FO: Lady Bat

FO: Lady Bat Sweater |

Pattern: Lady Bat 

Yarn: Adriafil Cheope

Needles: 3.75 mm (US 5)

Mods:  I went for a slightly shorter sleeve, and slightly less ‘bat wing’. I did this by following the directions as written, but only increased to 88 stitches. This does make for a slightly shorter sweater, but I compensated by knitting 2.5 inches of ribbing at the bottom hem, which helped add in the length that would have been there if I had increased as directed in the pattern.

I’ve got nothing but a rave review here- I’m crazy about the pattern, I’m crazy about the yarn, I’m crazy about the results.

FO: Lady Bat Sweater |

I was surprised at how versatile this sweater looks- I could totally wear this to work in the summer, and it would look equally great with jeans, shorts.   The neckline is super flattering (I love a good boat neck!) And I suspect I can even wear this into the fall with a t-shirt underneath, for a little extra warmth.

FO: Lady Bat Sweater |

I totally recommend this yarn, by the way- the cotton has a nice sheen, and it has great structural integrity. Meaning, it didn’t change at all after wet blocking and didn’t grow to humongous proportions like some yarns do.  I think this might be my new go-to summer cotton. The weight is just right for a knit with a bit of drape to it.  And I love the colour- it’s exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, really. This was a slam dunk. It even was a pretty fast knit, except for the bit where I got the flu for a week in the middle. It was one of those too-sick-to-knit ones, so…. that added a week onto my finish time.  I recently travelled to Calgary for work (I mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram, so some of you already know that!) and I got quite a bit of knitting done on the plane.  By the time I landed back home, it was almost done.

Photo outtakes from this photo shoot will go up on the weekend! We shot at a playground with Lila, so expect a lot of outtakes featuring scenes like below: 

FO: Lady Bat Sweater|

All glamour, all toddler, all the time!  There was also a portion where Lila managed to get the camera away from us, and took some shots. Coming soon!


  1. Val   •  

    Love how the sweater, with your mods, turned out both trendy and classic at the same time. I don’t often think of summer knits as office-appropriate, but this totally works! Gorgeous.

  2. Bekah   •  

    Such a pretty knit! I love tops like that – I have 2 crocheted tops which are so versatile, and can be worn in any weather 🙂
    I may just have to add this pattern to my Ravelry queue!

  3. Pia   •  

    oh how great! You are one foxy bat lady. Actually I prefer it slightly less bat wing-y.
    I hate the too-sick-to-knit ones. At least let us have knitting when we are forced to feel terrible for a week. Can’t wait to see the outtakes 🙂

  4. Siga   •  

    I love this, Julie. I’ve been wanting to knit this top ever since it came out – your yarn choice is great. It gives this top the great drape, which is such a great feature. Also, like how you styled it with just a pop of colour for the necklace.

  5. Brandy   •  

    Fabulous! The color is perfect and I think your choice to lessen the “bat wing” was perfect for a person with a petite frame.

  6. Sabrina   •  

    That is just gorgeous. I love the drape too.

  7. Alicia   •  

    That’s gorgeous, and super glamorous!

  8. Rebecca   •  

    Oh its gorgeous! I love a good, beautiful sweater that can pretty much go with anything.

  9. Tanis   •  

    Oh my god! All toddler – all glamour! That’s hilarious. Lila is such a scene stealer. I do love the sweater and especially love that it’s a summer knit that is super versatile and could also transition to cooler weather, but really, I’m stuck on that Lila photo-bomb!

  10. Tricia   •  

    I love the sweater and Lila!. I think the sweater would knit up nicely in a wool or wool/silk blend for winter and wear well over a long/sleeved tee. I just wish I had the shape for this, but I’m just too round. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kelly   •  

    Love love love everything about this! The hair, the pencil skirt and Lady bat! Oooh la la!!
    Every time I see this knit up I love it!
    I totally get the all glam all toddler, its gets even more interesting when she realises she CAN photo bomb you on purpose:) Only good things to come!

  12. kessanlin   •  

    Wow, this turned out even more amazing than I thought it will! You look incredibly glamorous in this outfit. Love how effortlessly casual but put together it is. I wonder, what is next?! (ps look forward to seeing the world through Lila’s lenses!)

  13. miss agnes   •  

    It turned out so well, really beautiful. You’re right, you can wear this with so many different styles, it can be glamorous or casual. Well done !

  14. Allyson   •  

    Ohh it turned out amazing! I’m so happy you are happy with it – it looks amazing on you! Great job lady!

  15. Becca   •  

    This is gorgeous, I’m crazy about it too! I like how it’s both slouchy and chic, looks like it’s a really versatile garment, and the open stitch pattern is lovely 🙂 x

  16. Wanda   •  

    So beautiful and versatile! I love it with that necklace – this is one of those patterns that wouldn’t have initially drawn me in, if looking through a pattern book. But seeing it on you makes me want one right now! 🙂

  17. Voie de Vie   •  

    As well you should get rave reviews – it turned out fantastic! And ooooh that leettle Lila – can’t wait for outtakes. 🙂

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  19. Liesl   •  

    Oh this is gorgeous! And so are you. It really does look very versatile.
    (And I love the last photo. Can’t wait to see the outtakes. 🙂 )

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  21. loulou   •  

    It is beautiful. No wonder you love everything about it!

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