Getting Crafty: Vintage Lace Earring Holder

 Side note: I suspect these photos are slightly out of focus, but I can’t tell…I’m getting my eyes tested soon, I think I need glasses!

I’ve had a spool of vintage lace for about 12 or so years. The thing about little treasured craft items like this is that it’s so hard to pull the trigger and use them for something! But this was finally the perfect project. I like the stripes of lace, and since I wear earring pretty much every day, I have an excuse to admire the lace every day! If you don’t have any vintage lace, this would also be a pretty way to showcase hand knit lace borders or swatches that are too pretty to leave hiding in drawers.

I’m not the first person to ever make an earring holder with an embroidery hoop before, but I though I’d  put together a quick tutorial on how I made mine. You need:

  • one embroidery hoop, any size
  • ribbon lace, enough to cover the hoop with evenly spaced stripes
  • glue (strong enough so that the weight of your earrings won’t pull the lace off)
  • scissors
  • earrings!

1. Begin by separating the outer frame from the inner one. Put the outer frame aside, we are working on the inner one for now.

2. Glue one end of your lace to the top of the frame, like so:


3. Glue other end to opposite side of frame, keeping it as straight and tight as possible. Cut lace, and repeat until you are happy with the amount of ribbon in your frame.

4. Place outer frame of embroidery hoop over top, and tighten to secure.

5. Hang your earrings and enjoy!

Ideas for different looks:

  • Use a knitted lace swatch or a doily that covers the entire hoop
  • Paint the embroidery hoop to match your style/decor
  • No embroidery hoop? repurpose an old photo frame with the glass removed


  1. Silvia M.   •  

    Great idea! And it looks so cute and sweet. 🙂

  2. Monica   •  

    It’s really pretty, you are right, this is ghe perfect project for vintage lace

  3. eliza   •  

    oooh, it’s cute! and what a great way to use that vintage lace!

  4. Voie de Vie   •  

    Very creative! Love it … as well as those wire filigree-type earrings in the third row down on the left. 🙂

  5. Kat   •  

    What a cute idea! I am not a big earring wearer. I have one pair I wear most days. I really need to diversify my earring collection!

  6. karen alho   •  

    I’ve made a variation of this many times. I use a layer of tulle first(big holes and gives strength and then cover it with any lace of my choice, fabric or trim. To keep everything in place after the hoop is assembled I baste a quick line of thread through front and back and trim off excess fabric. The whole hoop is then banded with a pretty ribbon or more lace. You can even add something ruffly at this step and then top with a loop and a bow for a decorative hangar. It was an especially good gift when my daughter and her friends were about thirteen years old! I made a really large one for myself too!

  7. karen alho   •  

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – my thirty -four year old daughter is still using hers!

  8. Evelyn   •  

    What a great idea! Your earrings are so pretty, too!

  9. Danette   •  

    I love this idea. What a beautiful Christmas gift this would make for my sister!

  10. mydarlingknits   •  

    What a great idea! As always, your tutorial is very clear and straight forward.

  11. Nicole   •  

    Hello, this is your know it all ‘neighbour’. Your eyes change while you are pregnant, you need to wait about 8 months, before you have your eyes tested. I think in theory they will get better.

  12. Teresa   •  

    So clever! And so so pretty! And functional. Love it. In fact, I’m pinning it.

  13. falke legging   •  

    Its too pretty…I think now I can arrange my tiny earings in a proper manner.It can also be a beautiful Christmas gift.

  14. Anne   •  

    I made my earring holder with a bargain priced picture frame (the glass was broken) and a piece of lace left over from my wedding gown. Love the embroidery hoop idea!

  15. violet   •  

    Sooo cute idea…makes me want to copy…:)

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