The Look of Love….

I was waiting for my yarn from Knit Picks to arrive so I could finally start my gallery jacket. I know I should be using the 32″ circs for this, but I’ve put myself on yarn and needle buying diet (The yarn and sweater backlog is getting ridiculous, and I’ve run out of yarn storage and decided I could make do by jamming all 202 stitches onto my 5.5 mm straights:

Can I say how much I love this colour? Love this. It’s Knit Picks Lemongrass Heather in swish superwash. I’m so singularly posessed with having this gallery jacket that I’ve unwittingly put everything else on hold, all in my determination to knit this as fast as possible. Sure, there are other projects I should be knitting, but you know how it is in the first blush of love- you want nothing more than to spend every free second you have with your beloved. Ah, Gallery Jacket, how I adore thee……

I’m heading up north to my hometown of Sudbury for the weekend, where I plan on getting a ton of knitting done, and teaching my mother how to make the perfect pie crust. I’d rather teach her how to knit so she’ll stop asking me for sweaters. For the record, I already knit her a sweater, she just wants more.

By the way- I don’t know if Joe Fresh exists outside of Canada, but they have these great ads, reminiscent of the old Gap ads (where they danced to music, with the white backgrounds? remember Swing Khakis, and all that?!). I love the songs that they use in their commericials, ‘Mixed Up’ and ‘The Dream’, by a Canadian singer, Rhonda Stakich (kind of reminds me of Feist). They actually have them available for download and you can watch the commercials, if you’re interested:

I’ve never shopped there, but I’m thinking about it now. What with the cute songs and all. Damn it, catchy advertising WORKS!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Cassiemarie   •  

    That color is LOVELY! I can’t wait to see the finished project– godspeed! hah!

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