Wee Wednesday

  • WIP: Baby Sweater in Progress

    I was working on this great little baby sweater for Lila, as part of the Ravellenic Games (for those not aware, the Ravellenic Games is a sort of knit-along that happens during the length of the Olympics. You cast on during the opening ceremonies, and you have to finish your project by the end of

  • Wee Wednesday: Cottage Time

    We went to the cottage with my in-laws for a little getaway, which was a wonderful break during this really busy time. Left to right, top row: we saw a deer! me snowshoeing, Guy with Lila and his parents the day after I flew home. Second row: family stroll, Lila chowing down on a smoked

  • DIY Heart Onesie, and Letterpress Valentines

    Just before Valentine’s Day, I went to a private letterpress workshop at Snap + Tumble, a great indie letterpress here in Toronto. Tanya often runs private workshops in her home, and it’s was an amazing way to try letterpress for the first time. I went in knowing absolutely nothing, but Tanya was amazing and walked

  • Wee Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

    After the sort-of-disastrous Christmas card photo shoot, we decided to use a great family we shot we got in early November: I think it worked out! And at least I got the Christmas cards out on time. For those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet of a

  • Wee Wednesday: Christmas Card Photo Fail.

    Recently, we decided to ¬†attend a little Christmas lights festival, and take some photos. I was hoping we’d get a great family photo with all the pretty lights, and send it out as a Christmas card this year. But then real life happened. It was that classic moment where I had a vision of us