Wee Wednesday

  • Life Lately: Lila’s Birthday and Georgia O’Keeffe

    April is a crazy month for me, and I suspect that’s true for many people. Doesn’t it seem like there are just so many birthdays, events, gatherings, conferences and everything else you can think of all crammed into April? Maybe that’s just my little corner of the world. Lila turned 5 recently. Her birthday technically

  • Knitting Themed Books for Kids

    I’ve barely begun my Christmas shopping, so if you are anything like me and have some kids to buy for, why not help get the love of knitting started early and get them a knitting themed kid’s book? Knitting Books for Toddlers: Ages 2-4 Clockwise from top Left:  Knitty Kitty: This is a great book

  • Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie

    I’m sorry, guys. There were just so many amazing photos from this shoot, I couldn’t hold myself back. Pattern: R & R Hoodie Yarn: Biscotte Yarns Worsted Weight Griffon in Farfadet, Gris-Gris, and a custom self striping between the two. Mods: Eliminated the pocket from the pattern, and added ears. Details on the ears can

  • On My Mind: Doing Too Much

    One of the things I struggle with expressing on the blog is complexity. Seldom is a personal challenge in a silo all by itself- it usually overlaps in rings across many other events, desires, and anxieties; both past and present. But one of my goals this year on the blog was to get more of myself

  • Lila’s Birthday Party: Michael’s Superhero Craft Party

    Please forgive the photos. the party room is painted a bizarre bright yellow/green, and it messed with the colours in all the photos, it seems! I also didn’t want to put any photos of the blogs that contained photos of other people’s children, so they are pretty cropped.  After asking you guys for birthday party

  • Wee Wednesday & Holiday Redux: Finished Owl Sleep Sack

    I hope everyone has been having good holidays, with a little bit of time off here and there. We went up north to Sudbury to visit my family, where baby James got snuggled by everyone in my extended family for days on end and he loved every moment of it. Lila was excited to open

  • Catching My Breath: Life Lately

    I’ve just come off of two weeks of straight work, with back-to-back meetings and conferences for my day job. It was exhausting, stimulating, fascinating, and has left me with a mountain of work to tackle as well as training my new maternity leave contract replacement- so November shows no signs of slowing down!  But I