Wee Wednesday

  • DIY Heart Onesie, and Letterpress Valentines

    Just before Valentine’s Day, I went to a private letterpress workshop at Snap + Tumble, a great indie letterpress here in Toronto. Tanya often runs private workshops in her home, and it’s was an amazing way to try letterpress for the first time. I went in knowing absolutely nothing, but Tanya was amazing and walked

  • Wee Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

    After the sort-of-disastrous Christmas card photo shoot, we decided to use a great family we shot we got in early November: I think it worked out! And at least I got the Christmas cards out on time. For those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet of a

  • Wee Wednesday: Christmas Card Photo Fail.

    Recently, we decided to  attend a little Christmas lights festival, and take some photos. I was hoping we’d get a great family photo with all the pretty lights, and send it out as a Christmas card this year. But then real life happened. It was that classic moment where I had a vision of us

  • Happy Halloween!

    Our neighbours had a little kid Halloween party on the weekend, And Lila rocked her little leopard costume. It was really cold that day, so she has lots of layers underneath, but she had a great time. They had toys and decorations, and we all brought some kid-friendly fare (and some clever adults brought some

  • Wee Wednesday: How Summer Flies

    Ah, summer 2013. It was good times: Most of these were at a friend’s cottage. The frog in the photo is actually really tiny- less than one inch in length! And that final photo on the right, Lila is laughing and screeching with happiness. Although it’s sort of hard to tell in the photo.  These

  • Wee Wednesday FO: Lila’s Legwarmers

    Just a bit of a health update on my wee one. Things seem to be going well, her nystagmus is improving, and she doesn’t seem to be having any developmental issues so far, which is a huge relief. Somewhere in all the follow-up testing, a specialist did note that she has a heart murmur, but

  • Wee Wednesday FO: Creamsicle Tee

    I like orange on babies, especially my baby. I think she can rock citrus colours way better than I can: Lila’s awesome leggings were picked up over the winter at a City of Craft fair of the handmade in Toronto, and can be found here.  Pattern: Marguerite Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering in ‘Orange Blossom’