WIP: Starry Starry Sunset

WIP: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl| knittedbliss.com

It was tricky to get photos of things that were similar in colour to my work in progress, but embroidery threads, a striped cushion, and one of Lila’s toys helped with the colours. 

When I was in England, I heard about a great yarn shop in the north (not that far from Manchester) called Black Sheep Wools. I would have loved to have gone up there, but there wasn’t time during my visit to get up to that part of the country. Next time! However, they do offer some great shipping and I got a kit to make Starry Starry Night  (kit was first previewed on my instagram),  which I’m totally loving:

WIP: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl| knittedbliss.com

The yarns are Rowan Fine Lace in Cobweb, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe in California Sunset. It probably seems a little counter-intuitive to be knitting with mohair in the summer, but laceweight projects are so perfect for this time of year (and also easy to take on the go, since it weighs practically nothing!). I have a finicky, love/hate relationship with shawls- they are fun to knit, but tricky to actually wear. So if I’m going to knit a shawl it has to tick the right boxes for me, namely:

1. I’ve got to love the colours. If I don’t love the yarn, then nothing else matters. This grey plus bright pinky-orange is a fun combo that somehow really works for me.

2. The pattern has to be something my brain can handle right now. Sometimes I like them intricate and requiring lots of focus, sometimes I want something super easy and relaxing. This is in the ‘easy and relaxing’ category, which is how summer knitting should be, am I right?

3. I have to envision how I will actually wear the shawl. You know- in real life, with clothes that I already own. I feel like this is going to look great with a grey tank top/t-shirt and jeans.

How about you? Do you have certain criteria when you decide on a knit?


  1. loulou   •  

    Beautiful! I love shawls although I agree with you, they can be hard to wear. As you say, yours will be lovely with a grey top and jeans.

  2. miss agnes   •  

    The colors are so lovely, this pink combo is just like a berlingot (French sweet made entirely of sugar with lovely iridescent colours). Agree with you, ability to wear it with at least two different outfits is a must. Although most of the shawls I’ve done in the past were gifted. Sometimes you just have some yarn that will be perfect for a shawl and you find the perfect pattern for it. So you have to do it and it becomes a wonderful gift.
    Indeed lace is perfect for the season. Happy knitting!

  3. Tanis   •  

    I love your inspiration shots. Those sweet sherbet colours are so delish this time of year. I wear shawls all the time, with everything, so I don’t really have much criteria for the ones I choose to knit. I think it’s because I feel the same way as miss agnes (above commenter). Shawls make such great gifts since they are so pretty and impressive that even if I don’t find myself wearing it as much as I’d hoped I can always gift it! But of course I don’t tell anyone that I knit it for myself first… but I do blog about it… so… busted!

  4. Brandy   •  

    I love the colors and the stitch of this shawl. It is beautiful! It’ll make a perfect summer night shawl.

    I agree with you that I, too, also find wearing shawls difficult, but I really like making them. Luckily for me, I have family in California that can always use shawls for cool evenings and breezy beaches. 🙂

  5. kessanlin   •  

    What a lovely combination, both yarn-wise and colour-wise! I typically wear my shawls like scarves because I like my scarves big and wide (especially during Wintertime here!). A nice colour helps keep it from looking too drab, I think!

  6. Val   •  

    Shawls are the reason I chose a neutral grey winter coat – easier to match with all of the handknits! Such a sweet colour palette you’ve chosen!

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