Modification Monday: Klaralund

Original Pattern: Klaralund

Knitter Extraordinaire: Mary (Ravelry Profile)

Mods: Left off the sleeves from the original pattern. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: If it never gets cold enough for big wool sweaters, what’s a knitter to do? Especially a knitter living somewhere warm. like Texas? Mary decided to adjust this wool, full-sleeve pattern into a cotton top and left off the sleeve entirely. It seems like a simple mod, but the result is dramatic –¬† a perfect version of Klaralund for the hot weather!

This is a great idea if you have a pattern you love and want to make it suitable for hot weather- leave off the sleeves, or even add a short sleeve instead of whatever the original length would be. Sometimes a simple mod- leaving off the sleeves- can be the perfect solution for changing up an existing pattern.

Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

An excellent list of ideas for gratitude that are small, easy, and oh-so-effective.

Is it self care or self sabotage?

15 things to stop giving a sh*t about.

Air travel and climate change- frequent flying is a part of the problem. I hate flying- the whole industry seems really wasteful in every possible way. But before the industry can change, we need to be more aware of what is happening.

My Favourite Pins This Week

This fajita chicken is done up like hasselback potatoes- careful slits made and the sliced veggies tucked inside, cooked together and smothered in cheese- If you like chicken, this will be a wonderful weeknight dinner, I promise. the salsa and sour cream make this really exceptional! Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is here.

If you love peanut butter and chocolate, then these brownies are definitely for you. made with box mix and some special add ins, these will definitely be a hit-just don’t leave yourself alone with them! Pinterest link is here, and the recipe is right over here.

These little window mitts are a wonderful new free pattern, and perfect for knitting one the holidays are over! Or to cast on right away once you are done with any holiday knits you have planned! What’s so special about these is the inner liner- perfect for self striping or variegated yarns, with the little peeks of colours shining through. It really is lovely. Pinterest link is here, and you can find the free pattern here.

These DIY glycerin soaps with their gorgeous botanicals are a wonderful gift idea. They look so pretty, and smell amazing- so if you love essential oils, these are probably going to be right up your alley. Pinterest link is here, and the full DIY is over here.

Looking for some zero waste gift ideas? Here’ is a really great roundup that’s full of ideas for all sorts of different people in your life. Pinterest link is here, and the full list of gift ideas is here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I hope you are further along in your holiday planning, shopping, and crafting than I am! I feel SO behind.

Modification Monday: Almost Metropolis

Original Pattern: Metropolis 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Michelle (Ravelry Profile)

Mods: Changed the shaping to be A-line, worked a turned edging instead of ribbing at the hem, cuffs and neckline- and worked a keyhole back to the neckline, where the turtle is, of course absent. Also added side seams for stability. Great details are on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: Michelle’s take on Metropolis is wonderfully creative and thoughtful- I highly recommend her notes, particular about the weight of a sweater. The turned hems and the internal colour contrast is gorgeous and is a wonderful piece of considered finishing.

I also really love the idea of the A line shaping, which she achieved by making increases at the sides. With a top-down pattern like this, she could try on as she went, and see how the adjustments were working out. Adding in seams helps tremendously in giving a sweater more structure and shape.

I’m a huge fan of faux seams when it comes to sweaters knit in the round, they really do a lot for helping a garment keep its shape. If you are looking for more info on how to add faux seams, I actually wrote about how I do it here, what feels like a million years ago!

Link Love: My favourite Things This Week

It’s a huge shopping blitz this weekend- and I’m having a Black Friday sale too! All my patterns are 50% off with the code knittedbliss. No limit, use as many times as you like before end of day on Monday, December 2nd. Shop patterns here!

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Looking for a whole round up of knitting and yarn related Black Friday sales? I got you- Jodie at Knit Like a Granny has a full guide to your online crafty sales!

I feel like my American friends might need this right now- a cheat sheet on how to get rid of every type of holiday stain.

How to be a better listener in six steps.

Very impressed with Gucci- more of this from big companies!

Art in the everyday- photographs of people waiting for transit.

My Favourite Pins This Week

This is a really delicious weeknight pasta idea, although I had a bit of trouble with the sauce – it separated, but I pulled it back together be whipping in some cream cheese. We made this pasta this week and pitched it to the kids as ‘Christmas Pasta’ – creamy sauce, red and green- and they were pretty excited! Definitely making it again. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe is here.

Dessert square season is upon us! I mean, I’m game for dessert squares any time of year, but they are particularly popular now, with more and more gatherings happening… people are going to love these apple crisp shortbread bars. Like a perfect piece of pie. But it’s tiny so have two, right? Right. Pinterest link is here, and you can find the original post here.

This frozen hot chocolate recipe is so wonderful- it’s ice, chocolate milk, hot chocolate powder, and frozen strawberries all blended together into something extraordinary! The strawberries add a little extra something special to it and of course, makes it healthier. So you can have more! Pinterest link is here, and the full post is here.

I love these pretty paper stars! They would be a great way to use up smaller bits of wrapping paper around the holidays, and a great weekend craft, too. Especially if you want to focus on low waste and plastic free decor. Pinterest link is here, and the step-by-step DIY is right here.

If your home is starting to feel a little cramped ,this is a great round up of ideas for adding extra storage in small spaces around your home that are often overlooked. I particularly like the shelf above a door frame! Pinterest link is here, and the full post of ideas is here.

Have a gorgeous weekend, everyone! And to my American friends, Happy American Thanksgiving!

Modification Monday: Cupcake Sweater

Original Pattern: Anker Sweater

Knitter Extraordinaire: Linda (Ravelry Profile)

Mods: Instead of the ribbed yoke, Linda substituted some colourwork. She also added short rows to the body, and slight waist shaping, and of course the ribbed turtleneck. Full details are on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: Linda knit the original pattern before and loved the fit so much, she decided to knit it again with modifications. This is a wonderful way to approach mods- if you knit a pattern and you love the fit, knit it again with modifications for an entirely different look! For example, This great ribbed turtleneck version which is so cozy for the cold weather. Or you could stick closer to the original pattern, and do all sorts of colourwork or textured stitches on the yoke. Or the sleeves!

If you find a pattern that you love, think about ways you could knit it again but give it an entirely different look- then you get the enjoyment of knitting a sweater you love that you know will fit great, and you’ve customized it to suit your style exactly.