Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

How to write a gratitude letter, and why you should.

This was a very interesting read – “I tracked down the girls who bullied me as a kid, and this is what they had to say”.

Ooh a movie club! This sounds like a great idea.

“I forgot how to hang out.” Socializing post-covid might be a little rocky at first.

This was a fascinating read for me, but I also have more questions- can one parent like this when everyone else around you isn’t? “There’s a Better Way to Parent – Less Yelling, Less Praise”. 

My Favourite Pins This Week

Whenever I’m sick of my usual dishes, I reach for shrimp. This gorgeous shrimp, kale and caulifower dish is pefect for this time of year- comforting but healthy, and of course delicious. Shrimp is one of my favourites, but I tend not to buy it often because it’s origins always seem so murky (is it sustainably caught? Is it farmed? If anyone knows how to buy ethical shrimp, please tell me), but when I do get it I appreciate it SO MUCH. Just so delicious. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is here.

I love blondies, they are basically a thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie and that make my heart happy. But you know what really makes them amazing? Cadbury mini eggs thrown in! If you would like to make a happy little dessert that feels ideal for spring and is really a great treat, I highly recommend this. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe can be found right over here.

Want to give needlefelting a try? These are some great tutorials on how to make a small cat, bunny, or dog, and I especially like that it includes a general guide to how long it will take – I wish more craft tutorials had an estimated activity time! And they look so cute! Pinterest link is here, and the full tutorials can be found here.

I think you should make these gigantic wall display tissue paper flowers. You should, because it’s a fun and irreverent activity to do one day, and then you could take some selfies in front of them, or just hold up a book you like in front of them and take a photo of that, or use it as your new zoom background (definitely a conversation starter right there). And doesn’t it feel great to do something fun and pretty and big? Heck yes it does. Pinterest link is here, and the full tutorial is over here.

If you feel like your space could use a refresh (and the tissue paper flowers are not the sort of crafternoon solution you are looking for) what about using removable wallpaper in small, strategic ways? I loved this inspiring roundup of ideas to refresh your space with removable wallpaper, for a no-commitment way to try something new in your space. Definitely worth checking out! Pinterest link is here, and the full roundup can be found here.

And just like that, it’s March. Yesterday was the first warm day here in Toronto that felt like there was a hint of spring on the horizon, and it was glorious! Then today it was freezing cold and felt like winter. Ah, early March. It loves to mess with us. Stay cozy, friends. And I hope you have a lovely weekend, possibly reading a new book?

xo Julie

Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

I adore Sarah Stockdale’s newsletters, and this one about an experiment with men who were watching their calorie intake was mind blowing.

Hey, let’s check out some adorable little pandas at a zoo!

A zero-cost room refresh idea. In case you are getting a little tired of some of your space.

Want to write better emails? Slow down.

What do animals dream about?

My Favourite Pins This Week

If you are looking for a meal idea that feels like spring, this is the ticket. The leeks and peas make this fresh and veggie forward, and baking it all together on a baking sheet makes it so easy. Delicious, fresh, and the frozen peas make it easy. I hope you try it! Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is here.

How beautiful is this lemon and blueberry tart?!?! Be still my heart! I always love lemon desserts in ALL forms, but this is especially wonderful. Also, you can totally speed the whole process up by using a store-bought tart shell – I won’t tell anyone. Or go for it and bake your own from scratch! Whatever floats your baking boat. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe can be found here. 


Do you feel like when you make pom poms, they seem a little flat? This is a great trick for getting fluffier, denser pom poms, no matter what type of yarn! Pinterest link is here, and the full tutorial can be found here.

This is such a cool (ha, literally!) idea for dyeing fabric, or even yarn – snow and ice dyeing. If you already have yarn dyeing supplies kicking around, or potentially could do this with kool-aid as well- it would be a fun, crafty experiment for what I hope is getting to the end of winter.  The results look so beautiful! Pinterest link is here, and the full tutorial is over here.

If your home is feeling like there’s too much stuff and not enough breathing room, it’s time to declutter. This is a great list of things to get rid of that don’t require a lot of agonizing, and you’ll feel sooo much better for clearing out the clutter! Pinterest link is here, and the full list is here.

