Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

Pin Ups: Banoffee Oat Dessert Recipe |

This delicious dessert is super simple, but checks all the right flavours- salted caramel sauces, bananas, honey… Banoffee Oat Dessert!  This is  a snap to put together, and tastes like a little dish of heaven. Even if you are a non-baker, this is easy to assemble.

Pin Ups: Maple Dijon Pork Chops |

Rumour has it American Thanksgiving is going on this weekend, but on the off chance that you are not indulging in turkey, perhaps these easy maple dijon pork chops might tempt you? I love pork chops- so easy, so tasty. They say grilled, but I made the same recipe in a pan on my stove and it worked out great.

Pin Ups: Gratitude scavenger hunt|

And if you are celebrating thanksgiving or not this weekend, this gratitude photo scavenger hunt  is sure to put a smile on your face no matter what.  You can do it on your own or in pairs/small groups, and take photos of things that express your gratitude. A very fun way to spend the afternoon!

Pin Ups: lay Stars DIY |

I love this pretty clay stars DIY- What a lovely way to make some decorations for the next big holiday lurking around the corner….

Pin Ups: BLack and Gold Triangles Bedroom |

This bedroom is my newest home decor obsession. I absolutely love it.

WIP: Striped Socks

Some of you have asked what I decided regarding the lost mitten post! I was rooting around in my stash looking for yarn for new mittens, and found an awesome thrummed  mitten kit that I got last winter from Tanis Fiber Arts, and then tucked it safely away and forgot all about. But now that I have rediscovered it, I’m going to knit those first, and then to replace my stranded mittens, I’m going to take the advice of many who pointed out that the Mod Monday that occurred immediately after my lost mittens was clearly a sign- I’m going to knit a pair just like it! Unless when I go back to my stash I find some long forgotten stranded mitten kit….

When I went to Lise’s amazing alpaca farm, I was also blown away by the shop she has in her home! I couldn’t resist snagging some goodies:

Zenitude Haul |
Zenitude Haul |

Also, the soap is utterly amazing. Lise, I’m coming back for more soap! It’s luxurious, and moisturizing, and smells so good.  This time of year, I really struggle with dry skin, but not when I use Zenitude soap. Plus the bars are so nice and big, so they last a long time. We’re not even halfway through one of the bars.

And look- it even lists the name of the alpaca that it came from! I’ve never used an alpaca bamboo blend before, but it’s soooo soft. This lovely DK will likely become something special for my daughter:

 Her Etsy shop link is over there on the sidebar, by the way! ——->

Zenitude Haul |

Some of you saw a sneak peek of this sock’s beginning, but it’s really coming along now:

Sock circus|

I tried to take a normal photo, but it just lay there, like an unblocked sock. So, the circus came to help jazz up the photo.  One of the surprising benefits to having a kid has been having all her fun toys  as props to help jazz up still life photo shoots!

Sock Circus Close Up

If you are curious, the supporting cast is from this adorable story box circus set we got for Lila for her 2nd birthday. She loves playing with it, the the pieces are sprawled across the coffee table as I type. I suppose I should tidy that up, come to think of it… 

So as you can see, the sock is done! Well, then to knit the second one, but I adore the stripes so much and it’s such an easy knit I don’t think it will take too long. This is the vanilla sock pattern that I tend to most enjoy, for the simple zen of just knitting around and around. Plus with yarn as lovely as this, it’s so satisfying to watch the stripes emerge, since both the golden beige and the teal have so much depth. I can tell these are going to become favourite socks.

Modification Monday: Textured Jacket

Original Pattern: #8 Textured Jacket 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Alina (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Eliminated the collar, added garter edges with a crochet trim, and an overall closer fit. Her project page can be found here, and details on her blog here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m always amazed at the difference removing (or adding!) a collar can make to a sweater, because it seems like a small thing, but can have such a big impact on the overall look. Alina\ beautiful textured jacket shows just how much impact removing the collar can have- suddenly it looks a lot more modern. The closer fix helps keep her from getting overwhelmed by the detail of all those amazing, tiny cables and twisted stitches, and the simplified garter borders and crochet edges are polished, and don’t detract from the star of this sweater- all that gorgeous texture.  As Alina lives in Mexico, her substitution for a great cotton yarn makes this a much more versatile piece of her wardrobe. I love this cardigan!

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things on Pinterest This Week

Pin Ups: Super Easy Tiramisu |

Guy made tiramisu this week using this recipe, and it was amazing. Super easy, super delicious. And who doesn’t love tiramisu?  If you are bringing dessert to a party (or if you are American, thanksgiving!) then maybe this is just the ticket.

Pin Ups: Snowboard Martini |

And if you are hosting and possibly making cocktails, I have rave reviews for this snowboard martini recipe- don’t let the blah photo fool you, I mixed these by the pitcher for my 30th birthday party (which was a quite some time ago now) and I still get requests for the recipe.

Pin Ups: Chicken Soup with Stars|

If you are one of the many buried under cold weather and/or loads of snow, perhaps this amazing chicken soup is just what you and your family needs. After all, who wouldn’t be cheered up by having stars in their soup?

Pin Ups: colourful necklace |

And oddly in the exact same colour palette as the soup above, is this super cute DIY necklace idea, which I’m dying to try- I bet you could even use laceweight or fingering yarn instead of embroidery floss, if you were so inclined.

Pin Ups: Paris Views |

These Paris apartment views are beautiful windows into  life in Paris, although you don’t nee dot feel like a creepy voyeur- the photos are all staged with permission of the apartment owners, although I wonder how they came to decide what they would be doing when the photos would  be taken- or maybe they just agreed on a date and time when they would be photographed?  They are strangely fascinating.

Wee Wednesday FO: Toddler Honey Cowl

Toddler Honey Cowl |

I swear I did brush her hair a few minutes earlier, i don’t know what happened. 

My great and tremendous love of cowls meant that it was really just a matter of time before I decided to make one for Lila. I found this mystery skein in my stash (you can see it in a photo from this post back in 2011, but you can’t see the tag…. it feels like a merino/silk/maybe alpaca blend), and it was just right for a super quick toddler cowl. I wasn’t actually sure if she would wear it, so I wanted it to be a really fast knit. Who wants to spend weeks on a knit that might never get worn? But lucky me- that totally didn’t happen. She actually likes it! She doesn’t wear it like this normally- it’s worn with her winter coat, to help keep her little neck cozy. But I caught her in an unusually cooperative mood.

Toddler Honey Cowl |

Remember the goat? As featured in this post

Pattern: Honey Cowl 

Needles: 6.5 mm circulars (US 10.5)

Mods: To make the toddler size, I cast on for 52 stitches, knit 3 rounds of ribbing, then followed the stitch pattern. Details can be found on the Ravelry project page, here. Here’s a shot that is a bit boring, but at least you can see how it looks flat. She’s been wearing it every day for a couple weeks now, so the  yarn is getting a little fuzzy with wear.

Toddler Honey Cowl |

This was the quickest knit ever! After one evening of a bit of a false start, I adjusted my stitch count, and knit the whole thing in a few hours. And to complete this knitting miracle, I said to her, “Stand here by these plants, and let mama take your picture!” And holy miracles, she actually did it! She stood where I told her to and let me take her photo! Here’s where I said, “Smile, sweetie!”

Toddler Honey Cowl |

Ah, forced toddler smiles.