For Weekends and Travels: Knitting Tool Organization

Before I flew to England, I packed my newly finished Kveta shawl. I meant to get photos beforehand, but it just didn’t happen. More accurately,  I let it ‘not happen’, so that I could have an excuse to pack it and bring it to England. No doubt I’ll get some use out of it, and then I’ll have an excuse to take finished knit photos somewhere that feels … not exotic, but definitely out of our ordinary.

Knitting Tools on the Go |

But those photos will be another day. I wanted show you the mini tool organizer that I brought with me. These photos aren’t from England, they are from when we were at the cottage at the beginning of the month. I take my knitting tool organization while traveling pretty seriously, since it’s so frustrating to have forgotten something at home, and it’s not always easy to find  replacement wherever you are. Anytime I overnight somewhere else, I bring my knitting and the mini organizer. There are so many different things that we crafters have to help keep our notions and tools organized, I’m very curious to know what you guys use when you are going away for vacation or a weekend.  Do you bring absolutely everything, or scale down for just your project? How do you organize tools that you bring with you?

My in-laws’ cottage has this cream coloured broadloom carpet in the bedroom that is brilliant for photo backdrops. If I ever get carpet installed it will be that exact same broadloom. My home has tough-as-nails laminate flooring in a dark mahogany that is nice in real life but lousy for photos.

Knitting Tools on the Go |

The little bag of stitch markers fits in there just fine, but then you wouldn’t have seen them hiding in there! The mini organizer coordinates nicely with my project bag, too:

Knitting Tools on the Go |

Even the stitch markers match!! Happy accidents. Doesn’t that all look so clean and tidy? If you think that mini organizer is something you could use, you can find them here, although my particular fabric is currently out of stock.
Oh, and of course, nothing within 5 feet of me is ever as clean and pristine as what’s in the photo. Here’s what’s just outside the frame…..

Knitting Tools on the Go |

That’s real life, of course! Adorable and messy, all at the same time.

Modification Monday: Peach Modified Boxy

Modification Monday: Peach modified Boxy |

Original Pattern: Worsted Boxy

Knitter Extraordinaire: Bintou (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Changed the gauge from worsted to DK, shortened the length dramatically,  and added a cable panel. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I envy Bintou. She not only knit this utterly amazing sweater in quite possibly the most perfect colourway that is of course dyed in France, she also lives in Paris, surrounded by knitting. But the sweater, we’re here to talk about the sweater! Bintou previously knit the fingering weight version of this pattern, so she had a good sense of where she could make modifications on her next go around. I love the central cable panel, it looks great in this shorter version (It wouldn’t have worked as well on the oversized without seeming a bit of a racing stripe) and the proportions in the DK are all on point. I wish I had this sweater in my closet! If you looked at this pattern before and thought the original had too much fabric, consider this great mod.

Modification Monday: Peach modified Boxy |

Pin ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

I could have sworn it was only Tuesday… this is what happens when you trying to get a million things sorted before flying out to another country on the weekend! The four of us are going the England to introduce James to his British family, and give Lila some much needed face time with her cousins, who are all of a similar age. We are also going to be in Spain for a bit- we’ll see how all that travelling with the little ones goes!

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Back to school- how to form good habits (or help your partner or kids form good habits!).

Our daydreams and illusions feed our souls- And a lot of literary greats have always known it. Here’s Virginia Woolf’s take on it. 

This is clever- takes what books you loved as child, and makes a grown-up reading recommendation.  Or of course, you could re-read your childhood favourite!

Overcoming the obsession to shop. I struggle with this, even though I’m the first to say I’m not a ‘stuff’ person. I go to the mall to get one thing, go in 15 different stores, come home will all sorts of stuff.

My Favourite Pins This Week

Pin Ups and Link Love: Peaches and Cream trifle |

I love trifle, it’s probably one of my favourite  desserts, and the varieties are endless. This on makes the most of the end of season peaches and taste light and fresh. It’s one of those desserts that is immensely satisfying yet doesn’t sit heavy. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here. 

Pin Ups and Link Love: Ricotta Zucchini Meatballs |

For those of us doing Meatless Mondays or are vegetarian (or just genuinely like to get a bit more veg in our lives) this one’s for you- ricotta and zucchini ‘meatballs’. The recipe is easy-peasy, and they are crazy delicious. I think i actually prefer them to normal meatballs! Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: DIY MAcrame Necklace|

I didn’t think this would really be that easy, since it looks fairly detailed in the photo, but I read the whole tutorial and now I think it’s an easy one! Pinterest link is here, and the original DIY post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Keep Your Sweater Hem from Flipping Up |

Knitters! Ever have the problem with a sweater you’ve knit and the hem keeps flipping up? The Craft sessions maps out why it happens and offers a couple different solutions to knitting a hem that doesn’t flip up. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Pin Ups and Link Love: Packing Tips|

I don’t know if anyone else is travelling soon, but I have started packing and am using a bunch of these tips if you are- like how every bottom you pack should match every top you pack.  Pinterest link is here, and the original packing 20 outfits into a carry on post is here.


Delineate Tank: Outtakes

The long awaited outtakes post, where I embarrass myself with unflattering photos!

There was lots of great discussion on the fit and some amazing tips in the comments for ways to modify it to get improve the fit, so if anyone is thinking of knitting this, I recommend a read through.  Let’s get an establishing shot, shall we?

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

Like I said in my last post on this, it’s okay. I think the shape is sort of boxy on me in a boring sort of way. Boxy can work, but I feel like it’s got to be oversized to pull it off. And when I stand up straight and don’t move, you can’t tell that there is excess fabric….. oh, wait, now you can tell:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

Super unflattering pose, am I right? Then I decided I should pose for real. This was an actual attempt at a pose:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

I think there is literally a shaft of sunlight pointing out the wobbly underside of my pasty white thigh. It’s highlighting it, really. As if to say, “Look here! At this bit! This is where the late night snacks are stored!” So since all shame was thoroughly gone, I leaned into the silliness.

Here is my “Onward, fearless explorer!” pose:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

and then there’s my strongwoman pose, still with that shaft of sunlight in the underside of my thigh:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

I hardly ever wear shorts, you can probably tell. I know self tanner exists, but I feel like next summer I’ll manage better to do that sort of thing. I’ve never been that fond of my legs (other then the fact that they work great, and I’m super grateful for that), so I’m a fan of long pants and skirts.  but it was far too hot for pants that day.

I kept saying to Guy, “Don’t show my ugly knees in the photos!” So naturally:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

Ta-da! Good thing we are all friends here. Otherwise I’d be really embarrassed to share all that with you!

Modification Monday: 58Sixty

Modification Monday: 58Sixty |

Original Pattern: 28thirty

Knitter Extraordinaire: Marilyn (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Lengthened the sweater, adjusted gauge, and longer cuffs. Project page with more details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m always amazed at how completely different a sweater looks when it cropped or if it lengthened, even if the other changes are minimal. Marilyn lengthened the sweater considerably, changing it from a cropped bolero to a full cardigan. After adjusting the size to match her gauge, she also deepened the length of the cuffs to show off more of the great stitch detail. Are there any cropped sweaters you looked at, but didn’t would work for you? Lengthening could really change the whole look. Or conversely, you could shorten a sweater pattern you admire into a cropped cardi or bolero!

Modification Monday: 58Sixty |