It’s hard to believe this is the last weekend of February! In two weeks, it will mark one full year of living in Covid times for me. It’s funny to think that, depending on where everyone lives, we all have different time markers for when things changed signficantly – different rules in different regions and countries, when masks became the norm in this place or that place, how different the world feels. Here in Toronto, Lila and James are back at their school now that it is repoened for in-person learning, and I think that is doing them a world of good, in terms of their mental and physical health, as well as social skills. It’s been harder on James, a common refrain I hear from other parents of kids 5 and under, but it’s not doubt hard on everyone, regardless of age – young, old – everything in between. But hang in there. Let’s try some new recipes, craft some new things, read some good books, and keep looking for the good in people.

xo Julie


Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Not that you’re probably doing much clothing shopping these days, but if you are – 13 questions to ask yourself before buying new clothes.

If you miss going out to bars and restaurants, this website is amazing. Customize your bar ambiance!

Want to identify clouds? Here you go.

I loved this story of how one person has been coping with the loneliness of Covid isolation by befriending the local wildlife.

This field of colourful lights isn’t just magical to look at, it increases plant growth.

My Favourite Pins This Week


Yes, I am one-hundred-percent recommending grilled cheese as a meal. You can add a side salad, sure, but grilled cheese is the perfect comfort food and eating a really amazing grilled cheese for dinner will make you happy. It makes me happy, so I assume it will do the same for you? This decadent delight is made with goat cheese and honey and a little bit of heat and will definitely feel fancier than a cheese slice. It’s a gourmet grilled cheese, because you deserve gourmet grilled cheese! Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is here.

I am very intrigued by these cappuccino cookies! The white chocolate, not a lot of ingredients to pull together, and a delicious cafe-worthy treat all in one sounds pretty good to me right about now. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is right over here.

If you would like to have a fancy bar-style cocktail, but without any alcohol, this spicy grapefruit paloma is just what you need. Made with flavourful ingredients that make you feel like you are having something special, while still keeping your wits about you. And you could drink it while listening the bar sounds in the link up at the top, too! Now you’re basically having a night on the town, aren’t you? Pinterest link is here, and the recipe is here.

Well hello, self care! This is a wonderfully easy recipe for a rose milk bath. What’s a milk bath, you may ask? Milk is full of ingredients that skin loves, and so is this milk bath recipe, made with epsom salts, powdered milk, rose petals and essential oil, this soothing soak is just the sort of thing that would be a total treat. and would be a nice porch-drop giftable for someone in your life, too! Pinterest link is here, and the full instructions are over here.

So many felt flower crafts require a cricut, but this is a great one for making 3 different types of felt flowers by hand (well, with scissors, and a hot glue gun for assembly). A great idea, and they are so pretty, don’t you think? Pinterest link is here, and the full DIY for each is over here, with links to helpful videos.

Sorry for the silence last weekend- it was a PA Day on the last day of the week, and for some unknown reason it was a short day of at home online learning, and time just completely escaped me! I hope you all had a really great long weekend, wherever you are. It’s been cold here in Toronto, and more snow than usual- but there seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Stay warm, friends!

xo Julie

Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

This snowflake generator is fascinating.

February resolutions.

It’s true, the pandemic is taking a harsh physical toll on all of us – headaches, pack pain, and more.

11 tips for dealing with pandemic burnout.

Feeling bored and uninspired? Here’s a list of 45 things to do.

My Favourite Pins This Week

Roasted cauliflower and pesto pasta. Soooooo good!! A perfect winter dinner, if you ask me. The crispy cauliflower is the real star, but I personally love pesto and when you have a good pesto sauce, it really makes it. The recipe includes a wonderful pesto sauce recipe, but you can also cheat and use a really good store bought one. I won’t tell!  Pinterest link is here and the full recipe is here.

Isn’t it wonderful when a dessert looks fancy but actually isn’t difficult to make at all? That’s this beautiful strawberry rose cheesecake tart, which can be made with 5 ingredients, and a few more if you want to give it a little more oomph. I love how beautiful this looks. If there are no decent strawberries available, I bet this would also be delicious with raspberries (although not cut into ‘roses’), which always seem to be really good no matter what season it is. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe can be found here.


