WIP: Baby Sweater in Progress

I was working on this great little baby sweater for Lila, as part of the Ravellenic Games (for those not aware, the Ravellenic Games is a sort of knit-along that happens during the length of the Olympics. You cast on during the opening ceremonies, and you have to finish your project by the end of the closing ceremonies. It’s pretty fun!) As you can see from the photos below, I did not quite get there in time:

Colour Collage
I’m still really enjoying the challenge of taking my own ‘colour story’ photos! These are some jelly beans (obviously) and a detail of some local graffiti.


I love the colours (hooray for stash busting!), but I ran out of the natural main colour for the body, and thought I could use charcoal instead. but then I was running out of Charcoal, and I’d really like to do the collar and button band in charcoal, and in order to extend the life of both I added in the dark fuchsia … but that stripe up there is looking a bit more 70’s than I was aiming for, so I’m going to rip it back a bit and get more of the Natural, and finish it the way I’ve intended. The size is 18-24 months, but since my little one is in bigger clothes, I went up a needle size, and I’m confident about it fitting her for a while. For more information on my yarn, you can check out my project page on Ravelry.


  1. loulou   •  

    That is turning out beautifully Julie. Too bad about the running out of yarn part. I also really like the photos you’ve posted in the same colours. Neat.

  2. eliza   •  

    wow, it’s so pretty! i love the sweet pinks grounded with the navy and cream! it’s always a little frustrating when a stash busting project requires you to buy more yarn, but better to like the finished product than to make aesthetic sacrifices.

  3. kingshearte   •  

    So irritating when a project you’ve been steaming along on gets held up due to yarn shortage. Here’s hoping the hiatus is brief.

  4. Amanda   •  

    The to rip or not to rip question, hate that decision! I think it’s a beautiful knit, and at least toddler size it’s not too overwhelming. Plus, yay more wool! You can now knit a matching hat!

  5. Tiffany   •  

    Gotta love stash busting, that’s basically what I plan to do ALL year this year. No new yarn for me until I take down mu current stach a few notches. I didn’t finish my project in time either 🙁 – although mine is MUCH smaller than yours! It looks super cute though, can’t wait to see it on the little one. PS I like the new look.

  6. Marta   •  

    Hahahaha! I looked at that graffiti and thought, “Twilight Sparkle” — are you familiar with My Little Pony? Anyway, the sweater looks gorgeous. And thanks for helping me laugh at myself. 🙂

  7. Lorraine   •  

    I love the color choice! I don’t think it look’s too 70’s… I can’t wait until I have a baby to knit for (hopefully that won’t be for a LONG time).

    Your color story idea is inspiring me to try that too. I’m always looking for things that inspire color palettes, I get a lot of inspiration from antique pottery and porcelain in museums.

  8. Deborah Harrington   •  

    This is so adorable. You are a very talented knitter.

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