The Best Knitting-Themed Books for Kids

Kids are always fascinated by knitting, and I love how many wonderful knitting-themed books for kids there are available. For those of you still looking to find a quick last minute gift for a little one, might I suggest we indoctrinate them early, and get them to like knitting when they are young? The ages ranges I’ve suggested her are only general guidelines, no doubt lots of kids of ages beyond those listed would be interested in the books. I’ve rounded up some books in each age category, with a brief description of each story (without giving anything away).  The links all point to, but if you can get them at a local bookstore, I always support buying local. And if they are not possible locally, Amazon-dot-whichever-your-country will no doubt have it! Here is my list of the top 12 best knitting-themed books for kids:

Knitting Books for Toddlers: Ages 2-4

Knitting Themed Books for Kids: Ages 2-4 |

Clockwise from top Left: 

Knitty Kitty: This is a great book to start off the youngest ones. The rhythm of the prose is lovely, the words are simple, and the illustrations are beautiful. Lila loves this one.

Noodle’s Knitting: Noodle the mouse finds a wonderful ball of yarn, and decides to knit a huge scarf… until she gets all tangled up!

Freddie’s Blanket: This sweet book is about a little platypus transferring to his own bed, and includes actual knitting patterns!

Mischief in the Forest: Grandma Johnson lives alone in the woods and loves to knit, but one day when she returns from the city, her yarn is gone!  With the help of her grandchildren, they explore the forest and visit with the animals to find out what has become of her yarn.

Knitting Books for Young Kids: Ages 4-6

Knitting Themed Books for Kids: ages 4-6|

Clockwise from top Left: 

Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf:  This is a great book about a little girl learning to knit, and facing the frustrations and imperfections of that first project. It also comes as a deluxe set, and I’m pretty partial to it(you can see my review here).

Knitting Nell: This is a story about a little girl who was made to feel badly about her voice, so she doesn’t talk much- but she sure does knit a lot! Also talks a bit about charity knitting, which isn’t something you see much of in children’s books.

Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza: Annie the owl loves to knit, but the other owls don’t want to wear her knitted creations. So she knits herself an air balloon and goes off in search of animals that will appreciate her knitting.

Phoebe’s Sweater: This is a sweet book by the same author as Freddie’s Blanket. Phoebe is about to become a big sister, and learns about her new role in the family. This book also includes the knitting patterns for the knits featured in the story.

Knitting books for older kids:  Ages 6-9

Knitting Themed Books for Kids: Ages 6-9 |


Clockwise from top Left: 

Shall I Knit You a Hat? When mother rabbit hears of a blizzard heading their way, she knits a special hat for rabbit. He loves the hat so much, they set about trying to knit for all their friends.

That Darn Yarn! : This is a pretty cool format- there are two stories in one! On one side of the book, is a sock monkey who gets snagged and begins to unravel. On the other side, a young girl find a ball of yarn and begins to knit a sock money. Watching these two stories come together is really clever and fun.

Extra Yarn: This utterly charming book is about a little girl who finds a magic box of yarn, and knit  a sweater for everyone and everything in her home town, until it’s famous. The illustrations are extraordinary.

The Magic Ball of Wool  : one morning, Hedgehog wakes up to find a ball of wool stuck to his prickles. A spider teaches him how to knit, and he knits things for all his forest friends. Then one day, something happens and he needs a lot more yarn- this is a sweet book about helping others out, even when it’s difficult.


  1. Sharon   •  

    Thanks so much for all these great suggestions!

  2. Tanis   •  

    I’m only familiar with 2 or 3 of those titles so I’ll definitely be looking into the others. Books are always the perfect kid gift, what an awesome post!

  3. Robin   •  

    I love this list – thank you. Shall I Knit You A Hat is a favorite of my boys. We enjoy it each Christmas, and it usually prompts them to request handknit hats. I am embracing this as long as it lasts!

  4. Jean   •  

    I’m going to save this post so when I can have some of these ready when my baby is born in March! 🙂

  5. Mellisa   •  

    thank you so much for this list! i seriously just want to buy them all! my nearly four-year-old daughter has expressed interest in learning how to knit when she sees me knitting, on occasion. she is a lefty, though, and i am a righty!

  6. Sabrina   •  

    It is so nice to know there are children books about knitting, that is so cool!

  7. miss agnes   •  

    Great post. I only wish there were so many choices in French, I’ll have to make a search and see what comes out.

  8. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    We only read in French, but I definitely need to find the equivalents to those when I go back to France next week!

  9. Wanda   •  

    My 7 yr old stepdau insisted that I teach her to knit on several occasions over the last couple years – we’d sit down for a lesson, she’d get either bored or frustrated and give up on it for awhile. We attempted yet another lesson about a year ago, and she loved it! She refuses to learn the purl stitch right now, she enjoys the knit stitch so much. So, several of us have received garter stitch scarves – slightly wonky due to dropped or picked-up stitches – but we love them so much, and I’m proud that I’ve produced another knitter for the world. 🙂

  10. Kim   •  

    This list is awesome, thank you so much! I had only heard of Extra Yarn, and some of the others look really cute too. I put several on our wish-list for my parents to get for our 18-mo-old.

  11. Amanda Keeys   •  

    Oh these are so awesome! Thanks bunches for all of the suggestions. We’ve had Knitting Nell for ooh gosh, maybe 5 years or more now, and it’s still one of my girls favourite books.

  12. Susan   •  

    Thank you for such a great post about knitting books for kids. I work in a public library and have read Knitty Kitty to the kids quite a bit. (they all love this book. lol!) But I didn’t know about a lot of the other books for various age groups on the topic of knitting. I need to check this out now and maybe have the librarian add these titles to our collection. =) Thanks again & Merry Christmas!

  13. Beth   •  

    These are great suggestions! Two knitting-themed books that we’ve recently enjoyed are “Edmund Unravels” (which is not about knitting per se, but the characters are balls of yarn!) and “Knit Together”.

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