Upcycled Cardi Challenge, Part III: The Body

I thought it would be helpful to show a quick video on how I do the embroidery for the cardigan:

Upcycled Cardigan from Julie Knitted Bliss on Vimeo.

Gatsby crashes almost all of my videos- he’s such a ham for the camera.

I’m soooo close to being finished! As of last night, I only have a little bit of embroidery left to do around the front edge.

In answer to the questions left on the last Upcycled Cardi post:

1. The knitted ribbing is attached by just sewing it on along the fabric, at both the top and bottom. I didn’t trim anything off the cuffs/sleeves before attaching the knitted ribbing.

2. The embroidery is pretty simple, I’m just winging it- I use a tapestry needle to mimic the exact same direction stockinette stitches are formed.

3. I’m using  6mm (US 10) needles for the k1,p1, ribbing, and a tapestry needle for the embroidery (the same one I’d use for weaving in ends). The same yarn is used for both the knitting and embroidery- it claims to be a DK on the label, but I don’t believe it for a second- it’s definitely worsted.

4. How the knitting is attached: After measuring [so, my gauge of k1,p1 knitting is 5 stitches per inch x cardigan circumference (29 inches) = 145 stitches to cast on for around the body. Sleeves use the same formula], I cast on and knit the ribbing independently of the cardigan. When length is complete, I cast off, and sew the ribbing to the fabric of the cardigan.

5. My skin: Thanks! I don’t do anything fancy to it- I wear sunscreen (spf 30 or higher) every day regardless of the season/cloud cover, use rose hip seed oil at night (any health food store will carry it), and drink about a litre of green tea a day (seriously). Although these days, it’s naturally decaffeinated green tea (I’m drink some right now, actually).  That’s it. I don’t do toner/masks/serums/facials/etc. I don’t have a particular moisturizer that I use (except the rose hip seed oil at night). If I know that I’ll be doing FO photos, then I’ll use a skin illuminizer on my face under foundation- it’s like liquid photoshop, that stuff.


  1. Amanda   •  

    This is fantastic! I can’t wait to try this.

  2. Roxie   •  

    I adore Gatsby! What a sweetiepie.

    The sweater is looking gorgeous. Excellent upscaling.

  3. eliza   •  

    love this video! construction is so much clearer if you can see it like that! excellent. i’m kind of itching to upcycle something… might have to peak through my closet and see if there’s something waiting in there…

  4. Tanis   •  

    Great video! Gatsby is hilarious, I love how he just walked write over your sweater. Your cardi is looking awesome! Really looking forward to the completed FO. I want to try this, I’m sure I have a cradigan laying around in need of a little refreshing.

  5. elephantJuice   •  

    Great video, you make it look so easy! I love Gatsby’s little cameo too 🙂

    I love your tip on sunscreen too. I swear by SPF50 every single day!

  6. Kat   •  

    Thanks for sharing the video! I really want to make one of these and it is just starting to cool down no so I think I will be making one very soon. This may have been asked before but what ply yarn did you use? I love the chunky look of it.

  7. Kathy Bernett Michigan USA   •  

    I love the treatment you are doing on the cardigan. If the design were coming from above, I think they would look like wisteria. Can’t wait to do something like this. Love Gatsby, too. My cats are always sitting on or under my knitting.

  8. Preeti   •  

    That’s a great video and I can’t wait to see the finished cardi on you! Awww, Gatsby is so cute!!

  9. zenasmillet   •  

    Hey, you’re a south paw! I’m a south paw wannabee, thanks to an older cousin I looked-up to when I learned how to write.

    Can’t wait to see the finished cardigan! Thanks for taking the time in showing us how to make it.

  10. Noas' Libellule   •  

    This is a very helpful video, and seems totally do-able (she says). Would love to see it worn!

  11. Hilary   •  

    Thanks for all of these posts chronicling your upcycling. Coincidentally, I cut out a photo of the same Anthro sweater months ago and taped it in my knitting journal thingy, so I’m hoping to be able to do my own upcycle at some point, too!

    Also, I’ve been meaning to comment on how much I love your Sencha scarf!! Such a perfect use of that gorgeous yarn.

    Hope you’re feeling well!

  12. Yarny Days   •  

    This is just amazing. I love how you have made the whole thing happen.

  13. Tiffany   •  

    Thank you for the video! It does wonders in figuring out how this is done. How cute is Gatsby! I’d really love to see a snippet of how you sewed on the ribbing as well.

    This is just such a great idea and I absolutely love how it looks. I am totally going to do this!

  14. Cyprienne   •  

    FANTASTIC. This is happening; time to rifle through my closet!

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