – In Rainbows
Annie – Anniemal
Midnight Juggernaught – Dystopia
The Vanity Project – Glitterbug
Kanye West – Can’t tell me nothing
Justice Essential Mix – BBC Radio 1
Gini – La Musique
Yelle – Je ve te voir
Fujiya Miyagi – Transparent Things, Photocopier, Ankle Injuries, Collarbone,

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  1. Team Knit !   •  

    I don’t need to add anything else- Jen, you take such good pictures. Those weren’t blood nectarines, by the way- they were delicious plums. I aslo got a yarn delivery that day, and we deliberately avoided opening the box until after we ate- otherwise we would have got all yarn-obsessed and have forgetten to eat!

  2. Team Knit !   •  

    oho. plums it is.
    ps. I’m out this week- unless you want to do a late dimsum? I work till 230ish this sat/sun

  3. Brandy   •  

    Is that a Montego Bay I see?

  4. The Caked Crusader   •  

    I am so glad it’s lunch time – I suddenly feel hungry….

    Thanks for visiting my site – please visit any time!

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