• DIY Heart Onesie, and Letterpress Valentines

    Just before Valentine’s Day, I went to a private letterpress workshop at Snap + Tumble, a great indie letterpress here in Toronto. Tanya often runs private workshops in her home, and it’s was an amazing way to try letterpress for the first time. I went in knowing absolutely nothing, but Tanya was amazing and walked

  • Easy DIY: Pentel Fabric Fun Pastels/ Black and White to Technicolour

    I first read about Pentel Fabric Fun Pastels on A Beautiful Mess, and was really intrigued- so I decided to buy a set. I picked up the 100% cotton striped shirt at Old Navy (in the post-Christmas sales!), and thought that the existing black stripes would help give a bit of structure to my very

  • Getting Crafty: Vintage Lace Earring Holder

    ┬áSide note: I suspect these photos are slightly out of focus, but I can’t tell…I’m getting my eyes tested soon, I think I need glasses! I’ve had a spool of vintage lace for about 12 or so years. The thing about little treasured craft items like this is that it’s so hard to pull the

  • FO: Upcycled Cardi Challenge

      (to view all the posts in this series, click on the ‘upcycled cardi challenge‘ tag) I’m so pleased with how this turned out! The cardigan is exactly how I envisioned, and I’m excited to wear it post-baby bump, too. Currently it’s a wee bit tight on my arms, but that’s due to baby weight

  • Upcycled Cardi Challenge, Part III: The Body

    I thought it would be helpful to show a quick video on how I do the embroidery for the cardigan: Upcycled Cardigan from Julie Knitted Bliss on Vimeo. Gatsby crashes almost all of my videos- he’s such a ham for the camera. I’m soooo close to being finished! As of last night, I only have