Modification Monday: Little Bumblebee Cardi

Modification Monday: Little Bumblebee Cardi |

Original Pattern: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Tracey (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Added a fair isle bee design, and text to the back of the cardigan, and shortened the sleeves. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: Oh, the details. A great hand knit is all in the details, right? The original striped cardigan does allow for infinite variety, and I love Tracey’s take on this, with the great colour scheme and the little bees interspersed with hearts, but the back takes the cake (see below).  I love it when you see words in knitting, and it’s the kind of detail that works so well for baby and kid knits. The shorter sleeves give it some great versatility for mixed temperatures- it can be layered over long sleeves, or over a light dress. And with a cardigan this cute, I’m pretty sure it’s getting a lot of wear!

Modification Monday: Little Bumblebee Cardi |

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

Pin Ups: spaghetti squash with pesto |

 regular readers  will know that I’m always trying to get more veggies, so this amazing twice-baked spaghetti squash is pitch perfect- seasonal, delicious, and full of veg!

Pin Ups: Zucchini Blondies |

Just like these Zucchini blondies- because if there are veggies in your desserts, you get to eat more of them, am I right?

Pin Ups: Upcycled Sweatshirt|

I’m not big on sewing, but this adorable upcycled sweatshirt is so fun and sweet, and would be just as cool on a grown up, too.

Pin Ups: Winter Capsule Wardrobe |

I love the idea of a perfect 20 item capsule wardrobe, especially for winter. Especially in these colours- I wish I could find more winter lilac shades!

Drive Through Bank Teller

Here are 44 very doable acts of kindness. Let’s all pitch in to make the world a better place! Studies have shown that doing acts of kindness actually increases your own personal happiness, too. So everyone wins!

Outtakes: Shaw Hill Cowl

Lila recently became enamoured with this stuffed goat, which we picked up at a recent Ikea trip. She thinks it’s a lamb, and sings Mary had a little lamb when she cuddles it.  It’s her new BFF.

Somehow, during this photo shoot, she decided that I should hold the goat, so that she could get a large reed and whip that around:

Outtakes: Shaw Hill |

That last shot is me saying, “wait a minute, why am I holding this goat?!”

Oh, and here she is hitting me with the reed:

Outtakes: Shaw Hill |

Kids love nature, especially dirty nature that can also be used as a weapon. Also, she is in focus and my blurry self is making a facial expression that can best be described as derp.

Outtakes: Shaw Hill |

From left to right: toddler photobombing, me trying to catch her (see how she still has the reed in her hand?), and then successfully catching her! But still, she’s clinging to that dirty reed thing. It took some convincing to get her to put it down.

I hope you enjoyed the outtakes! Oh, and if you missed the official photos for this awesome cowl, they can be found here.

Finished Knit: Shaw Hill

Shaw Hill Cowl |

Pattern: Shaw Hill

Yarn: Adriafil Scozia in colourway 32

Needles: 8 mm circulars (US 11)

Mods: None, except needle size. Project page can be found here.

Notes: This was a total win for me. I adored the yarn, it was so soft and so awesome and I totally fell in love with the bright colours in the tweedy flecks, there’s no doubt in my mind I will use this yarn again. And the pattern! I love cables, I love cowls,  so this was just all kinds of awesome. And when you’re knitting a pattern you love with a yarn that feels amazing in your hands… the thing practically knits itself.

Shaw Hill Cowl |

I’m a fan of cowls that are big enough to pull over your shoulders like a caplet*, And this did not disappoint. It’s easy to ensure that this will fit around your shoulders, regardless of your size- the cables are knit flat, so you can measure them around your shoulders any time, then grafted together before picking up stitches for the ribbing edge. This sort of construction allows for you to totally customize the fit for whatever would suit you best.  You could even add in an extra cable repeat, if you wanted a bigger/longer cowl.  I think this might be the first project I’ve knitted with cables along the edges, and I love how it looks! Must knit more like this. Or, you know, maybe this design over and over again, in some different colours.

Shaw Hill Cowl |

I know what you are asking yourself right now- ‘The cowl is nice and all, but what the heck is she doing with that stuffed goat?’ And the answer is related to this rambunctious little monkey:

Shaw Hill Cowl |

The Outtakes post is coming very soon- let the stuffed goat be a little teaser for the silliness that ensued!

* I hate referring to them as capelets, they are so far from capes and so much closer to cowls, in my opinion. But I do like to think of them as being like the pretty caps of mushrooms. 

Modification Monday: January Passion

Modification Monday: January Passion |


Original Pattern: Passion 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Irene (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the gauge from bulky to aran, and changed the original turtleneck pullover into a scoop neck cardigan. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: The original pattern is great,but I love Irene’s mods to turn this into a beautiful cardigan. The cables are too pretty to have only on a bulky sweater for deep winter, and  cardigan-izing it and adding the simple scoop neck means it can be worn through more seasons than the original pattern, giving it more versatility. Knitted up in a great neutral colour like this one and the result is an instant classic!

Modification Monday: January Passion |