How cute is this free kitty embroidery pattern? Just adorable, and perfect for stitching while watching a little TV, if you are looking to mix it up from knitting or crochet. Find it on Pinterest here, and the adorable free embroidery pattern over here.

This is a gorgeous free pattern for a richly cabled cardigan, that is a dead ringer for the famous cardigan from a Taylor Swift video, called (you guessed it) Cardigan! I love the sweater. And the song. Pinterest link is here, and the free pattern can be found right here (the download free pattern button is directly underneath the add-to-cart button).

I think just about all of us could use more plants in our lives, right? This is a great round up of plants that are perfect for low-to-no light areas of your home. Even though so many of the photos show the plants beautifully photographed in well lit locations, ocasionally with windows around, but I assume that was strictly for thw quality of the photos not the plants themselves. I can personally attest to the peace lily, which I had in the bedroom for along time until I accidentally over watered it. Oops! Pinterest link is here, and the full post of all the plants is here.

Here in Toronto we recently got news that the schools will reopen again for in-person learning mid-February, so that is very exciting! We’ve been doing the mandatory at home e-learning, and it has been quite the adventure. Holy smokes, I thought I appreciated teachers before but now I AM IN AWE. I don’t know how they handle it. Also, I can’t believe evey time I’ve asked my kids what they did in class they were so vague – they are doing amazing things! Learning about art and the mathematics of architecture and anti-racism – and all in French and it’s amazing! That’s at least in Lila’s class in Grade 3. James is also learning how to be anti-racist, but he is also learning about greater than and less than, as well as animals camouflaging in winter, and carnivores and herbivores. Also all in French. My French has improved quite a bit since all this, by proxy!

Anyway. It’s all very exciting – one more week to go, and even though the winter is feeling long, I’m feeling really hopeful. I hope you have plenty of small things that make the days a little brighter and help you feel hopeful for the time ahead. Don’t forget to get some fresh air!

xo Julie


Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

Totally made me laugh, but also wince, because it’s so true: Course Syllabus for Making New Friends as an Adult.

20 joyful activities for staying in. Such a really great list!

Utterly hilarious photos abound- animals interrupting wildlife photographs.

A list of things that are perfect. Cashmere sweatpants DO sound amazing.

My Favourite Pins This Week

I will never get tired of a hearty rice bowl! This is is a delicious Greek take on it, and you could probably make the prep even faster an easier by buying greek dressign instead of making it from scratch. It is full of fresh flavours that feel desperately needed in winter, I think – fresh tomaotes, crisp cucumbers, and feta. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is over here.

Soft, chewy, peanut butter oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies- for when you want a cookie that basically has everything. Comfort in a cookie! Pinterest link is here, and the cookie recipe can be found right here.

This is such a pretty idea for DIY art project- faux butterfly shadow boxes! I love the effect, and the steps look really clear. As a side note, I find it weird the way Pinterest doesn’t quite link back to the Instagram story where it is clearly taken from, but the DIY is really clear and would be so beautiful. Pinterest link is here.

I adore this crochet rubber duck pattern- and look at the variations you could make! Perfect for very happy stashbusting. Apparently you can crochet them in 20 minutes?! Possibly this is true if you are an experienced crocheter! Pinterest link is here, and the full free crochet pattern can be found here.

I love this quote, it reminds me that we need to be extra gentle not just with ourselves but with everyone – and that we need to make hopeful plans for the future. I actually wrote a list of things I want to do in 2021, which made me excited for the year ahead. There’s still 11 months of 2021, and I am optimistic about what this year can hold.  Pinterest link is here, and I found it originally here.

And somehow, it is the end of Janaury-what a month it has been! Hang in there, friends. It’s a great time to plan ahead for the year, and focus on cozy home comforts and crafting for the next little while. Possibly time to cast on for a new project? I’m in the home stretch of a cabled sweater, and I’m excite dot finish it- not just to wear it, but so I can cast on for something new, too!

xo Julie