Wee Wednesday

  • Lila’s Birthday Party: Michael’s Superhero Craft Party

    Please forgive the photos. the party room is painted a bizarre bright yellow/green, and it messed with the colours in all the photos, it seems! I also didn’t want to put any photos of the blogs that contained photos of other people’s children, so they are pretty cropped.  After asking you guys for birthday party

  • Wee Wednesday & Holiday Redux: Finished Owl Sleep Sack

    I hope everyone has been having good holidays, with a little bit of time off here and there. We went up north to Sudbury to visit my family, where baby James got snuggled by everyone in my extended family for days on end and he loved every moment of it. Lila was excited to open

  • Catching My Breath: Life Lately

    I’ve just come off of two weeks of straight work, with back-to-back meetings and conferences for my day job. It was exhausting, stimulating, fascinating, and has left me with a mountain of work to tackle as well as training my new maternity leave contract replacement- so November shows no signs of slowing down!  But I

  • Life Lately: San Francisco, and a Very Low Parenting Moment

    The day before we flew out, I had the 4th eye appointment for Lila to get her eyes tested. I keep trying to get her eyes tested because she needs glasses (she squints at things when they are a few feet away), but she would never cooperate with the testing- won’t look at the images

  • Wee Wednesday FO: Toddler Honey Cowl

    I swear I did brush her hair a few minutes earlier, i don’t know what happened.  My great and tremendous love of cowls meant that it was really just a matter of time before I decided to make one for Lila. I found this mystery skein in my stash (you can see it in a

  • Wee Wednesday: Alpaca Farm Adventures

    It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, so we took some time to go up North to Sudbury and spend time with family. Lila was particularly excited that her godfather made her a real wooden hockey stick, cut to her size, capped and taped just right. She thought it was the coolest! Here she is,

  • Lila Lately: 2 Years Old

    Lila is such a little character now, so much her own self. It’s amazing to see a child develop from a cuddly newborn snugglelump (sure, that’s a word) to a little person who definitely has her own opinions on things.  She’s able to do the stairs on her own (while holding onto a banister, and