FO: Fair Isle Coffee Sleeve

And the Starry Starry Night Shawl Kit Giveaway winner is….. (drum roll)….. Wanda!! If you haven’t received an email from me yet, you will very soon.

Coffee Sleeve |

(I’m wearing my awesome fox t shirt, from this Etsy shop- I’ve had it for years, and was wearing it in this previous post as well)

Pattern: Perri

Needles: 4mm dpns (US 6)

Yarn: Scraps of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran, in ‘Plum’ and ‘Mallard’.

Mods: This was heavily  modified, I used the gradation speckles on the chart, and cast on for the same number of stitches, and that was it. I changed it for a 1×1 ribbing, and knit one round of the purple on each end. It worked out perfectly, and it’s easy to bring around with me and use in place of a cardboard sleeve. Although I’m having a latte in these photos, it also works really well on cold drinks- I hate how you get an iced tea or coffee to go and the thing just sweats in your hand while you walk around with it, all gross and wet. The sleeve totally takes care of that.

Coffee Sleeve |

Coffee sleeves- I know some of you might wonder why anyone would bother knitting a coffee sleeve, so I’m going to tell you why I think you might want to bother. First up, they are awesome for de-stashing small bits of yarn, and equally a great small project to try a technique or a stitch that you have been wanting to try- it’s like a swatch you can use! Also, although the cardboard sleeves are indeed recyclable, the less you use of anything, the better for the planet. Plus, then your beverage looks awesome. Way more awesome than a generic cardboard sleeve.

coffee cozy|

Modification Monday: Lacy Triangle Tam

(eep, sorry for the time delay! It’s a long weekend here in Canada, I forgot it was Monday.)

Modification Monday: Triangles Tam |

Original Pattern: Triangles Tam

Knitter Extraordinaire: Valerie (Ravelry ID, blog

Mods: Added an eyelet in the center of each triangle to give the pattern and airier, lacy look. details on her blog post, and her project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: Valerie’s mod started off with a simple idea- adding an eyelet into the center of a stitch motif. This is a great place for anyone who is interested in beginning to try modifying a pattern, as the results can be wonderfully unexpected, like her this tam- the eyelets completely obscure the triangles, but the overall result is gorgeous and texturally rich. Doesn’t this hat look totally gorgeous?

Modification Monday: Triangles Tam |


Giveaway and FO Outtakes: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl

Thanks to  the comments and feedback on this post, this is the start of a new thing that will hopefully become a regular feature on the blog- the FO Outtakes!  I’ll share some of the silly photos, the ones that were almost good but not quite. I’m not likely to post terribly unflattering photos, though– I usually delete those from the camera the second I see them (I urge you to do the same- no one needs pictures of themselves looking awful), so they never even make it onto the computer, plus I’m unsure if I want really terrible photos of me on the internet forever and ever.  Anyway, here are the outtakes from the Starry Starry Sunset Shawl photoshoot:

Outtakes |

The left one looks like I’m scolding a mischievous child, and the right looks like a Barbie pose of some kind, with about the same brain capacity.

Then there is the wind.  I love how wind gives great movement to hair, and it lifts shawls and knits when you are taking photos; but sometimes the hair goes crazy. Doesn’t help that I had my chin  way up there, either. I have some pretty spectacular hair in these shots:

The Outtakes|

I like to think of it as my Proud Pony Hair. (fun fact- there is actually a hair salon in Toronto called The Proudest Pony. Fabulous name, right?)


I like the laughing shots, but they are always blurry, so it obscures the knit. And since they are FO photos, it’s supposed to be about the knit in context. This context is  me laughing my ass off in a blurry knit.

And here’s one where the background is in focus and I am blurry, while in weird light AND looking like a startled raccoon caught rummaging in the bins:

outtakes |

So there you have it. Now let’s get down to business! I mentioned a giveaway in the title of this blog post, right? Well, the awesome folks at Black Sheep Wools have offered a kit for this very shawl for free to one lucky reader (anywhere in the world!)! The kit comes in two colourway options, too- the light grey one that I made, and a dark blue one that looks equally lovely. Go to the page and check them out, then leave a comment here telling me which kit you like the best, and why you totally need to knit this shawl right now.  Comments/entries for this draw will be open until midnight on Monday, August 4th. Good luck!! ** Update: Comments are now closed, thanks to everyone who entered! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 6th.

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

Pin Ups: DIY watercolour mugs|

This is such a great idea- the watercolour motif is done with nail polish. With the popularity of nail art for the last little while, I bet lots of us have loads of nail polish kicking around to try this, and the results are gorgeous.

Pin Ups: Herbed grilled cheese|

Is your garden producing so many fresh herbs you don’t know what to do with it all? Here is a tasty, simple solution- the fresh herb grilled cheese. So delicious!

Pin Ups: Lemon and Zucchini Loaf |

And while there is an abundance of fresh produce, how about some delicious lemon zucchini bread for dessert?

PIn Ups: Recovered Stool|

I love this thrift store stool revamp- what a gre way to incorporate some cozy knits into your furniture. If you don’t knit, you could get a great thrift store sweater, and if you do- you could custom knit something spectacular.

PIn Ups: Instagram vs Reality |

This cheeky comparison of how instagram photos get crafted to give the illusion of a life well lived is so spot on. I totally do this stuff. It’s funny how crafting a digital image is pretty much about staging shots and having it look ‘natural’.

FO: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl

Sunset Shawl |

Pattern: Starry Starry Night

Yarn: Rowan Fine Lace in ‘Cobweb’, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe in ‘California Sunrise’

Needles: 5mm (US 8)

Notes: No modifications, previously blogged as a WIP here, when I first got the great little kit. Project page can be found on Ravelry, here.

I do not often wear (or knit) triangular shawls because I find them hard to actually wear. But this one is different, for two reasons:

1. the size. a really big shawl is a lot more versatile and I had fun tying the ends together and then wrapping the tail around me and tucking it into the knot, which gave it this awesome gathered look that you see if the majority of these photos.

2. the all over star stitch design with the thin stripes makes this a very modern shawl indeed, and I think it looks best when the rest of the outfit is unfussy and clean- a simple tee or tank top (that’s a vest for the UK readers ;) )  and jeans allow for a big, beautiful shawl to really be the main accessory.

Sunset Shawl |

This was a fun photoshoot. Sometimes it’s hard- I’m not in the mood to be photographed, or Guy isn’t in the mood to be a photographer, and when it’s forced it’s so much harder. but then there are days where it’s bouncy fun, and the wind is wild and Guy is making funny comments to make me laugh, so we move from this:

Sunset Shawl|

to this without missing a beat. Because hey, photoshoots should be fun.

Sunset Shawl|

There were lots of silly outtakes for this shoot, the wind and the mood we were in, it just made for some silliness. I’ve thought about doing outtake posts before. Is that something you think you might want to see? The silly, cutting room floor sort of shots?