Life At-A-Glance: Scenes from Instagram

I was late to the Instagram party, but now that I’m here, I’m having a great time! I’ve thought it would be fun to share some photos from my Instagram  in case any of you wonderful readers aren’t on Instagram and would like to take a look at what I’m posting behind the scenes. I add photos to my instagram on average about once every two days, which isn’t quite as much as I’d like, but I find that I’m often so in the moment, I don’t think to take a picture. Or it’s nighttime, and the photos are super challenging.  How about you guys- do you have an Instagram account, or have any favourite subjects for your Instagram feed? Let me know your user name in the comments so I can find you, too!

Instagram Collage March 2014

Top row, left to right: At a friend’s book launch on the weekend, brunching at Barque (our favourite bbq joint), Lila’s first pigtails(!!!), my moms’ monkey bread.

Middle Row: My cards from  porketta bingo, Guy and I mattress shopping (A whole other story- we bought a new one, and we aren’t sure if we like it- how long does it take to break in a new mattress? Anyone have some advice? ), Lila watching a koi fish pond projection on the floor at the  Ontario Science Centre, my first manicure in about a decade (and I’m so crazy in love with it, I went out and bought the nail polish to do it at home! Wish I felt this strongly about the new mattress….).

Bottom row: A snap of Guy and I are the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on our 5th wedding anniversary,  gallery collection from the AGO, fun party lights and a DJ spinning at the AGO, and Guy teaching Lila how to take cell phone snaps- we’re still working on less-blurry selfies.

Modification Monday: Flaky Crust(mas)


snowfklae sweater

Original Pattern: Baby Blanket Snowflakes, and Drop Shoulder Sweater, and Ski Sweater in Colour

Knitter Extraordinaire: Pacasha (ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Incorporated 3 (!!!) different patterns to customize this gorgeous  kid-sized snowflake sweater. Details on her project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome:  I have so much respect for Pacasha, who really went all out  using 3 different patterns to get this amazing snowflake pullover for her daughter.  She steeked, grafted, customized and used pretty much every knitting skill out there to make this amazing sweater. In reading her notes, it’s clear she really thought it out. and even though it’s kid-sized, how many f you would totally wear an adult-sized version? I know I would!

snowflake sweaters

New Pattern: Causerie Hat & Fingerless Mitts

causier 10

This new pattern is Causerie, a double pattern for a classically cabled hat (beanie style) and fingerless mitts with a ribbed cable cuff. The pattern is exclusive to Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour Club (2014), and memberships are available all year round. You can also get just a pattern membership, and get exclusive access to all the club patterns for 2014! A very affordable option, if you are a knitter on a budget.

Causerie Collage

The Fingerless mitts have a knitted-on cabled cuff, which might be a new technique for some. it’s super easy, but hard to understand at first without a visual. So I’ve made a handy little video, that shows exactly how to knit-on the cabled cuff to the pattern.


Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

pink smoothie

Love the ingredients in this detoxifying pink smoothie. It’s great to sneak in all sorts of healthy, delicious veggies into a  fruit-filled drink like this.


I love this idea of adding visual interest to the sides of drawers with wallpaper, what a pretty way to add personality to your dresser.


Butter tarts. A Canadian dessert staple, this recipe is perfection.  If you haven’t had one before, you are definitely missing out.

hanging planter

I love hanging plants, but I crave really simple planters. This DIY planter, using an embroidery hoop, is so chic.

pom pom hair elastics

How cute are these pom pom hair elastics?! You crochet around the elastic, and add a pom pom. what a great way to stash bust, as well as add some fun to your hair.

Cultural Expedition: Porketta Bingo

I’m going to explain a game that many of you will not likely have ever played…. Porketta Bingo. Porketta is a fatty, soft cut of pork that is delicious shredded and seasoned on a sourdough bun.  I forgot to get a photo of it while we were there, but the Wikipedia article in the link is pretty accurate. Sorry, vegetarian friends! You may not want to click. I promise I ate vegetables later that day.

My cousin is getting married this summer, and will have a fun-filled bachelorette getaway in Las Vegas. But for those us who couldn’t do Vegas (some of her friends were pregnant, some of us couldn’t afford it) we had a mini bachelorette party in my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario- a small northern city known for it’s mining, hockey, and currently the only place in the world where Porketta Bingo is played. Porketta Bingo events are usually fundraisers, and the one we went to was for the local Lion’s club.

Porketta Collage

It has similar rules of classic bingo, only with playing cards.  Should your cards get called (only horizontal rows of cards can win) you yell, “PORKETTA!!!” if you accidentally yell “Bingo!!” the entire bar chants ‘You F***ed Up!! You F***ed Up!!” Needless to say, it’s not a family-friendly environment, and drinking is a key element to Porketta Bingo.  Once you win, you can choose a porketta sandwich, or some meat from a display like this:


And when they check your cards, they confirm that you have won by the announcer saying, “Yup, that’s a good porketta,” which cracked me up every time. Then we would hammer out hands on the table and chant, “she’s a winner!!!”  Oddly, my cousin, the lady of the hour, didn’t win at all- so she got a mystery bag, which is what they give to the ‘losers’. It had a postcard from Toronto in it:


Lila did come along for  brunch, before we went to porketta bingo.  We all put on feather boas (which you can see in the top photos), and a little one was brought for her to wear too, but they were apparently terrifying and she promptly burst into tears. She wouldn’t even let me wear one, it was just too scary.  But  after we took off the boas, she calmed down, and then happily played with her farm animals and brunch:

Lila brunch

apparently horses and yellow donkeys love sausage and cantaloupe.