Review & Giveaway: From Mama, With Love

I’m so pleased to be part of the From Mama, With Love blog tour- the second I saw this great e-book collection, I was completely smitten:

So freaking cute, right?! The collection features 15 different knitting patterns for babies and toddlers, and the entire collection is priced very reasonably- it’s less than $2 a pattern if you buy the whole collection. This is particularly good value when you see that the size ranges are mostly from 6 months to 5 or 6 years old, which means you’ll get lots of opportunity to knit these wonderful baby and toddler patterns for the little ones that you know and love.

All the designers are moms themselves (Connie Chang Chinchio, Tanis Gray, Margaux Hufnagel, Melissa LaBarre, Kate Gagnon Osborn), so they know a thing or two about what works for busy little ones on the go. It was tough to pick my faves, but I think for Lila I’d knit these 3 first:

From Left to right: Isadora Lopapesya, Ferris Vest, Viviane Cardigan.

 It’s also wonderful to see a collection that focuses on so many garments- lots of great sweaters! Would you like to win a copy of this amazing e-book?   To enter,  leave a comment  letting me know which pattern you’d like to knit first (see all the patterns here), and  you can get a bonus entry by leaving a comment on the Knitted Bliss Facebook page. And don’t forget to leave your contact information! Comments will close at midnight on on Thursday, and the winner will be announced on Friday.

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Modification Monday: Brandywine Cardi

cardi 2

Original Pattern: Brandywine Falls  and #20 Smocked Cable Coat 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sam (Ravelry ID, blog

Mods: Turned the original shawl pattern into a gorgeous cardigan, using details from the Smocked Cabled Coat pattern and a heck of a lot of improvising. Project page with more details can found here

What Makes This Awesome:  Sam started off loving the texture of the Brandywine Shawl pattern, but wasn’t much of a shawl person. Using the Smocked Cable Coat pattern as a guideline, she worked the great textured design of the shawl into the lower third of the cardigan, altered the cabled design to carry up all the way through the fronts and back,  and changed the neckline to a lovely rounded garter edge, which looks even better than the original. It balances out the design, and the whole effect is stunning. Sam did an amazing job!

card 1

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week


cream egg

Easter weekend is upon us, and I know what I’m dying to try- these homemade creme eggs! The recipe looks really easy, too.


I love this DIY for a bright and easy summer necklace. I’ve got to try this.


If I were a little more artisitic (meaning, if I could draw things) I would totally do this gorgeous painted shorts upcycle.


Are you entertaining this long weekend, or need to bring nibbles anywhere? Then these easy and amazing crostini toppings are your new best friend.

geo wall

I love this bold, geometric wall idea- maybe some different colours for my taste, but the angles and different colours would be a phenomenal accent wall.

5 Small Goals for the Season: Winter Wrap Up

For 5 small goals, you think it would have been pretty easy to get through them, since this was a Game of Thrones-style winter (read: crazy long).  But the two things that took the longest were Building a Snowman and Making Eggnog from Scratch.

First up, the Snowman: There were probably only two times I felt like I’d be willing to devote an hour or so to making a snowman, and both times the snow was not ‘packing snow’, which is ideal for sticking to itself and making a snowman, but the ‘powder snow’, which totally does not stick and is just fluffy and (you guessed it) powdery.  It was becoming clear that even though it was the longest winter ever, I wasn’t so jazzed about making a snowman, so I started thinking of ways around it. And I landed on doughnut snowmen! Adorable, right? Except making them totally reminded me of those pinterest fail photos that you see, with the perfect inspiration image on one side, and the realistic disaster on the other: 


My problem was this- I didn’t find candy corn (it was February, after all), so I thought I’d make the ‘carrot’ noses out of marzipan, which I tinted orange. Bonus crafty points, right? Wrong. marzipan wasn’t sturdy enough to be wedged into the irregular shaped doughnut holes, and so they fell out a lot. and I tried doing chocolate chips for eyes and mouths, but they wouldn’t stick.  So I tried chocolate icing piped onto the doughnuts. Did you know nothing sticks to powdered sugar doughnuts? Which makes me wonder- how the heck did whoever crafted the original image get their chocolate chips to stay in the doughnuts?! Anyway, I tried my best. and they did look pretty cute, if you forget the hours of work on basically decorating store-bought doughnuts. 


Everyone has rainbow play rice all over their dining floor, right? 


It took longer to make these snowman than it would have to make a real one out of snow, but at least I was inside and warm.

The Eggnog. I came across  the perfect recipe, and it was really easy to make, with a wonderfully rich and creamy texture.   I would leave out the bit about whipping the egg whites in the  future, though- I don’t think it was necessary, and added extra steps to the process. It was just as delicious without- I tried it before adding the whipped egg whites, and after. Although they really do transform the texture of this drink!

eggnog Collage

My previous 5 Small Goals for Winter:

Goal Collage

Clockwise, from top left: The original goals, cozy red sweater, sharpies on a mug (update: sharpies on mugs do not last. I’m going to try enamel paints next time!) ,  winter festivals

And that’s a wrap on the winter goals!

Modification Monday: Cornflower Cardi


Original Pattern: Kai mei and Seamless Saddle Shoulder Pullover

Knitter Extraordinaire: Patricia (Ravelry ID

Mods: Combined a great detail from a sock pattern and the Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater recipe for this fully customized cardigan.  Project page can be found here

What Makes This Awesome: What a wonderful idea- customizing a perfect blue cardigan and using a great lace detail at the waist.  And for the lace, the original sock design had a lace stripe that worked perfectly- just the right amount of detail and interest. If you were building your ideal cardigan from scratch, following the wisdom of Elizabeth Zimmermann   is a great place to start. Patricia’s cardigan is a testament to how personalized (and beautiful!) you can make it. 

cornflower 2