WIP: Diode Hat

 Textured brown things for WIP inspiration: a close up of a woodpile from the Ai Wei Wei Exhibit, rebar installation also by Ai Wei Wei, close up of tree bark at the cottage.

Brown Hat Collage

I’ve been working away on a lovely hat, Diode,  designed by my friend Erica. I saw her wearing a navy blue version in the winter and immediately fell in love! I generally find that knitted hats are not warm enough for me- the wind cuts right through them, and my ears are really sensitive. But this hat has a knitted double brim, for extra insulation, and the small needles and sportweight yarn make for a thick, dense fabric that is way warmer than most of my knitted hats. And those tiny bobbles! I seldom see bobbles looking quite so lovely as this.

Hat Collage

Gatsby, very graciously modelling.

It’s a lovely, portable little knit that’s easy to memorize. And as of this post, it’s just come off the needles and ready for FO shots- we’ll have to try to get those this weekend.


  1. Kate   •  

    That is truly an adorable hat 😀 If only we had hat-weather here in Melbourne!

  2. Loulou   •  

    That is a very nice hat. I love the little bobbles (lol, spell check tried to change that to ‘gobbles’!). And Gatzby … What a beautiful boy. xo

  3. Carla   •  

    It’s beautiful! I just finished a hat for one of my boys. So glad he loved it : )

  4. JW   •  

    Well, that hat is just awesome. Queued!

  5. Caitlin   •  

    Love seeing your inspiration photos—that Ai Weiwei exhibit is spectacular, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Grace   •  

    Ohhh those little bobbles are the cutest! I’ve not seen some that tiny before on outwear before, high five to the designer 🙂

  7. Carmel   •  

    Gatsby! I love the hat! I usually don’t like bobbles but they look adorable on the hat!

  8. Carmen   •  

    You could also try hats with colour patterns, the multiple strands at the back of your work make it a warmer hat too 🙂 And cables of course! But this double-knit brim sounds really lovely and cozy..

  9. Lolly   •  

    I have a secret love if bobbles. (Well, I guess it’s not a secret now.) The ones on this hat are just charming!!

  10. Kelly   •  

    I am loving the look of this hat! I get earaches when its windy so the double brim is very appealing to me and I also may be a sucker for bobbles too 🙂

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  12. Courtney   •  

    Hello, first time commenting! I’m a fellow Ontarian, I love your blog, and I love this hat! Ooh, it looks so wonderful and warm! Which you will definitely need if next winter is as brutal as the last.
    Your Gatsby is a very handsome kitty 🙂 And it just so happens that I have an orange cat named Gatsby too!

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