Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

Anyone else feel like the weeks are cruising by at warp speed? Between work, writing, 3 rounds of family visits and two birthday parties for Lila (the family one last weekend and the ‘friends’ one this weekend), plus the long weekend I feel like I’m gulping for air most days. But hopefully after this weekend the big rush and crazy scheduling will be over, and I can breathe a little more easily.  I know I seem a ltitle distant lately, but I’ll be back very soon!

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

I loved this nostalgic ode to bad coffee.

It’s hard to feel like you can make a difference, but here’s steps you can take to make a real impact on climate change.

How to have a vacation that is actually relaxing.

10 ways to spend night in without Netflix.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed like I am, here is a great article in The Guardian about how to feel less busy. I’m planning on committing this entire list to memory.

My Favourite Pins This Week

Garlic basil chicken in tomato butter sauce might be your new weeknight favourite. It is super easy and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients. As the warm weather goes on, those of you who grow your own basil and tomatoes might find this even better- who can beat the taste of fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes? Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe post is here.

if you love cookies and oranges, then these are going to be your new fave. These clementine cookies are basically orange-scented sandwich cookies with a bit of marmalade. You can also go for the full finale gorgeousness of brushing them with grand marnier or triple sec and dusting them with sugar, but I think they are delicious without this final Pinterest-worthy step, they just aren’t as photogenic. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe and instructions are here.

Keep with the accidental orange theme of this week’s round up, how adorable are these knitted fox slippers?! You can find the full free pattern here, and the Pinterest link is here.

This DIY felt letter board looks so amazing in rainbow felt, and is very easy to put together. And if rainbow aren’t your thing (what?!), you could customize the felt colours to match whatever decor or colour scheme you’ve got going on. Pinterest link is here, and the full tutorial is here.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of how to be a little less judgmental and a little more empathetic, especially these days. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple mid shift to see that others are probably trying their best. Pinterest link is here, and the original post is here.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


  1. Beth   •  

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Kat   •  

    Oh, I love that ode to bad coffee so much. I love bad coffee, and I drink it frequently and proudly 🙂

  3. Sam   •  

    Oh you always find such delicious recipes. I’m definitely trying that chicken.

  4. Jessica Lane   •  

    Those fox slippers are ADORABLE! I’d love to cozy up with them and watch Netflix! Have a great weekend!

  5. Lisa   •  

    What a fabulous entry today. I loved every pin you shared – how fun and bright and “springy”. I especially cannot wait to try those cookies.

  6. Bronchitikat   •  

    Love those slippers. May even knit them for our Niece – for whom I knitted a pair of socks with fox heads around the cuffs. She, and everyone she’s shown, has been very impressed by them!

    Think I’ll try the chicken recipe too, though with less oil. Otherwise it sounds yummy.

    And as for being less judgemental – it’s something I remind myself nearly every day!

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