• Upcycled Cardi Challenge, Part I

    Dreadful indoor/evening photos, but you’ll get the idea.  And oh look, a kitty polaroid! That’s one of my kitties, Yarn. You know how cats love photo shoots. This is the cardigan I’m planning on using for the the revamp, and this is the yarn- some knitpicks merino style that I’ve had kicking around in my

  • Upcycled Cardi Challenge and Stockholm Scarf Giveaway Winner

    The Stockholm Scarf Celebration Giveaway winner is….Bee, who posted this thoughtful comment: “Congratulations on your lovely pattern’s well-deserved popularity! I’ve had Stockholm queued up on The Rav ever since the weather turned a touch icy here in Somerset. Were I to get the chance to knit Stockholm in a Tanis colourway, I think I’d have