Tartan Mist, and Pattern Revamp

This has been a long time coming, but the Fairy Mist pattern has now been revamped for a wide variety of yarn weights and gauges! Lace weight, fingering weight, DK, Worsted, and Bulky.  I think the DK version might be my favourite, but I’m pretty smitten with this beautiful yarn for the Bulky weight version:

Tartan Mist | knittedbliss.com

Tartan Mist | knittedbliss.com

Ravelled here.

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Grey Label Chunky in ‘Tartan’

Needles: 6 mm circulars (US 10)

Notes: The cowl is the same length/circumference in all sizes, but the different weights give the fabric different characteristics, which is so fun. The lace weight one is so light and airy, and as the yarn gets thicker, the cowl gets cozier.

And how awesome is it when you have a cowl pattern that can be worked in almost any yarn weight? I love it when a pattern has flexibility. But hey, I’m biased. you should totally buy it, if you haven’t already.

This bulky weight version is so soft and squishy and warm! I love wearing Tartan Mist (that’s what I’m calling this version, sounds all Scottish and Braveheart-esque), and a new cowl in the middle of winter helps make me a little more excited for the colder weather, you know what I mean?

Tartan Mist | knittedbliss.com

I am not smiling in any of these photos and I’m not sure why- I was having a great day! We had a spontaneous ‘car date’- they happen when we are in the car with the kids, and both of them fall asleep. Then one of us pops into a cafe for specialty coffees and baked treats, and we eat them in the front seat and chat, while the kids sleep in the back. One this day, we also found this amazing wall with bright, citrusy colored street art, which made for a fun photo backdrop- it just felt like a lovely afternoon! And here I am, looking waaaay too serious about my cowl. I guess I’m just seriously in love with it!

Tartan Mist | knittedbliss.com

Modification Monday: Modified Pine Bough

Modification Monday: Modified Pine Bough Cowl | knittedbliss.com

Original Pattern: Pine Bough Cowl

Knitter Extraordinaire: Betsy (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Changed the gauge from worsted to DK, worked the pine bough design on half the cowl, and added stripes and a little forest of trees from this pattern for the other side. Great details on all the modifications can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: There are two major factors that contribute to this cowl’s drop-dead gorgeousness. The first is the colours- Betsy Jo did a fabulous job of pairing a soft gold with the steel grey and blue, they worked together so well. Look at the side with the tree design- the striping is so subtle, it’s like shadows in a night sky. If any of these colours were too bright or higher contrast, the effect would be jarring. The other major factor is the asymmetry- having one design on half and another on the opposite looks so modern and unexpected. When you think of the concept, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to work (“I’m going to knit a cowl with feathered diagonal pattern on one side, and stripes and trees on the other” sounds kind of out there), but then you see this. And this, my friends, is a modification that works perfectly.

Modification Monday: Modified Pine Bough Cowl | knittedbliss.com

Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

This woman recreates instagrams from celebrity accounts, with hilarious results. I think she might be my new hero.

I loved this little easy on how social media impacts our experiences and memories.

If you love Pinterest and mini skeins, then you might be interested in my new Pinterest board for knitting ideas for mini skeins, or other small amounts of colourful yarn.

And in case you missed it, Bijou Basin Ranch has made a beautiful kit with 100% cashmere yarn for my Xanadu Snowflake Cowl!

My Favourite Pins This Week

Pin Ups and Link Love: Roasted Vegetable Mac and Cheese| knittedbliss.com

 I love macaroni and cheese. And if you make it at home with real cheese (although I do love the boxed and powder cheese variety), why not make it healthier by adding roasted veggies? I’m craving more colourful food this time of year, so this is checking all the right boxes for me. Pinerest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Peanut BUtter Flourless Chocolate Cake| knittedbliss.com

Okay, this peanut butter flourless chocolate cake is the epitome of food porn, and I’m thinking that it would be a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day. I don’t really go in for valentine’s day, but I like excuses to eat more indulgently! Very few ingredients in this recipe, too. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Reading Nook DIY| knittedbliss.com

I secretly love it when people convert closets into something awesome, like a reading nook! I wish I had a reading nook growing up. There are some wonderful inspiration photos in the post, as well as the details on how they did their nook. One day, I will have a reading nook! Only mine will have a side table for a glass of tea or wine. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Paint Chip Heart DIY| knittedbliss.com

Remember a couple years ago when paint chip crafts were all the rage? Well, someone recently came up with something else to do with them, and I love it. Such a fun idea for a kid’s room, or a bold bathroom! Pinterest link is here, and DIY post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Heart Knee High Socks| knittedbliss.com

I’ve got a crush on these socks, they are just so cute. But I don’t know if I have the ribbing stamina to make knee high socks (also, I don’t like wearing knee socks), so I’m already thinking of cute ways to modify these, if I make them. Pinterest link is here, and the pattern link is here.

Lila had a blast at her friend’s birthday party last weekend, and it got me thinking- my main floor is no way big enough to host her birthday party! Not with kids plus parents. I’m trying to think of some interesting ideas for where to host her 4th birthday in April. A pottery cafe was suggested and I love the idea, but Guy thinks she isn’t quite old enough. If anyone can share ideas or a story of an awesome 4th birthday that wasn’t held at their house, let me know!

Wee Wednesday: James Update

My in laws have been in town helping out, which has been great- I have a lot of follow up medical appointments, and I was able to schedule many of them while they were here which helped a lot. Plus they are getting in lots of baby cuddles!

James is getting big quite quickly, and these two knits were the ones that fit him the soonest- he’s about 6 weeks in these photos:

Bear Sweater and Moccasins |knittedbliss.com

Bear Sweater and Moccasins |knittedbliss.com

That sweet sweater was knit by Guy’s aunt Linda, who is an avid knitter. It is the Puerperium cardigan, for those looking for the design. And what luck- it was the exact same colour as these beautiful knitted moccasins that Alana from Never Not Knitting made for him! It makes for a very cute outfit.

Bear Sweater and Moccasins |knittedbliss.com

 Three cheers for an accidental knitted set! How sweet are those little booties? And the bear buttons on his cardi? I love them both.

We recently took James to the Art Gallery of Ontario, one of my favourite places. There were lots of comfy benches everywhere so I could sit down as much as I needed, and James slept through some amazing works of art, including the beautiful JW Turner exhibit:

Art Gallery of Ontario | knittedbliss.com
Then James also slept through the Tom Thompson exhibit, showcasing his two most famous works, The Jack Pine and The West Wind:

Art Gallery of Ontario | knittedbliss.com

And through the modern art collection as well:
Art Gallery of Ontario | knittedbliss.com

He did that thing that babies do- slept like a little angel until we sat down in the cafe for a snack… then he woke up as soon as a plate was in front of me. Anyone else find babies always wake up when you are about to eat?


Modification Monday: Fox Paws Cardi

Modification Monday: Fox Paws Cardi | knittedbliss.com

Original Pattern: Fox Paws

Knitter Extraordinaire: Anne (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Using the fascinating fox paws pattern, Anne used it as a motif for a cardigan for her granddaughter. Good details on how she created the sweater can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: The Fox Paws design is very unusual and intricate looking, and has huge impact on the original shawl. Using it on a smaller scale as a decorative detail on the round yoke and at the hem and cuffs highlights the unusual details of working the stitches, and the stripes on the round yoke set up the fox paw design perfectly. I’m so impressed with how balanced all those colours are in this amazing sweater!

Anne was previously featured on Modification Monday for these beautiful socks, too! You should check then out if you missed it before.  Modification Monday: Fox Paws Cardi | knittedbliss.com