Modification Monday: Cathedral Tee

Modification Monday: Cathedral Tee |

Original Patterns: Cathedral and Chinese Checkers 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Erin (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Improvised a top down raglan t-shirt with the eyelet design being a combination of the lace from the Cathedral shawl and Chinese checkers, from Barbara Walker. Her project page can be found here, and has great details on how she worked the t shirt exactly.

What Makes This Awesome: A shawl into a t-shirt! how cool is that? I love that Erin kept the design on both the front and the back of tee, making it perfect for a summer knitting project. A top down construction makes for a great way to try it on as you go, so if you are improvising, you’ll know how things are working out before making a huge time investment.  Those of you who don’t knit much in the summer, doesn’t this make you rethink that idea? Because a breezy summer tee like this would be so perfect to wear all summer long.

Modification Monday: Cathedral Tee |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

Testing out a new approach- some of the preliminary feedback from the reader survey suggest that some of you would prefer links to the real source, so I’m including both the pinterest links and the original source link.  I feel like it’s a bit clunky i this format, but let me know what you think!

Pin Ups: Orange Creamsicle Smoothie |

This orange creamsicle smoothie is so tasty- just 5 ingredients and also has protein. It’s like sipping summer through a straw. Pinterest link, and direct website link.

Pin Ups: Avocado and Spinach Fettuccini |

Avocado and spinach pesto fettuccine! Full of good for you stuff, and you can use regular pasta, gluten free pasta, or one of those things that turns zucchini into pasta noodles, if you’d like. A healthy and quick weeknight supper. Pinterest link, and direct website link.

Pin Ups: Sweet Potato Banana Bread |

Keeping on our healthy kick for this week’s Pin Ups post, here is a protein-packed sweet potato banana bread. It’s full of healthy things, but tastes like dessert! And I’m all about things that are overtly dessert-like but secretly healthy. Pinterest link, and direct website link.

Pin Ups: DIY painted Kilim Basket |

I love this idea for painting a kilim design on an inexpensive woven basket- this one is originally a rope basket, but I bet it would work equally well on a woven basket with a fairly smooth surface, as well.  Plus, you can customize the colours to work with your decor. Inexpensive baskets can be found at Target, Ikea, and all sorts of places. Pinterest link, and direct website link.

Pin Ups: Hedgehog Mitts |

Long time readers will know that I have a soft spot for hedgehogs , and I adore this new knitting pattern for hedgehog fingerless mitts! Pinterest link, and direct Ravelry pattern page.

Have a great weekend, everyone! If you saw this instagram you’ll know I’m going to try to do a little baking with Lila this weekend… we’ll see how it goes. Anyone have fun plans?

Outtakes: Hyperballad

Here are the outtakes from the second Hyperballad photo shoot- as you can probably tell from the original post, the bigger cowl and the smaller cowl were shot on separate occasions.

I’m actually standing on a small stool in these photos, and sometimes Guy would say ‘a little to the left’ a few too many times and I’d lose my balance:

Hyperballad Outtakes |

Also, I’m a little blurry. Blurry AND at an angle AND we’re running out of chevrons on the right hand side. Not good.

Hyperballad Outtakes |


From left to right: I have no idea what I’m doing in that shot, none whatsoever. The middle is a frequent facial expression that I make when i’m not sure what to do next; and the third shot I’m smiling so hard my eyes have turned into tiny caterpillars.

Guy was making faces at me to get me to laugh, and so I made a face back:

Hyperballad Outtakes |

Can’t believe I fell for it- clearly it was his plan all along to get me to pull a silly face so he could take a photo of it.

Oh, and if you haven’t filled in the reader survey for a 50% off coupon for any of my patterns, you have until tomorrow morning to get it in! 

Knit in Progress: Chromatic Brioche Cowl and a Survey!

Knit in Progress: Chromatic Cowl |

Many of you saw a sneak peek of this beautiful chromatic cowl on my review of Homeward Bound (and whoa, that got us all really talking! I loved that!). The cowl pattern is free, but I got this lovely cowl kit from Knit Circus, and I’m so glad that I did. Who doesn’t love rainbow stuff? Yay rainbows!

Knit in Progress: Chromatic Cowl |

Yarn (the cat) thinks this cowl is very comfy. It passes her paw-press test. 

This is my first time knitting brioche, and it’s been quite fun to knit- really easy to memorize once you get the hang of it. The free pattern doesn’t include instructions for working brioche (if it’s new to you, as it was for me) but I googled some videos on Youtube and pieced it together. Once you work two rounds, it’s really easy. Ah, learning new skills! What did we do before the internet?

Knit in Progress: Chromatic Cowl |

You can see a bit of Gatsby’s fluff in the bottom left side of the above photo. 

Ravelry project page is here.

I love the colour changes in the yarn, it’s so much fun to knit with a great chromatic yarn like this and measure progress with the stripes. I also thin that working brioche in a fingering weight gives it a different look than with a thicker yarn, the stitches really have a delicate herringbone effect.

So…… I’ve been thinking about doing a reader survey for a while, and I’ve put one together that will tell me a little bit more about you guys, what you like, what you would like to see more of here on Knitted Bliss. I promise, it’s not long at all! And because I know your time is super valuable, I wanted to make sure you got a little something for helping me out-  at the end of the survey, after clicking the ‘done’ button, you’ll receive a 50% coupon for any one pattern in my Ravelry shop.

Click here to take the survey!

I’ll run the survey until Friday. I really want to know what you think, what other crafts you like to do, and anything else you would like to tell me.

Note to other bloggers: Survey Gizmo was way better than Survey Monkey for building this survey. No one is compensating me to say that- I don’t think either of those companies even know I exist. But in Survey Gizmo I could add a coupon code to the thank you page, whereas I couldn’t do that in Survey Monkey (without paying for a whole year subscription). Just better options for the freebie surveys, in my opinion.

Modification Monday: Mouton Mix


Original Patterns: Dessine-Moi Un Mouton and Spring Lines

Knitter Extraordinaire: Gaby (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Gaby combined the two patterns, using the texture and shaping of Dessine-Moi un Mouton and added in the great stripes from spring lines. Details are on her project page, which can be found here. I highly recommend checking out the additional photos on her project page.

What Makes This Awesome: Stripes are something I often have mixed feelings on- I like my stripes on the thinner side, but the thick and thin mix of stripes that came from the Spring Lines pattern are expertly done, and with the wonderful texture of the original Mouton sweater looks fresh and even a bit delicate.  The texture, classic shaping, and the balance of the striping sequence allow a four-colour sweater to look completely cohesive. This is one of those sweaters that keeps getting better the closer you look- every detail is thoughtful and beautiful. And now I want one just like it!

Modification Monday: Mouton Mix |