WIP: Lady Bat Sweater

WIP:  Lady Bat | knittedbliss.com

From left to right: close up of a statue at Queen and University (Toronto), close up of rain on a picnic table, Toronto’s CN Tower, as seen from Toronto Island. 

I know I should be posting about FOs (because I have two, I swear- just no photos yet), but I have wanted to cast on for the gorgeous summer sweater, Lady Bat- and summer’s running out, so I wanted to get a move on.

Pattern: Lady Bat

Yarn: Adriafil Cheope

Needles: 3.75 mm ( US 5)

I love it so far and can already imagine wearing it, with great summer shorts, feeling all casual and carefree. Isn’t this one of the best stages of knitting something, when you are already imaging how great the knit will be, and how you will wear it all the time, if only you could knit faster! This is the first time I’ve used Adriafil Cheope yarn, and it’s working out great- I love the silvery light grey, and it’s got amazing stitch definition, which you need for the zigzag lace in this pattern:

WIP: Lady Bat Collage | knittedbliss.com

The lace is unblocked, but you can still see how crisp the definition is with this yarn- I’m excited to see how it plays out with the final FO!

I’m not as far along as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping to be done really soon. I want to already be wearing it!


  1. Pia   •  

    It looks great, even unblocked. I love it when you can see yourself wearing something so early on. Only sometimes, it makes me knit too much too fast and then my hands hurt 🙁

  2. Allyson Dykhuizen   •  

    Ohh so glad you are knitting up a HK pattern! Can’t wait to see you rocking it out!

  3. loulou   •  

    Ohhh nice! Can’t wait to see you wearing it. And your grey photographs capture the shade and texture bang on.

  4. Val   •  

    Is that photo of Huan’s dragon sculpture? Every time I walk by I have to stop and take a second look, it’s so impressive!
    The lace pattern already looks great, love the texture.

  5. kat   •  

    Wait a minute – Queen and Bloor are both East-West streets…?

  6. miss agnes   •  

    It is a lovely sweater, and the color you chose is perfect for it. Everyone needs a bat sweater in their wardrobe, it is a classic.
    It is going to look great on you.

  7. Teresa   •  

    I’m excited (and flattered!) by your Lady Bat! And I totally agree about that romantic stage in the knitting process. I’m in one of those right now with a wee bonnet. I can’t wait to get home and knit on it!

  8. kessanlin   •  

    Wow, can’t wait to see that top on you too!

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