2017 Knitters Gift Guide!

The 2017 Knitter’s Gift Guide is here!! Looking for some gift ideas for a fellow knitter? Or maybe you need to send some gift ideas to your loved ones, who have no idea what to get you. Just email a link to this page to your family and friends, and let them know what you want this year (you should totally do that). Here is the place to find ideas for every budget, and every knitter!

Here are my top picks for knitterly gifts this year!

(a note on the items: I chose all the items on this page, and none of them are sponsored or prearranged.  All items are available to purchase online,  therefore all items will have additional charge for shipping. Prices are shown in US funds.)

Someone Special- You’re Probably Besties or Related: $60-$50

A great knitted tee kit, a pretty skein of yarn and a project goody bag, a dyeing kit for that person who has always wanted to try their hand at dyeing, and a mitten knitting kit because it’s still going to be cold for quite a while.

top left: We Are Knitter Goa Tee Kit, $52.50

top right: Dutch Inspired Yarn Kit, $55.30

bottom left: Greener Shade Starter Dye Kit, $57.63

bottom right: Mitten Kit- Comes in 3 different pattern choices, and 7 different colour combos, $55 per kit



Hooray for Gifts! $40-$25

An adorable knitting kit, a sheep lover’s dream mug, a yarn bowl that is a work of art itself, a bright & happy interchangeable needle roll  (because who wants to keep their interchangeable needle set in a plastic case? ).

top left: Make Your Own Mercat/ Purrmaid Knitting Kit, (also comes in Blue/Grey), $33.10

top right: White and Purple Sheep Mug, $26.03

bottom left: Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case/Crochet Hook Case, $30

bottom right: Hand Painted 18k Gold Yarn Bowl, $38.95


Something for Every Knitter you Know and Love: $24-$15

A project notebook perfect for designers (check out all the great photos of the inside of the book, with lots of graph paper), an elegant sheep necklace, the perfect cotton canvas tote, and an art print that is is as beautiful as your knitting.

top left: Knitter’s Project Notebook, $15

top right: Brass Sheep Necklace, $15.30

bottom left: Love Knitting Tote, $15

bottom right: Watercolour Knitting Painting, $24 for 8″ x 11″ size


Stocking Stuffers- $5 – $20

Stitch Markers 

You can never have enough stitch markers!  Whatever the knitter’s style- minimalist or loves colour –  there are stitch markers to suit:

top left: Beekeeper’s Stitch Markers, set of 12 for $5.00

top right: Mug Stitch Markers, set of 4 for $16.23

bottom left: Silver Toned Cat Ear Stitch Markers, set of 8 for $8

bottom right: Snag Free Stitch Markers, set of 7 for $10


Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins are all the rage- perfect for coats, project bags, and just about anything you can think of! How can anyone resist these?

top left: Tanis Fiber Arts Enamel Knitting pins, $10 each

top right: Yarny Sheep Pin, $12

bottom left: Knitting Needles and Yarn Pin, $9.50

bottom right: Gold plated Enamel Sheep and Alpaca Pin set, $18 for both


And that is the 2017 Knitter’s Gift Guide, full of goodies that I secretly hope I get, too! What did you like the most? Anything you hope you’ll be getting this year? Don’t forget to send links to those that might be looking for gift ideas for you!


  1. Duni   •  

    I love a good gift guide! I’m especially impressed by all the pins, the hex stitch markers, and the watercolor print. Gorgeous!

  2. Tanis   •  

    Every single year when you post your Gift Guide I end up discovering something that I can’t live without. This year I’m loving those cat stitch markers (I’m not even a cat person!) and the Goa Tee kit. Thanks for curating this list with such great style!

  3. Cheryl   •  

    I, for one, am makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice!!

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  6. Val   •  

    These are all so great! The sheep mug and the tea cup markers stole my heart. Definitely showing them to Matt with as obvious a wink and a nudge as I can manage 🙂

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