Modification Monday: Stag Head Cardigan

Original Pattern: Stag Head Pullover 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Lily (Ravelry Profile)

Mods: Revamped the pullover design to feature the cabled stag head on the back of a cabled cardigan instead. Great details and more photos can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: This is one of those jaw-dropping knits, isn’t it? I adore how Lily used the pullover cabled stag head on the back, and then echoed the design elements and cables to create a v neck cardigan instead. She worked on this over the December holidays, and it is so beautiful and so impressive! I think I love this as a cardigan even more. It gives the lovely cables that are on the sleeves and the rest of the design a chance to get a bit of showing off in their own right, and then the dramatic stag head on the back is just so wonderful.

For those that want to give this idea a try, it would be helpful to find a cabled cardigan design in Ravelry that you like and is the same yarn weight and gauge. You could then use the existing cardigan pattern for the main body, and replace the back with the charts for the stag head pullover. With results as beautiful as this, doesn’t that sound like something you’d love to cast on right now?

Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Love audiobooks? Here is a massive list of free audiobooks– classics that are in the public domain.

5 simple ways to remind people that you love them. Because we all need to invest a bit in our friendships.

This is a fascinating idea that Ikea used to pay people for their time, and really opens up a discussion on how our data is valued, and how transparency can be done well.

How to reduce your plastic use – 5 easy things you can do.

And 5 things that will make a major (positive!) impact on your finances.

My Favourite Pins This Week

These ‘breakfast’ quesadillas are an amazing solution for quick and easy weeknight dinners. They freeze really well and there are an almost infinite variety of combinations, which means they not only make great afterthought dinners, they are perfect for lunches and even breakfast, as the name suggests. I love how delicious and easy these are – and kid friendly! Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is over here.

How whimsical are these pretty slice and bake rainbow cookies?! They are basically a sugar cookie recipe divided up and dyed with food colouring, but just SO adorable! Pinterest link is here, and the full (very easy!) recipe and how to can be found here.

Brooklyn Tweed recently put out a fantastic video on how to make gorgeous tassels, and it’s probably the only tassel guide you will ever need! Perfect for adding to shawls, too. Pinterest link is here, and the full youtube video is here.

How pretty is this bright and happy spring pom pom garland? And talk about perfect for destashing all sorts of little bits of yarn, too! This would be a fun decor item for a party, a bedroom, or even just draped over a bookcase of mantel. Pinterest link is here, and the full DIY is right over here.

All sorts of great pinnable quotes to get you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your goals, but this pretty Amy Poehler 0ne is my fave of the bunch. Pinterest link is here, and the full list of quotes is here.

Have a gorgeous and peaceful weekend, everyone!

Virtual Visit: Yarns Untangled

I’m experimenting with a new thing on Instagram- Virtual yarn store visits! I’ll be doing a little series of video tours of local yarn stores in Toronto, and if people seem to like them, then I’ll expand and do them in other places, too! The first one is for Yarns Untangled, a lovely yarn store in Kensington Market that focuses on hand dyed Canadian yarn. Here’s a great shot that Amelia from Yarns Untangled took of Guy and I filming the segment:

You can watch the whole video here– no Instagram account needed. 🙂 Although if you are on Instagram, you can find me here! I post there quite a bit. 🙂



Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Wait, not everyone has a constant running internal monologue?! Mind. Blown.

Apparently, we are hitting peak meat – and I think they are absolutely right.

Wake up to your patterns.

The flowers that end up in a bottle of Chanel No. 5.

When you filter out male privilege, the major internet sites turn to ghost towns.

My Favourite Pins This Week

I made this for guests last weekend and it was a total hit – everyone LOVED it. If you are feeling like you want get a really cheesy, deeply satisfying pasta dish all up in your life, i highly, highly recommend. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is here.

Speaking of delicious things to bake in your oven, this peanut butter s’mores cookie pie is right up there. Delicious and decadent, it’s a great idea to serve to guests – unless you just gave them the ravioli bake. Because if you did, then they had seconds of that and are now too full for dessert. But if you gave them something else for dinner, then THIS is going to be a big hit. Pinterest link is here, and the recipe can be found here.

Looking to crochet something with a single skein of a variegated yarn, but don’t know what to make? How about this fantastic hat? It’s a free pattern from Woods and Wool. I bet it would look great in some stashbusting stripes, too! Pinterest link is here, and the full crochet pattern is here.

Check out this adorable lavender-filled llama! It’s a free swing pattern, and you can fill it with lavender, other herbs, and rice or beans – and microwave it. Adorable AND useful! Pinterest link is here, and the full how-to is right over here.

Maybe because it is deep winter, maybe because they are just all so beautiful, I fell down the rabbit hole of this stunning, inspiring garden. If you are craving a bit of green, why don’t you join me? Pinterest link is here, and the full post with all the dreaminess is here.


Modification Monday: Sweet Pea Simplement

Original Pattern: Sweet Pea

Knitter Extraordinaire: Carine (Ravelry Profile)

Mods: Carine changed out the center panel stitch motif, added it on the shoulders, and kept the rest of the design simple for a long sleeved tee. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: The original sweater has a lovely lace panel down the front, as well as half of the sleeves. Carine opted for a simpler, pare-down version – her center panel features alternating bars of stockinette and garter stitch, and it looks SO good! I especially love the additional garer stripes on the top of the shoulders, an elegant epaulette effect that looks so modern and somehow timeless.  I would be thrilled if this was in my closet, and I will be thinking about adding in some cool shoulder details like this for a future knit!